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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Course Correction: Ice planet, sand planet, scavengers & more!

The conceptual art, storyboards, and other piece of information we have been privy to, have all depicted  the heroes as white. As we know, John Boyega is a British black actor and Oscar Isaac is a Guatemalan born American actor. So the casting and per-visualization are at odds with one another in terms of who is who if you don’t know everything before you see it. Until the last one or two articles, we thought John Boyega’s character encountered scavengers after he crashed his TIE Fighter. That crash still happens, we’re pretty sure. But there aren’t any scavengers for him.

In the past I have written articles about how John Boyega crashed his ship and was attacked by scavengers. I also wrestled with a crash on the snow planet. We started to believe the film had an alternate design plan from an earlier draft. We thought it used to open on a snow planet which was changed to a sand planet. I now believe that was incorrect to an extent. I now think the events on the snow planet and sand planet happened at the same time and were to be intercut and occur at the same time for the most part, but now it all happens on the sand planet.

Most likely,  writer Micheal Arndt had Oscar Isaac shot down on the snow planet and John Boyega shot down on the sand planet. I have seen some artwork of a Han Solo type with a weird footballer type helmet (different than what we saw in the teaser as he has pull down goggles), Han Solo’s blaster, with his back against the snow wall while a small robotic four legged AT-AT has him corned. Another piece shows four snow mounted AT-ATs with troopers on their backs ascending upon a crash. Well, we also have the same artwork with the events on the sand planet and the people on the mounts are weird techno-Jawa type creatures.

We knew John Boyega was on the run in the film. We didn’t know Oscar Isaac’s character entered the film that early. Thanks to the reports that came in yesterday, we now believe he is.

So it turns out that both Boyega and Isaac are shot down. Boyega is an Imperial and Isaac is a rebel. Both men end up in the same brig and are rescued by the same woman. So in the earlier version Michael Arndt penned, Isaac was to be captured on the snow planet, then transported to the sand planet where Boyega was imprisoned and they met. It appears to simplify the story, J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan had the film open with a skirmish between the Imperials and the rebels where Issac’s character is shot down and put in the brig and shortly afterward, Boyega is put into the same brig. It was probably a simpler and easier solution offering more action and better pacing. It offers the easiest explanation as to why the Falcon is on the planet.

This is another assumption, but I think the whole opening of the film is basically seen through Daisy Ridley’s character’s eyes. She sees the battle at the start of the film from the surface. She finds the lightsaber the villains are searching for. She knows ships have gone down in the area. She sees the village burned and John Boyega defect from the Empire and also sees him get caught. She is the one that breaks them out of the brig. She pulls Oscar Issac’s X-wing via giant pig back to the station to be repaired. It seems like these two men have a lot in common and will be good equals as they assist “Kira” on her quest.

I love it when things start to come together and the ambiguity begins to slightly fade a little.



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