Star Wars LEGO: Toy Fair London 2015.

Toy Fair London is an annual event, where toy makers and retailers alike will come and share their upcoming products with the world. World renowned toy manufacturer LEGO were in attendance and their stand was one of the largest present, with endless twists and turns you finally reached the Star Wars LEGO line. Unfortunately The Force Awakens sets were not on show, they were behind a secret door being shown to a select few people of importance. I could sense the fear from the LEGO employees,they desperately didn’t want anything to slip, every time the door opened somebody would jump in front of it or say quite urgently “shut the door!”.

I did however get to see the five new sets that have been rumored previously. These sets will be released in June for the summer line, and I can tell you they look awesome! You can find the details of these products and their features below:




LEGO had all of their Star Wars 2015 sets on show, including the new summer line which consists of five new sets. I was not allowed to take photos, however here are the descriptions of the products on show:

  • Classic Flash Speeder: #75091: Price: £34:99. Starting of with the prequel era sets we have the Classic Flash Speeder, this set was originally released back in 2000 with one minifigure. Well the 2015 version comes with five minifigures including: 2x Battle Droids, 2x Naboo guards and 1x Gungan. The speeder comes in its classic green color and is in perfect scale seating four minifigures. The playability is limited, with only one flick missile that shoots from the cannon at the back of the speeder. All in all this looks like a fun and sturdy set, which will be great to re-create the battle of Theed form The Phantom Menace.
  • Naboo Starfighter: #75092: Price: £54:99. The Naboo Starfighter was last released in 2011 including six minifigures. This summers version comes with eight. These figures include, young Anakin, young Obi-Wan, R2-D2, 1x Naboo pilot, 2x Battle Droids and 2x Destroyer Droids. This set is larger than it’s predecessor and has some great playability features. It includes two spring missile shooters at the front of the fighter, a small trolley in order to carry weapons and spare parts, and my favourite feature of the set has to be where R2 is stationed. Just as in the movie, and at the flick of a lever R2 will pop out of his astromech slot. A large set that comes with a raised platform and an awesome selection of minifigures, this set is a must have for the summer of 2015.
  • Death Star Final Duel: #75093: Price: £69:99. Now this set is my personal favourite, it is priced high but for good reason! Coming with five minifigures and endless playability, this is the set you’ll definitely want to add to your collection in June. It comes with: 2x Royal guards, Emperor Palpatine, Luke Skywalker and an updated Darth Vader minifigure. The updated Vader comes with a slightly different helmet mould, with what appears to be black paint covering the next leaving no skin visible. The features on this set to are great, with collapsing platforms, spring activated stairwell, elevator and even the shaft to toss the Emperor down. It stands open for play however, it closes for display purposes and looks just like the Emperor’s throne room from Return of the Jedi. I’d but this one for your children, it’ll keep them busy for hours on end!
  • Shuttle Tydirium: #75094: Price: £79:99. Want to re-create the memorable sequence from Return of the Jedi, where the Rebel strike team uses the Lambda-class imperial shuttle to land on Endor? Well soon you’ll be able to. This set comes with five minifigures including: Han Solo, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and 2x Rebel Troopers, all in Endor disguise. There is also plenty of space in the vehicle to store your minifigures when standing or in play mode. When the two wings are in flight mode hatches on either side of the vehicle open, to reveal seating and storage space for characters and weapons. With spring launcher missiles on both sides of the cockpit, and landing gear underneath this set is another must have.It comes with all the features needed to give another fun and beautifully accurate imperial shuttle LEGO set.
  • Imperial Assault Carrier (Star Wars Rebels): #75106: Price: £99:99. This is the first version of the vehicle to be made in toy form, and I can tell you it’s impressive! Remember the Star Wars Rebels episode Breaking Ranks? Well this is the imperial cruiser that is carrying the Kyber crystal shipment in that episode. This set is the largest of the summer 2015 line and comes with six minifigures: Agent Kallus (no helmet), Sabine Wren (helmet included!), imperial astromech, 2x TIE pilots and an imperial officer. My favourite part of this set is the four small TIE Fighters that detach from the bottom of the vessel, but also act as landing gear when on display. With various turrets on the front and back, an opening cockpit, and easy open casing on the top of the set, there is plenty of room for minifgures. With so much playability, this is another must have come June. It’s pricey, but it’s worth it!

Well that’s it for the LEGO Star Wars line for now. I would have loved to have taken photos to show all of you, unfortunately we were not allowed. However I do believe photos of these sets will be allowed to be taken at Toy Fair New York next month. I also wish I could have bought you more news on The Force Awakens sets as well. All I can tell you is they were present and were being shown to people, and if these new summer 2015 sets are anything to go by, The Force Awakens sets will be superb!



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