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Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Code Names Revisited and New Set Name Info!

In the past I’ve told you about you about the code names for sets and characters and many of them had a Disney theme:

Pirate’s Cove: Home to a pirate ship in Peter Pan. The code name is used in Star Wars: The Force Awakens as home to the pirate’s ship aka The Falcon.

Fawn: This is in relation to Bambie. This was the code name for Rey in many areas of the production. Perhaps her mother is killed and that informs her character’s emotional burden?

Rose: Princess Aurora (alias Briar Rose) is Sleeping Beauty. This is a code name for a character which appears to be a puppet and is said to be played by Lupita Nyong’o. It is kind of interesting that sleeping beauty is a code name for a character in a film entitled The Force Awakens. Perhaps she is very important to the “awakening” the sensitives are feeling?

Another fun fact is that Queen Leah is the name of the Briar Rose’s mother, which is not that far off from Queen or Princess Leia. That last part is only notable if we’re being thrown a curve ball and Rose is simply another code name for Rey and the puppet in her room is BB-8. There are more indications that is not the case, but the possibility still exists, none the less.

With yesterday’s information on extras a lot of things were mentioned in those lists of actors. One of my sources came through with a lot more information since it was kind of already out there now. This includes more Disney based code names.

Main Street: Main Street U.S.A .is the first place you walk into in Disneyland. Its your introduction to that fabricated and idealistic realm that is Disneyland. Well the “TMZ” leaked photos showed us the location in some depth some time ago. Those photos coupled with the droves of concept art done for it have us believing this location is our main setting for the first part of the film. Its the setting where are our main characters meet before going into Frontier Land and Tomorrow Land, if you will. Its a good reference.

Another interesting thing worth noting is that this location has a place entitled “Gang Boss Area.” This is a location that is new to me. With all the pirates we’ve seen, I suppose there must be a link there. I speculated this could be linked to the village area. However, the schematic I saw was for an “Engine Cradle.” You know that giant engine we’ve seen on the Main Street set? It was to house that puppy. So basically its the main set TMZ took photos of. They call it a “JET ENGINE CRADLE” on some paperwork as well. There was also a “Vertical Jet Engine” set for construction in Jordan. I have no idea if it was still created when they moved the filming to Abu Dhabi instead.

The Evil Castle: Is this a Disney motif? Yes, but its also very general. You can find that motif a lot in Disney works, most famously with the Queen’s evil castle in Snow White. That said, we learned yesterday that were extras for this location cast. My source showed me some schematics for a giant plastic fan to be constructed there. We’ve seen concept art of Max von Sydow sitting behind what appears to be a giant air conditioner and I couldn’t help but wonder if there was a connection? Still, at this point, I believe Sydow’s character is linked to the Main Street set, not the castle. Since Rey and Finn appear to travel up through some catacombs into the castle at one point, it is possible they travel through a ventilation system and that’s all that is.

More come!


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