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Episode 66!’s Now, This is Podcasting!

Randy and Jason Order 66 Johna, Jeremy, and Sal and do a two man podcast for Episode 66! They’re not dead, they’re just sleeping!

  • We give away Darth Vader #1 and Star Wars #2 digital copies!
  • J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy will be kicking of Star Wars Celebration! Stand in line for us.
  • Lucafilm artists have tons of autographed materials on ebay for breast cancer and AIDS emergency funds.
  • Order 66: we remember it because we have to for this episode.
  • Fulcrum!? Who is she!?
  • Tons of guest star characters for season 2!
  • Did we see the bad mother Fulcrum in a press image?
  • Is it Tat? Who knows! New evidence.
  • An extra recalls a line from the film uttered by Han Solo!
  • Unverified rumors!
  • Rey’s Speeder to show up in SWOTR? Mostly.
  • Star Wars Battlefront! The current rumors we’ve heard!
  • POD PEOPLE! Will the Sith ever get their own film and one dude just wants to say thanks!
  • And more stuff! Secret stuff! Sexy stuff! All the stuff!

If you would like to hear your questions answered on the podcast reach us any time here on the site through the “Contact” link, on Twitter @MakingStarWars, or at


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