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Exclusive: Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Two “Main Street” Speeder Designs!

I was sent these two pieces of speeders which were designed for Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ “Main Street” set. As these were kind of hard to describe, the source said to share them.

Bumper1 Bumper2

I believe both of these speeders were put together in Abu Dhabi, however, these were intended to be constructed in Jordan originally. These are just background speeders.

Bumper Car One seems to have been based on this early concept from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi which was made into a POTF95 toy:

POTF95I also saw many more designs for Rey’s “Wagon Speeder” (my term). There is a shot where Rey zooms across the sands in a speeder with a flatbed in the back. Finn is in the rear, hurt, and BB-8 is laying on its side, along for the ride. In each different piece the front of the speeder is slightly different and in some the fins on the back are changed. Some were just edited versions of the same drawings.

In just one of the pieces done by T. Tenery, Finn is a black male. It is hard to say if they had John Boyega in mind at that point or if the artist was just exploring the possibility or probability of a black actor in the part at that point. Since they are not dated, it isn’t possible to say for sure if that’s the final design. The wagon speeder from the side can be glimpsed in the TMZ photos:

sw-7-03-480wInterestingly, the fins and the front are slightly different in this iteration above than in the concepts.


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