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Memo: One year until Star Wars: The Force Awakens is released!

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We have one year to go until Star Wars: The Force Awakens is released in theaters. Most of us walked out of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith thinking that was it. Good job, George! We knew the story of Darth Vader and we would never see a new Star Wars film in theaters again. It seemed unfathomable that George Lucas would ever sell the franchise. He didn’t need money, so it seemed easier to let it die, as he pretty much once did. Well, a little more than ten years after that night we all saw the last Star Wars live action feature, we’re getting another one and Lucas sold his company. I know you know that, but it is fun to say it. We’re getting more Star Wars and George Lucas, the genius that he is, laid out the groundwork for it.

The anticipation has been grueling at times. We have been kept in the dark in a lot of ways about the production of the film as it was happening. However, in other ways we’re way ahead of Revenge of the Sith. We’ve already seen a teaser for the film. Yeah, it was really brief, but we’ve seen a teaser. We gotten a few videos over the summer that teased “Bob” the puppet, X-wing fighters returning and the Falcon.

Just last week we saw the faux trading cards released. Sure they just gave us scenes from the teaser, but they also gave us the names of the new main characters in the film. I was glad they did that before the blogs published them. Heck, I was even getting impatient with a few of them, wanting to throw them out there to see if they were legit (some were, some kind of were, and some just weren’t). But we got the names officially. Well, they withheld last names, but beggars can’t be choosers.

As we move forward in time towards the release of the new film, I hope everyone can keep their positivity at an all time high. There’s nothing that sucks more than cynicism and complaining. There is nothing cooler than enthusiasm. I look forward to the next year as we finally arrive at the first of many new Star Wars films. I look forward to trying to figure out the story and experiencing the reveals with all our friends. The best part has been all the new friends we’ve made as we wait anticipate the new film.

I can’t wait to see Rey, Finn, that little blue alien, and BB-8, fight the evil forces led by Kylo and his minions. Just think, tomorrow, there will be less than a year to go!


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