Freddie Prinze, Jr. Interview With Yodasnews.com

Before Star Wars Rebels returns Monday, February 2, with “Vision of Hope” on Disney XD, Mark and Lea from Yodasnews.com recently caught up with the voice of Kanan Jarrus, Freddie Prinze, Jr. The actor talked about his experience with the animated series and shared a few minor details about its season finale as well as its second season.

“At the end of season one Kanan will know what it means to be a Jedi. The selflessness necessary to be considered a master,” he said, prefacing the answer with a joke about Dave Filoni Force choking him from a distance if he revealed too much. “Season 2 he learns how to let go. You’ll learn his pain, in detail, in a scene Dave and I recorded in private. Kanan breaks down and gives you everything you’ve been wondering.”

The audience will also learn more about Hera and Kanan’s relationship in the second season, a bond that first started in John Jackson Miller’s Star Wars: A New Dawn.

“Hera and Kanan explain/discuss their past more than display it. It’s wartime in our story and kids, as they do in life, slow down the physical displays of affection. In season 2 certainly learn more about them, but pay attention to how Hera works Kanan and you’ll learn a lot more.”

Those attending Star Wars Celebration will watch the second season premiere of Star Wars Rebels, following an encore screening of the two-part season one finale. The cast and crew will also discuss the events that transpired in the season one finale and provide fans with an exclusive sneak peek of what’s to come in the future season.

“I’m just there for the Star Wars fans and to share the love,” he said when asked about attending Star Wars Celebration.

The event is scheduled to take place from April 16-19, 2015, at the Anaheim Convention Center. Visit Yodasnews.com for the entire interview.

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