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Review: Star Wars Rebels: “Idiots Array!”

Beware spoilers below:

The Star Wars galaxy is vast, there are so many aspects to be explored and not everything will suit everyone. Star Wars Rebels in its first season has explored the early days of the rebellion, the training of storm trooper cadets, the training of a Padawan, and finally we’ve further been introduced to the vile underworld of the Star Wars galaxy.

Idiot’s Array is the latest episode in the series. In this episode the crew are yet again struggling for credits and fuel, and as we know, desperate times call for desperate measures. (Especially when you’re on the run from the Galactic Empire). As the crew go about their business Zeb gets himself involved in a game of sabacc, playing against a Rodian and a very familiar “old smoothie”, that smoothie being none other than Lando Calrissian himself! Zeb ends up losing the game, and Chopper to Lando who just happens to need a ship and a crew for a job. The job Lando is embarking on is to pick up some interesting cargo of yet another vile gangster. The gangster involved with the deal is a new villain named Azmorigan. Interestingly enough this guys design is based on an early Ralph McQuarrie design for Jabba The Hutt, another great callback to the artwork that inspired the galaxy we love so much today. After the deal with Azmorigan goes pear-shaped, the crew flee back to Lothal. After cutting it close with the imperial blockade they make it back to what I guess is one of Lando’s many properties throughout the galaxy. It doesn’t end there for our heroes. The crew had been traced back to Lando’s property by Azmorigan and his goons. A small western style shoot out commences, the slimy crime lord and his crew are of course outwitted and flee.

The great thing about the era in which Rebels is set, is that we can explore what was previously a blank spot. Of course we knew the rebellion was formed, we knew the dark side had its iron fist clasped tightly around the galaxy. However much of what happened throughout that era was left unexplored, we didn’t know how the rebellion was formed, if there were any Jedi left besides Yoda and Obi-Wan, and we also had no idea what our beloved heroes from the Star Wars saga itself were up to? Well with Star Wars Rebels being set five years before A New Hope during the dark times, our questions can gradually be answered! It’s a great opportunity for characters such as Lando Calrissian to appear in the series, it gives us that much craved look into the characters back stories that we’ve been so patiently waiting for.

We also got a look at never before seen characters! The creepy gangster Azmorigan voiced by James Hong, and his henchmen. These guys looked so good! Their look and feel fit in perfectly with the already established underworld of Star Wars, they evoked the same feeling in me that I had when first introduced to the Pike syndicate in The Clone Wars. Azmorigan’s body guard’s helmet’s really reminded me of the head of a fly, I’m not sure if that was the look the design team were going for but that’s the vibe I got. It was nice to finally see different background characters in the show, and I’m hoping this is a sign we’ll be seeing varied character designs pop up more often.

I’m really enjoying Ezra and Zeb’s interactions, whenever the two are left alone some form of chaos follows. They are too me the Chuckle Brothers of Star Wars. A great comedy act that can’t do anything right when left together!

This episode was for me, the best so far. I personally didn’t feel this episode was a filler,even though it stepped away from the story of the crew and their challenge to form a rebellion, Idiot’s Array gave us further insight into our heroes lives. We are shown that making ends meet is difficult, and that the bigger picture is to stand by your friends through thick and thin, to trust that they will make the right decisions in order to keep the long-term plan in motion.

Idiots Array is available now on the DisneyXD app, however this episode will not be shown on the DisneyXD channel until Monday 19th. I couldn’t wait, what will you do?




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