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Minor Update: First Star Wars Spin-off slated to move into Pinewood soon

Merry Christmas!

Concrete details on the first Star Wars spin-off are still scarce. But don’t worry, Star Wars enthusiasts, the drought is almost over. We’re getting close to the start of the new Gareth Edwards directed Star Wars film. If I have one Christmas wish its that the production of that film is not as guarded as The Force Awakens production was. I totally understand why it was, but I hope these spin-offs are a little more open with their behind the scenes updates.

The one concrete and maybe even somewhat predictable bit of info is that the first non-Skywalker Saga story is gearing up to go into production. A production office at Pinewood will be there really soon is the word around the studio.

When James Bond finishes up at Pinewood, it will relinquish its space and crew to Star Wars spin-off number one.

So after Bond wraps at the studio, it will return to being a Star Wars centric space for its second new Star Wars film. A lot of the Bond crew is likely to move onto Star Wars is the assumption there as well. For what its worth, a lot of The Force Awakens crew moved onto Bond after it wrapped so it makes sense. The crews in England are like a troupe and they move from show to show together.

A production office is about to open at Pinewood that is the real news here. Yeah, its minor but if you’re as jazzed for more Star Wars as I am, that’s like the start of the race… That means for a time, the building of sets will commence and then I imagine we’ll start to hear a lot of casting rumors in the early months of 2015. The premise will hopefully be addressed early in the year too.

I hope everyone has had a happy holiday season this year and has a merry Christmas! 2015 is just about here! More Star Wars and more Star Wars!



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