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Rumor: Kylo Ren on all Star Wars: The Force Awakens packaging!

I briefly spoke to a well respected friend about Star Wars: The Force Awakens products today. We can expect a lot of stuff hitting very early this fall and today we heard a release date and we were able to get an independent confirmation:

September 4 is true.

September 4th is when Jedi News reported the action figure sets would begin hitting here.

Our contribution to the story?

Kylo Ren on all the packaging.

I honestly hadn’t even considered that. But it makes sense thinking back to past toys and the way they were generally marketed. The new bad guy with his new cool ninja styled Darth Vader mask evokes a little of the past and the present and seems to be a great choice carry the line forward. Outside of evoking the retro style packaging I love, I can’t think of a better option. Looking at the sets that are coming out, it looks like the plan is to utilize methods that have worked well in the past rather than reinventing the wheel on this outing.

This is rumor for now, but its a pretty solid source. Save your pennies!




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