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Star Wars: Spin-off News including possible casting and a wishy-washy start date?

First up, our friend Dunc at Club Jade points us towards this Total Geek article which states:

I hear that ‘Orphan Black’ actress Tatiana Maslany has landed the role.

WIRED Cafe At Comic-Con - Day 2Since we don’t really have as much nailed down about the first Star Wars spin-off, it is kind of hard to ascertain what it might mean. Since the rumors started about the women casting, I’ve heard the gamut of possibilities and I feel most if not all are probably way off. Tatiana Maslany is very beautiful, so there’s that. But I’ve never seen her in anything. The news is kind of abstract to me. However, it takes time to really put faith in casting news and rumors. If we keep hearing this news, it will be something to take very seriously. For now, I think this is an interesting possibility. All of the women up for the part seem cool and competent.

Multiple people are telling us their start dates on the first Star Wars spin-off are mid-February. It sounds like sets will start being built by then either way, regardless if filming commences.  However, we’ve heard that the filming dates and the production schedule is not firm. It means a few different things depending on who I ask. Most say it means the filming could be pushed back a little bit as a firm schedule is not there for any of them. Others have said parts of the film might commence with filming depending on the portions of the script which are nailed down (and that seems reasonable to me considering what’s up). Its not exactly unheard of for a movie to start filming without a finished script. However, we’re hearing about the writer shifts now, supposedly Whitta was really done in 2014 towards the end of the year and the revisions are well underway already. So that may not even be the case at all.

I kind of hate writing what I did above. I feel like I’m saying its February but in case its wrong, here’s a way out. But that’s what they feel is up. The crew members I’ve talked to think its wishy-washy. So it is what it is. That’s what they’re saying. But they’re guessing too. The Force Awakens schedule was really firm and very planned out in advanced by comparison, the only major changes being due to Harrison Ford’s injury and even then the schedule was updated and very firm is what I’ve been told.

Jedi News has also heard February as well. Even if it gets pushed back, that means filming will start around Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. Maybe that will give us some cool announcements for the event?


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