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Star Wars Rebels: Book Cover of “Rebel in the Ranks”

Zare Leonis’ story continues in Jason Fry’s second installment of the original junior novel series Star Wars Rebels: Servants of the Empire. The sequel, Rebel in the Ranks, takes place during the episode “Breaking Ranks“, where Ezra Bridger goes undercover at the Imperial Academy.

“But it’s not just a rehash,” Fry wrote in a Tumblr post, “We begin far earlier than ‘Breaking Ranks,’ and the events of the show unfold from Zare’s point of view. Moreover, some scenes from ‘Breaking Ranks’ aren’t there (because Zare wasn’t there to witness them), while others are extended, as if on a DVD release, and there’s plenty that’s brand new. And Merei Spanjaf’s story unfolds in parallel with Zare’s while connecting up with it repeatedly. All this made for an interesting challenge as a writer, one I enjoyed tackling. Look for Rebel in the Ranks in March, with the remaining two books of the series yet to come.”

Pre-order Rebel in the Ranks today. If you’re looking to read the series from the beginning, make sure to pick up Edge of the Galaxy.

As a new student at Lothal’s Imperial Academy, Zare Leonis does everything it takes to pass as a model cadet. But secretly, he is a hidden enemy among Imperial loyalists, determined to discover the truth about his missing sister and to bring down the Empire. Luckily, he has his tech-savvy girlfriend Merei by his side, willing to help him however she can-even if it means dealing with criminals in the shadiest parts of Capital City. In the meantime Zare must face down a dangerous foe of his own: Lieutenant Curahee, who seems bent on pushing Zare to his breaking point. Join these rebellious cadets as they risk it all to take on the fearsome Empire.


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