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Star Wars: The Force Awakens and what Andy Serkis and his homies are up to.

Star Wars Underworld has declared the following information about Andy Serkis and other cast-members characters:

  • Andy Serkis’ character basically looks like an old man, zombie like, almost risen from the dead.
  • He is being referred to as “Uber”, similarly to how Ridley is being called Kira and Nyong’o is being called Rose.
  • “Uber” has communication with Adam Driver’s Sith character, and a character played by Domhnall Gleeson. Serkis potentially is the Master pulling the strings from behind the scenes.
  • All three characters are part of the new “Empire” which Gwendoline Christie’s character is also a part of. She is confirmed to be playing a Chrome Trooper.

Apparently Uber is a code name, as “Rose” is a codename. I will be very surprised if the character’s name is Rose on screen. “Kira” has been up in the air for us as that one almost seemed like it could be the real deal, but its more likely a code name than the real name too, considering how it was used (I believe it was the interdepartmental code name independent of individual department’s personally designated names). We have known that Christie is playing the Chrome Stormtrooper Commander for a while now and its good to hear someone else corroborate that information further. Its cool that SWU heard this from their source who appears very legit on many levels. That said, listening to the teaser trailer Star Wars: The Force Awakens kind of makes it hard to imagine that voice pertaining to anyone under fifty. The fact he appears to be undead has interesting implications about powers some consider to be…unnatural.

SWU kicked ass today with their report. But my excitement level is raised by Domhnall Gleeson being in contact with Serkis. That’s the interesting thing from this report to me, personally. Domhnall Gleeson has been the wild card of this bunch for the most part. With Oscar Isaac’s role becoming less ambiguous this week, Domhnall Gleeson has been the one mystery left. Now we can see this character is either evil or has ties to evil if this report pans out in its entirety.



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