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Elaine’s Thoughts On “The Force Awakens” Teaser Trailer

When I imagined myself watching the teaser trailer for “The Force Awakens,” I thought I’d be in my bedroom, sitting in front of my computer. I imagined myself doing a little happy dance and squealing and then possibly going off to yell in somebody’s ear.

What ended up happening was something totally different from my initial vision. I couldn’t watch it on my computer because I didn’t have Quicktime installed and so I started to install it but it wasn’t going fast enough (two minutes? come on!) and then it didn’t seem to work and then my sister pulled it up on her phone and she and my other sister started to watch it and I said “NOOO!” and ran into my room to grab my iPad because I didn’t want to be in there while they were watching it first because I wanted to watch it first because I am the RESIDENT TVEIT STAR WARS FAN! So I found the trailer and watched it and it was totally AWESOME, and then I found out that my sisters had watched a fan-made trailer, so haha, I win!

That being said. Seriously, the trailer was killer.

Some thoughts:

1) The sand dunes of Tatooine. Then…”There has been an awakening…” a gravelly voice intones. “Have you felt it?” An awakening of…what? Who is saying this? What’s going on?

2) And suddenly, John Boyega in stormtrooper armor pops up! Which brings me to a main point, and that is: I am actually glad that they didn’t include any of the Big Three in this trailer. I personally feel that introducing three new principal characters (five, if you count the roller ball droid and the cross-hilt lightsaber wielder) was a smart way to usher viewers into this new era of Star Wars, which is new in both the in-universe canon and real world public eye.

3) So, we’re back on Tatooine, the place where it all began! I’m happy that JJ Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan are still keeping the tradition of beginning adventures for the Skywalkers on Tatooine alive, which makes me wonder…is Daisy Ridley’s character, who appears to live on the desert planet, a child of a Skywalker? So many questions, and so much time to wait before they’re all answered!

4) I loved the new characters that we were introduced to. Each one of them, their designs & costumes, their expressions (those that we could see, that is), their gender and skin color, everything is significant and speaks volumes about what direction this film is taking us, with them as our guides. We’re getting more diversity, things that are fresh and new and bold IN ADDITION to classical conventions from the original trilogy. It’s not out with the old, in with the new; it’s in with both the old AND the new.

5) The roller ball droid is, let’s be honest, adorable, but it also, on a more practical level, speaks to how much more technologically advanced the galaxy has become in the interim three decades between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. Either that, or it is indicative of the ingenuity of the character that put it together. Perhaps Daisy Ridley’s character is the person who constructed it? We’ve already guessed from her scrounger look, vintage-looking speeder, and improvised stormtrooper goggles that she is some kind of foraging mechanic or something of that ilk.

6) Speaking of stormtrooopers, we got a good look at them through a series of cut-short scenes that seems to be showcasing the fact that these guys mean business, and I mean BUSINESS. New blasters equipped with scopes, a new helmet design, an eerie cloud of dust or snow or water pluming around the foot of a dropship ramp that leads into darkness…. I think what all of these different elements combined are trying to convey to us is a new kind of stormtrooper, a soldier that will not be easy to defeat or outwit. The question is, in the course of the thirty years since the events of Return of the Jedi, are Imperials still the evil force in the galaxy? Or are things not so black and white as they once were?

7) One thing’s for sure: where there’s Imperial stormtroopers, there’s rebels. Oscar Isaacs appears to be leading the way in his X-Wing over a watery surface, while mountains soar on a landmass in the background. The Rebel helmet and insignia are still intact, with a few color and design changes. Nevertheless, the vintage feel of the X-Wing that makes so many fans’ hearts sing is inherently present. There is also a sense of urgency. The X-Wings are formed up, apparently swooping into battle. What’s going on? What planet are they on? Are they about to get in a dogfight with TIE fighters? Again, so many questions, so little information to go on.

8) The scene that really blew me away, however, was that in which the mysterious voice ominously growls, “The dark side….” A dark hooded figure is seen stomping through a snowy forest at night. His build is slim, but his gait indicates power. He steps to one side, and ignites his lightsaber…it’s a long central blade that crackles crimson with two smaller blade protruding from the hilt. A cross-hilt saber.

I LOVED IT. Every bit of it. I want to know more about this character. Who’s playing him? Domnhall Gleeson or Adam Driver or Pip Anderson (my three top picks)? Is this character a Sith, or a collector of Sith artifacts? What? WHAT?

9) That being said, when the scene ends and the screen goes black, what happens after that is truly awesome for any fan of the original trilogy like myself. The voice of returns and finishes his sentence. “The dark side,” (lightsaber scene), “…and the light.”

Immediately after the word “light” fades, John Williams’ classic opening crawl score rockets into the speakers, and you see the Millennium Falcon…that beautiful piece of junk that means so much to so many fans. It means Han, Chewbacca, Leia, and Luke. It means the original trilogy. The camera spins after the Falcon in some fancy flying moves over a desert planet (Tatooine?), and the Falcon fires off a green laser at nothing other than a TIE Fighter. Then the scene ends, and the logo for Star Wars The Force Awakens appears, followed by the date: December 2015. At the end, after the screen goes black, we hear a lightsaber hum to life. Whose is it? We’ll find out when we see the movie, though Good Morning America speculates that is might be the hum of Luke’s lightsaber from A New Hope.

Good Morning America also confirmed that the voice of the trailer was in fact Andy Serkis. I am extremely happy with this, because it means that Serkis has a significant role in the film. I love Serkis, and think he is a masterful actor.

But what does his character mean by, “There has been an awakening…. Have you felt it? The dark side…and the light.” Could this mean that the light and dark sides of the Force are awakening? What does that even mean? Does it have anything to do with Luke Skywalker, or the Jedi and the Sith? SO MANY QUESTIONS. All to be answered (I hope) in December 2015.

All in all, I was enthralled and excited by this trailer. I’m still excited. And I can’t WAIT to see this movie! It’s going to be awesome.

THIS is where the fun begins!




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