Star Wars: LEGO 2015 sets now available!

The LEGO news site Groove Bricks updated today with some news concerning the 2015 LEGO Star Wars winter wave.

The winter wave has now become available for pre-order over at the official LEGO online shop. These sets will not be available on store shelves until January 1st, however by pre-ordering from the official online store now you will receive the products from this line at your doorstep on January 1st!

I have to admit I absolutely love the LEGO Star Wars lines, there is so much fun in constructing the ships and scenes from the films and animated shows. Also if you haven’t checked out the LEGO Star Wars shorts and “The Yoda Chronicles” then I would highly recommend you do, they combine the iconography of Star Wars and the great humor LEGO are renowned for.

Going back to the winter Star Wars line, there is some seriously awesome sets coming! We’re getting our next lot of “Star Wars Rebels” sets and more. Interestingly included in the winter wave is a Trade Federation AAT priced at $24.99, I believe this could be one of the last sets drawing from the prequel era for a while. With Star Wars toy manufacturers moving away from the prequel era and concentrating on the original and sequel trilogy eras for the foreseeable future, I’d recommend you pick up any prequel era sets whilst you can! Below I’ve listed a few of the sets that’ll be available in the 2015 winter line.

  • 75078 Imperial Troop Transport- $12.99
  • 75081 T-16 Skyhopper- $24.99
  • 75082 TIE Advanced Prototype- $49.99
  • 75060 UCS Slave 1- $199.99 (Ultimate Collectors Edition)


There are just some of the sets available for pre-order. Head over to for the full list of sets and anymore news concerning the awesome Star Wars LEGO line.

Check back again for future news on the Star Wars LEGO line, especially the summer, which I’m sure we’ll be seeing some of soon!






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