An extra recalls one of Han Solo’s lines from Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

This report was submitted to me anonymously. That means no questions could be asked. No verification could be run of any kind. The report seems reasonable. The report might even tell us how the jungle sequence fits into the film and why the Empire is even there. That said, I’ m sharing for the fun of it and do not stand by this as something I can back up.

Hi Jason, big fan of the site. I did some extra work on TFA and had scenes with Ford, Ridley and Fisher. Nothing major with no lines but I’d like to share that time with you.

It took place at Pinewood, backlot and was a minimal blue screen affair. A few of us were extras standing in for pilots, some human, some alien. A few practical creatures were present and the scene was described as a hideout for pirates, criminals and empire hunters. It would appear in the second act. There were a variety of weaponry on show which all looked like stuff from the OT. I can remember a line that ford said

“I can get us in there but they won’t have a hug for me, sweetheart”.

It was a cool delivery by Ford. Overall, a good time.

We have seen concept art for several pirates (not rebels but actual pirates). Those sequences never fit into the sand planet stuff, to the best of our current knowledge. We have also struggled with the jungle compound stuff and have even been questioning if its still in the film. The reason I bring that up was it appeared early on that they learn of the location of an installation they need to get into from some pirates. I then began to wonder if in the reorganization of the film (when Abrams and Kasdan took over writing) if that info to be obtained was just on the sand planet now).

The report is fun, but without follow up questions, I’m simply running this for the fun of it. Would you rather see this and it might pan out or simply not? Soon I’ll be able to verify all of this and we can begin to prune information that was incorrect and figure out which information is very legit, in a matter of days to weeks.


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