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The Extras of Star Wars: The Force Awakens Quick Analysis!

Star Wars 7 News has run a piece on the extras of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. They mention:

  • Katy Kartwheel: Major Hollywood Production directed by J.J Abrams : Stilt-Walking Robot, London, UK

Conceptually, there are a lot of designs Katy Kartwheel could be playing. There is a series of deigns labeled “JK Droid” and they run the gamut of droids in the universe we’ve seen. Interestingly, it appears a few of these designs might have been transferred over and used for the scavengers. For all I know, the JK Droid was always a scavenger droid, I really don’t know. Point is, there is one concept of a larger droid. It was designed by L. Fisher in August of 2013.

These droids are black. One reminds me of EV-9D9 from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.  He has four arms and long stilted legs. I can see this design working with a slim woman inside with a few adjustments. Another has a long stilt legs on a thick body with a head that’s just a round eye with long thing arms.

These designs have had “SCAVENGER” written on the piece but not by the artist it seems. It was written onto the printout, not the original art.

There are also a few small “chicken walker” type designs which fish out water from a lake for some reason. The design fits both the exotic city location as well as the castle.

UPDATE: On the Moisture Vaporator plans it states ‘Main Street’ meaning this location is in dessert not exotic city.

  • Akosua Duah-Boachie : Role – Extra: Apart of Main Street Crowd / Production: AVCO Film (Feature) / Director: J.J Abrams / Production Co/Venue: Foodles Production (UK) Ltd/Pinewood Studios

My guess one this one would be the Exotic City crowds we’ve talked about before. However, sand planet shooting did occur at Pinewood too.

  • Jamie Chambers: (“Heavy Weapons Stormtrooper”) Star Wars VII : Heavy Storm Trooper, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

This could be the flame thrower troopers that burn the village. However, most of that stuff was shot at Pinewood. We have seen Stormtroopers with guns like the Sandtroopers from A New Hope though.

  • Alvin Chen: AVCO (2015) : Space Pirate; Featured Artist / BIGGEST Hollywood Sci-Fi Movie, London, UK
  • Michael Chappell: “AVCO” (LucasFilm) : Stand-in for ‘Clan Leader’, Pinewood Studios, UK
  • Siggi Jaiyeola: 2014 / EXTRA / AVCO / POP CASTING / PIRATE

It appears those pirates we wrote about made it after all? The clan leader might be the scavengers though, still, they could be one and the same at this point.

  • Amber Smith: AVCO- with we got POP : Politician – Pinewood studios, London, UK
  • Ancuta Breaban: 2014, Feature Film, Politician , SWVII, Walt Disney Picture, J J Abrams

Judging by what we’ve seen, I think the politicians are actually people from the rebel base. We obviously don’t know everything, but the most political looking people we’ve seen so far have been people belonging to the rebel base.

  • Francisco Rabelo: (worked Jun/Jul/Aug 2014) AVCO project : evil castle crew character… 4 days shoot .. Pinewood, London, UK

What I find interesting about this is that it says there’s people at the castle besides the main cast and the cyborg guy. Most of the art and photos we’ve seen have been really depopulated.

Good work by MagnarTheGreat the great for digging this stuff up!






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