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Chris Weitz to write the first Star Wars Spin-off Stand-alone film?

The Hollywood Reporter does what it does best and reports:

Chris Weitz is being brought in to write the ‘Star Wars’ spinoff being directed by Gareth Edwards after Gary Whitta exited the project this month.

This makes me a lot less happy than the previous rumor that Simon Kinberg was going to take the job. Should we be worried that the guy that wrote The Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps is writing the first spin-off movie? There’s a Twilight connection there too. By the same measure the dude wrote About a Boy which is pretty solid work if I remember correctly. My take? Chris Weitz gotta eat too!

I’ve only walked out of a film once or twice in my life because I was so bored with a film and just wanted to leave. One of those movies was The Golden Compass which by all accounts should have been a wonderful film. But that really wasn’t Chris Weitz’s fault. The studio destroyed it.

I’m getting the impression the story for this first spin-off film is pretty set in stone and the sets, characters, and events are ironed out. These writers they have brought aboard for it seem to be doing the laborious parts of the creative process and are simply writing drafts, which are submitted for peer review, edited, and put into production. We shall see how correct that is later, but that’s the impression I’m getting.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens had Michael Arndt, Lawrence Kasdan, J.J. Abrams and input from George Lucas. That’s practically a dream team. Star Wars: Episode VIII has Rian Johnson writing and directing and that’s the kind of guy you want to see making a Star Wars film. Why is the spin-off movie getting writers of a totally different caliber? Well, that first Star Wars film needs to convince us Disney isn’t messing around. The writer director for VIII is a really promising filmmaker and it should give us great results. Gareth Edwards makes awesome fun movies as does Josh Trank. The writing choices for the first spin-offs feel peculiar, there must be a methodological reason for it.

I hope the film is written beautifully and comes out great. I mean, on one hand, I think the directors matter more than the writers. Most writers are going to be stronger than George Lucas. George Lucas compensated for his weaknesses visually though.

My stance on this will likely change after I’ve had more time to process this, but the writing choices for this spin-off are either really inspired or just strange. I can’t tell yet. I’m going to remain optimistic and hope Chris Weitz nails it.

I’m rooting for him! I cannot lie though, I am incredibly mixed on this choice.


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