Star Wars: The Force Awakens TIE Fighter Concept Art Online!

Indie Revolver has released another piece of stunning concept art from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This morning it’s a photo of a new (bigger and badder?) TIE fighter! Jay from Indie Revolver has posted this image, along with a small description and a lot of great speculation:


These new TIEs resemble the classic TIE Fighter, with their vertical wings and central cockpit. The foreground ship has some departures though. It’s got extra engines between the cockpit (which has an extra row of windows) and the wings (which have elongated top panels). It appears to be a much roomier vessel with a large gangplank that descends from the rear of the ship to the ground; presumably the Imperial Guards at attention in front of the ship travel inside along with its pilot.

It’s true that this TIE has the similar red markings of the Special Forces TIE, we told you about in October, and I think it looks really cool. I like Jay’s speculation that this larger and more powerful looking TIE could belong to Gwendoline Christie’s Chrometrooper. Thanks Indie Revolver for sharing with us this really cool piece of art. I hope to see it on the big screen this year!

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