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Star Wars Rebels: Billy Dee Williams to return and season two will have twice as many episodes?

My half-sister Jordan from Cinelinx interviewed the great Billy Dee Williams. Billy Dee dropped this bomb during Jordan’s interview (not really my half-sister):

He said he’s been working with the Rebels crew for a year or so and when I asked him bluntly if we’ll see him again in Star Wars Rebels he responded: “Yeah!  There’s more adventures with Lando coming up.”

So there we have it. Lando will return to Star Wars Rebels! Of course he promises Chopper they will meet again and waves to the ship proclaiming “until we meet again!” But this sounds like the work is done and Lando will be back in Season II of Star Wars Rebels at the latest! Hopefully they make a bigger deal out of it next time and handle the official announcements before its out!

Make sure you check out Jordan’s full interview with Billy Dee Williams it hits Cinelinx soon.

Does this mean Star Wars Rebels second season will be 22 episodes instead of a short season like we’re getting now?

Rebels Twice as LongIt sounds like we are going to have an awesome time with more fun Rebels adventures next year. I hope to see you all at the Season II premiere at Celebration!


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