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Warwick Davis talks about the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Poster?

I’m skeptical on this one. I don’t feel like Warwick Davis is implying he’s seen the poster or that the old folks will be on it. The Irish Examiner in their interview with Davis wrote:

“What I’m most excited by is chance to see members of the old cast in the poster.”

In my opinion, he’s simply talking about that eventuality. We will eventually see a poster with the classic heroes on it. Its a forgone conclusion at this point. If there is a poster, I kind of doubt any of the actors would have seen it at this point, especially someone with a role the size of Davis’ role. But we can assume we will see them down the road. I also don’t think the teaser poster will be like the final poster in which they would appear or if the like Marvel films amongst a series of hero posters. A teaser poster with just people in their sixties and beyond on it would be very mockable and bad for marketing for a film selling itself on the return to a classic sense of the spirit of adventure.

I think Davis is simply talking about the idea as a fan, not a professional.

That said, I would still take that poster, put it on my wall and kiss it every night.

Thanks to Star Wars 7 News for sharing the article.


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