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Yoda to appear in Star Wars Rebels on Monday December 29th via Disney XD app first!!

TV Guide is reporting Yoda is going to appear in Star Wars Rebels. The first half saw Darth Vader making an appearance and now the second half is going to include Yoda, at the very least. The coolest part? Frank Oz is voicing Yoda in it. However:

The twist: He only “appears” as a disembodied voice.

Dave Filoni felt it might confuse people if Yoda left the Dagobah, which is probably true and unfortunate.

“What’s great about Frank, by keeping the voice very present and active, you do feel that it’s a watchfulness and that he’s speaking to you from afar,” he says. “And I didn’t want anyone to think that he had left Dagobah [the planet where Yoda first trains Luke Skywalker]. It was on the outer rim of what we do, but I think we were able to pull it off.”

This makes it very clear what is going on with the series and Yoda:

Star Wars fans will notice several homages to the lore, including The Empire Strikes Back and the final episodes of The Clone Wars. “This is show is meant to fit in with everything that’s going on: Clone Wars, features, novels,” Filoni says. “We do a lot of work to make sure there’s continuity between these things now.”

If you recall Yoda is practicing the ability to retain one’s identity after death. So it appears part of that training is essential a type of “astral projection,” in which Yoda sees places far from his backwater planet. If you recall, Yoda says :

This one a long time have I watched. All his life has he looked away...to the future, to the horizon.

To me that always said Yoda was pretty much watching Luke look at this Twin Suns on Tatooine before he left for his adventure. So when Ezra and Kanan come together, Yoda probably feels their “light” in the universe and starts to investigate it with the spiritual powers he gained from the teachings in those final episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

The cool part? We can watch this episode on Monday December 29th via the Disney XD app!

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