Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels Episode Titles 112-114?

A kind Tumblr user and Star Wars Rebels fan pointed the way to a location that includes the next set of titles for the upcoming episodes of season one. According to a forum post on Toonzone, a post that also includes titles for various other Disney XD shows, the episodes are:

Monday, February 2 – 9:00 – Episode 112 – “Vision of Hope”
Monday, February 9 – 9:00 – Episode 113 – “Call to Action”
Monday, February 23 – 9:00 – Episode 114 – “Rebel Resolve”

Star Wars Rebels returns Monday, January 19, with Billy Dee Williams guest starring as Lando Calrissian in “Idiot’s Array”.

(via Tumblr, Toonzone)


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