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Rumor: Simon Kinberg Replaces Gary Whitta on the First Star Wars Standalone?

With Gary Whitta finishing his work on Gareth Edwards’ first standalone Star Wars movie, many were left wondering who would pick up the mantle and continue in the writing process. Our friends at /Film say they know the answer and that the new writer is none other than Star Wars Rebels Executive Producer Simon Kinberg.

As /Film points out, this makes a lot of sense in that Kinberg is very active at Lucasfilm, consulting on The Force Awakens, working on Rebels, and writing his own standalone film. My conjecture is that his work on Edwards’ spin-off is in addition to his other film, but I have nothing to back that up other than the feeling that Kinberg would write his own film from scratch rather than give it to someone else before coming in to do clean up.

If true, I consider this a win as Kinberg also wrote the premiere episode of Star Wars Rebels, “Spark of Rebellion,” which is one of the high water marks of the series, and he did a fantastic job of capturing the feel of that galaxy far, far away.

Jason’s comments:

Outside of Gareth Edwards just writing the thing himself, I think Kinberg handling the subsequent drafts would make a lot of sense. Kinberg was always supposed to write a spin-off film, but it was assumed it would be the Gareth Edwards movie coming out the year after Star Wars: Episode VIII that Rian Johnson is doing.

Kinberg did a great job with Star Wars Rebels’ first television film Spark of Rebellion and he’s also writing the season finale of the series too. It would be cool to see him take the script and make it something truly wonderful for the first Star Wars spin-off.

My friend Germain at /FILM also was the first to mention a rumor in which bounty hunters would play into the Death Star plans being obtained by the rebels in A New Hope. Rumors on that front keep coming in but they’re all over the place, even mentioning Han Solo’s connection to the film in come ways.

Kinberg has also written the season finale for Star Wars Rebels.

The future looks good if we have Kinberg involved instead of less experienced writers.


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