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Rumor: Star Wars Detours to Get Digital Release in May

Our friends over at Jedi News have done it again.  According to the latest rumor, 30 episodes of Star Wars Detours will be released digitally as part of a massive Star Wars digital library (which may also include digital releases of the first six films) this May.

Created by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, the brains behind Robot Chicken, Star Wars Detours was to be a  unique animated parody of the Star Wars universe.  The series was commissioned by George Lucas prior to the sale to Disney, and was heavily promoted at Celebration VI.  Back then, both Green and Senreich talked about how Lucas pushed them to promote the show despite the fact that they were still in the production phase.  My hunch back then was that Lucas was trying to get Detours out in front of the public so that Disney wouldn’t be able to quietly kill the project.

Although Disney shelved Detours soon after the sale was completed, fans have clamored for its release.  If Jedi News is right, it looks like Lucas’ strategy might be paying off.  Seth Green stated in a Reddit AMA that they had completed 39 episodes.  So I’m not sure if Jedi News’ report of 30 is just a approximation, a typo or if 9 episodes somehow got cut out.

I for one would love to see this happen.  I thought this series had a ton of potential and would offer a fun take on the Star Wars Universe.  While I understood the logic that Disney wanted to start fresh and reintroduce OT characters to the general public, I didn’t really feel that a clear parody like this would detract from that in any substantial way.  I doubt that kids watching Detours would really think that’s how Darth Vader actually acts.  But maybe I’m mistaken.  Either way, I hope this rumor is true.  Below you can watch the Detours trailer and some of the Celebration VI presentation.


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