Disney has Chris Pratt in Mind for Indy 5?

Furious Fanboys has altered us to this Deadline story which suggest Chris Pratt could be the next Indiana Jones:

I hear the studio has set its sights on Chris Pratt as the swashbuckling archaeologist they hope to build the new franchise around, the role made famous by Harrison Ford in Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

However, Deadline also notes:

Disney won’t comment and all this is admittedly early, so let’s chalk it up as a dishy informed rumor for now and keep an eye on it.

There was a production office set up for Indy to work out the dealings and so forth of the future of the franchise and Frank Marshall has mentioned being there in the past. With Disney having obtained the rights in 2013, I have to imagine they would like to see this get off the ground sooner than later.

I don’t hate the idea of Chris Pratt as the new Indiana Jones. I do hope he keeps his exposure in check though. With the franchise hopping he’s doing, he’s kind of in Sam Worthington territory of overexposure. However, unlike Worthington, Pratt is funny and that goes a long way.

There were a lot of rumors that Harrison Ford agreed to take a pay cut on Star Wars: The Force Awakens with the promise of a new Indiana Jones film. Maybe that all changed, was never true, or there more to the story and idea at this point?

I really want a new Indiana Jones movie. I love all four of them and think they’re superior films for their genre. I just don’t want it be like the lesser copies that failed to capture the Indiana Jones tone.



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