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Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Concepts: BB-8’s Civilized Secret!

BB-8 is one of my favorite things to be revealed about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I’ve said it before, following BB-8’s development over the last year has been a particular fun aspect of following Star Wars for me. In the past I’ve written about some secret compartments in BB-8 and this is another take on those articles. This article will be as short as BB-8 itself.

TFA03 BB-8 has those stylish orange circles on its spherical body. Each of those can store something or reveal things like laser cutters, computer interfaces, and basically just about any tool Artoo-Detoo has used on screen with the exception of rockets (as far as I know). The droid’s most unique feature I’ve seen are spikes that can make the droid mimic a puffer fish and hurt any would-be attacker. Basically, this little droid is full of surprises.

This piece of concept art is a little different in that it thinks outside the orange circles. Its a little more secretive and less obvious than the others. On the outside of the orange circle there is a secret panel that opens up. It appears to be the kind of place you would have to know where to look to access it.

Frame 1 shows the white panel outside the orange circle opened up. Inside there is a small grey keypad type interface. It looks to be about the size of a garage door opener. It has two buttons on the bottom. A red dial, and two white switches which reside below a green LED screen about as big as a classic basic calculator’s screen. What does this panel do?

Nothing! That’s right. The panel does nothing. It is a faux panel. Frame 2 shows us the panel as it is  lifted to reveal a secret compartment for storing something. There’s a round hole inside it but we can’t see exactly what it is. It can be anything.

The final panel shows the Anakin Skywalker/Luke Skywalker ligthsaber popping up from it! The laser sword doesn’t come out all the way out, just enough for a hand to retrieve and pull it out like King Arthur with Excalibur. Okay, maybe not that epic, but it is a pretty cool hiding place.

Who knows what features we will see BB-8 utilize on screen? But one thing is for sure, there are features designed for this droid which will probably unfold beyond the scope of the film series itself. But for today, we can say there has been a secret compartment designed to house a weapon from “a more civilized day.”


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