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Disney Planning Star Wars Short-Form Online Shows?

Bloomberg reports that Maker Studios, an online video network operator owned by Disney, has been tasked to create short-form web shows to promote the Star Wars brand in advance of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

According to the Bloomberg report, it sounds like these may be news segment type shows as opposed to ones that tell an in-universe story.  They will reportedly feature:

[E]verything from “Star Wars” fashion to games to help its new parent promote the next film in the space-adventure series.

Reading this, I couldn’t help but wonder if these might be related to the rumored Darth Vader TV Specials we heard about last year.  Of course this is purely my own speculation, but that report (complete with printed timeline) always struck me as odd.  What happened to those specials?  It’s conceivable that Disney had a concept but decided it needed an experienced online video content production company to execute the concept.  After completing the purchase of Maker Studios in May for $500 million, Disney now has one of the largest video production networks on Youtube to create online content to promote its many brands.  According to Bloomberg,

Maker also will produce short-form videos for characters and brands across Disney, including Marvel and Pixar…

Without knowing any details, I’m excited about the potential of these webisodes.  Plus, I like the idea that Star Wars will once again be on the cutting edge of entertainment programming as it evolves to a more online focused brand.


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