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Star Wars: The Force Awakens: PIGS IN SPACE! & Their Significance!


It is looking more and more like we had a lot of the opening of the film fairly correct, but not everything was totally in order and a major character was left off. There have been some mysteries we’ve had to try and figure out:

  • Why is the Falcon at the bid station space port? Why is there an X-wing there?

We’ve written about how it is docked there. We’ve also written about an X-wing there with it. So we know the X-wing is damaged at one point and then repaired at another point near the take off from that world.

Well, one thing to consider is that we know those giant pig creatures are for towing salvaged ships. I’ve seen a few pieces of “Kira” towing an X-wing back to the space port. This is somewhat significant and it does happen in the film. The pigs are not just expensive set dressing.

It isn’t our information to share, but very soon a friend is going to release exactly who that X-wing belongs to and the circumstances of its situation, including the way it interplays with John Boyega and Daisy Ridely’s characters. It is super cool.

It is not “Kira’s” X-wing and it isn’t John Boyega’s either. The Falcon is there for a reason and its connection to the X-wing makes a whole lot of sense for a lot of different reasons. In the next day, a lot of elaboration will be coming on this stuff and I believe the opening of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ opening act will be finally made very clear to us.

Sorry to tease this so much. I’m really excited about these developments and just wanted to confirm “pig towing” is a thing.


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