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Maisie Richardson-Sellers confirmed for Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

Maisie Richardson-Sellers confirmed to Refinery 29 that does have a role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It appears all the rumors we were hearing last year have panned out. We were happy then and we’re happy now to see she’s included. I’m starting to wonder with all these young people being cast if the “force awakening” affects on more people than just Rey and Finn.

It seems really weird that Richardson-Sellers has confirmed her role without any kind of official announcement. Us fans would appreciate any kind of official updates, especially ones like this. It is a bit puzzling as to why it never came. It seems catty to think it was withheld just because “scoop sites” had it correct and the powers that be wanted to make them seem incorrect as long as possible (I’ve heard this and I don’t buy it).

It is interesting that she confirmed this in an interview just as Captain Phasma’s certification was filed. I wonder if she’ll be the next trading card we see? It seems unlikely, but George Lucas did confirmed the big three for The Force Awakens in a magazine because the announcement was supposed to beat the publication date of the interview (and the announcement was withheld for a very long time after that making it even weirder at the time).

Here is Richardson-Sellers confirmation in her own words:

My parents are both actors and I’ve always wanted to act, so after school I started auditioning and that’s when I got Star Wars.

She goes onto admit that it is fantastic to start her acting career in Star Wars. While Richardson-Sellers is new to film and Star Wars is her first film, she has an extensive theater background. While she went to Oxford to study anthropology, she has always been involved with theater work.

As you may recall, last year we first started hearing that Richardson-Sellers was cast in a major role in the film. Interestingly, Crystal Clarke was also chosen in a similar fashion. It looks like out of the 67,000 people that submitted applications to audition, Richardson-Sellers, Clarke, and Daisy Ridley were apart of that process. Many have made the connection that “Rey,” the hero of the film sounds similar to “Rachel,” the part people tried out for during the audition. However, if you put it together you’ll learn its actually just a bizarre tribute to Rachel Ray. Okay, probably not.

Either way, in a world where people believe Tom Cruise was in the film, its pretty cool to see three unknown actors placed in the next Star Wars film. Head over to Refinery 29 and read the interview which accompanies 4 slides there to hear Richardson-Sellers discuss her role in her own words.

(via Star Wars 7 News)


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