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Concepts: Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Fat Moebius Man

This piece by Jake Lunt from June 27th of 2013 looks a lot like something Jean Giraud or “Moebius” would have drawn. It very much evokes Baron Harkonnen from Dune as well. I really dig Lunt’s take on the Star Wars universe. His site lists him as a “Creature Concept Designer on SW VII.” Today we have two pieces of his to discuss.

Concept #1 shows a very fat man. He’s a white male with 4 eyes but he’s so fat you can barely see they’re open. He must weigh about 600lbs, I’d say. He’s just obese. He’s wearing a skin-tight white spandex fitting suit. It covers his entire body but only his face is visible. He’s floating. It appears his suit has some sort of anti-gravity mechanism to it. The weirdest bit is he doesn’t have any legs, just two little points sticking out where his feet should be, almost like the part of of a balloon you tie off. He has an orange armband on his left arm and his arm is a claw.

Concept #2 for this character is a little more “Podracer,” if you will. Its an alien with a mouth kind of like Clegg Holdfast but with Mick Jagger’s lips. He has flight goggles on. His body is fat and he’s bare chested, you can see his alien nipple. He has a brown band around his belly and sits on a silver ball with blue lights coming from it that allow him to hover. His right arm is a silver claw and his left arm is a silver claw with thin fingers for holding more delicate things. He has a plastic tube coming out of his shoulder with flags attached to it. There’s an orange flag, a white flag, and another orange flag. The white flag has symbols similar to the back of the Stormtrooper’s back plate, but its not the same, just a circle and weird shapes reminiscent of that (this dude is not Imperial at all).

In my estimation these are creature concepts for the exotic city. The fat guy in white would fit into the exotic city well, but the alien would fit on the sand planet just as well too. It has crossed my mind that these could have been concepts for the bid station center’s main person in the middle console there. These also fit into some of the designs that show “Rose” with a boss, but that’s just a guess as well.

More than likely neither of these designs are in the film, but they’re pretty interesting and really inspired.




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