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Exclusive: Three Classic Characters are in Star Wars Rebels’ Season II Premiere!

Today it was suggested that Ahsoka Tano might be in Star Wars Rebels season 2. Back at the Marvel Comics event I attended at Comics FTW recently, I overheard exactly who was in the opening of Star Wars Rebels Season II by someone from Lucasfilm (not the creators speaking at the event). Apparently they didn’t know who I was. But its not just Ahsoka Tano. Its a lot more than that. I overheard a conversation about these three main characters:

  • Darth Vader
  • Emperor Palpatine
  • Ahsoka Tano

After being the Fletch of Star Wars news reporting, I took the information to my sources. They couldn’t believe it. How did I know this? When I told them they were shocked. It was pretty funny. That was when it was confirmed for me. Since then I’ve had it confirmed solidly again.

Ian McDiarmid is not back as Emperor Palpatine (you can probably figure out who plays him and he’s not a sweet transvestite). But I hear James Earl Jones is back as Darth Vader and recorded his lines some time ago. Ashley Eckstein is back as the older Ahsoka Tano.

So there you have it!


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