Flashback! What Luke, Rey, and Ren appeared to be up to before Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

These are potentially huge spoilers. This might explain where Rey and Ren come from and what happened to Luke.  If you don’t read spoilers or don’t want to be majorly spoiled, you might want to back out now. Remember when we were breaking John Boyega was a Stormtrooper? Yeah, that was news at one point and getting it was harder. We’re in a new era now.

Some of the documents our source is dealing with are coded. Between that and a slight miscommunication, last Friday’s report about Luke Skywalker’s involvement is only mostly correct. It turns out there is one more very small appearance by Luke Skywalker in the film in a flashback sequence that is pivotal. That’s it for this.  Please do not get mad at me because you don’t like what the documents state. I can’t change that. But Luke’s screen time went from super small to slightly less super small. After careful study, another appearance of Luke was discovered and not where you would think. His actions read as very important but far from huge on screen time.

It appears Star Wars: The Force Awakens is breaking general Star Wars narrative style and using a flashback as a narrative tool. The only time we have seen a flashback used in canon was when we saw Ventress’ history in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. There is a chance this narrative style has a reason for occurring. These sequences were in fact filmed and there are extras crediting themselves as having appeared in these scenes already.

I believe this information has some really telling hints at what happens to Luke after Return of the Jedi and sets up the context for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The sequences below take place in Rose’s pub. Here is the list of the sequences in order:

  • Interior Day Roses’s Pub – There is a secret underground chamber and Rose begins her tale to Han, Rey, and Finn. They hold hands.
  • Flashback: Interior Night at Academy – Dead bodies are on the ground. Luke turns up.
  • Flashback: Exterior Dusk at the Afkcademy – It is noted it is peaceful now. Artoo-Detoo is saddened as his master departs.
  • Flashback: Exterior Day at the Savannah – A hand that takes the sword at the start of the film is revealed to be Naka’s hand.
  • Flashback: Exterior on the Savannah – A peasant’s hovel where the peasant drops the sword, starts a fire, panics and then returns.
  • Flashback: Exterior Desert – Local trader is seen leaving. (I believe it then cuts to Finn and Rey’s faces as the story unfolds).
  • Flashback: Exterior Day Desert – Local trader makes a sale to a wealthy man.
  • Flashback: Exterior Night Battlefield – Fierce battle! Sword is being use by the CLAN against THE SEVEN.
  • Flashback: Exterior Night: the last man is down and Kylo Renn approaches Rey!
  • Flashback: THE SEVEN are looting and we see Rose in the foreground taking “the object.”
  • Interior Day Roses’s Pub: In the underground chamber, Rose presents the saber and Rey is revolted by it while Finn is attracted to it.
  • Interior Day Roses’s Pub: Rey moves past aliens in an uproar as she leaves the establishment.
  • Interior Day Roses’s Pub: Courtyard: Rey runs away from the castle.
  • Exterior Day: Woods near Roses’s pub Rey runs into the woods.
  • Interior Day Roses’s Pub: Rose now knows why the saber “came to her.”
  • Exterior Day: Woods near Roses’s pub BB-8 finds Rey but suddenly the villains are overhead.
  • Interior Day Roses’s Pub: In the corridors undernearth the pub they notice Rey and BB-8 are missing as massive shaking begins.
  • Exterior Roses’ Pub Plate Shot: From Rey’s point of view we see the destruction of the Castle.
  • Exterior Day Rose’s Pub – From Rey’s Point of view we see Rose’s pub is chaotic.
  • Exterior Day Woods Near Rose’s Pub – From Rey’s perspective we see Rose’s Pub ruined. Kylo Ren arrives with Stormtroopers in tow.
  • Note: This pertains: “Interior Day: Roses’ Pub hallways beneath the pub, Rose “users her special skills” to defeat Stormtroopers.

Please feel free to interpret these notes yourself.

I think we’re missing a voiceover that will explain these shots to us. So we’re kind of forced to interpret them as if someone muted the television from which we are watching the scenes unfold.

It sounds to me like Rose takes the hero’s hands and shows them a vision of the past. Rose might be a Jedi or priestess of some kind. Rose is the character Lupita Nyong’o will be playing. We believe she is a puppet.

To me, I want to say Luke Skywalker started a Jedi Academy. Someone wanted this artifact and was willing to kill everyone for it. The bodies on the ground at the academy might mean the young Padawan actors we know were recently cast as extras were basically playing dead bodies in this sequence. We see Artoo is sad because Luke goes on without him and that’s when Luke goes into hiding or disappears. 

It appears we see Naka take the sword at the start of the movie but we don’t know it is Naka until this sequence. So that actually might mean the opening of the film takes place sometime before the story is actually set and we jump time to the present day of the story. We don’t know very much about Naka at this time. It isn’t clear if Naka is the peasant that burns his hovel down either. More on Naka’s whacky adventures soon.

Apparently the sword goes from the peasant to the trader to a rich man. It probably falls into the wrong hands because we then have a battle and the clan using it against The Seven.

I find the moment we see a flashback with Kylo Ren walking towards Rey to be interesting. Where they students there who survived? Did Kylo betray the order? Did they take Kylo and raise him as one of their own? There’s a lot of questions here. But they appears to be participants in the academy falling.

Then we cut back to present time and Rey is revolted by the sword while Finn is attracted to it. That’s kind of interesting. It almost feels like it could be a trial of sorts. Wanting a weapon isn’t really the Jedi way. So perhaps Rose is saying she sees why the weapon chose Rey.

The Seven sounds like bad company to me. They might be the six pirates we’ve seen concept art for along with the pirate leader which would make seven. It might line up with George Lucas’ idea for the Legions of Lettow who were pirates that basically stole the power of the Sith in a very early draft of the original Star Wars. Either way they’re looting and that’s not what heroes do, but it is what pirates do. We will have to see how that pans out. Also of note that there are normal pirates in this movie too that aren’t special pirates, just pirates.

It appears Rose takes an object off the battlefield that is important. My guess is she takes the lightsaber somehow. Is Rose the one that brings the saber to Luke in the first place? We don’t know if this is Luke’s saber or some kind of legendary lightsaber or what. It appears the sword is either stolen from the academy or just used to destroy it.

I believe the massive shaking must be the pub being attacked by Kylo and his Stormtroopers. The Evil Castle is usually called Evil. In this instance just a castle is named. I’ve seen concept art for nice looking castles and other places in the Exotic City that fit this location. I’m not entirely sure it’s the Evil Castle that is destroyed here. In fact, I’m pretty certain it isn’t.

Kylo Ren is always on hot pursuit of our heroes in this film from the way things seem to be going, so that’s nothing new here.

I’ve seen people and other sites state it has to be wrong because Mark Hamill was on set for the whole summer. I know he took a few vacations. I’m not really interested in arguing about it. I’m just going by what the documents say. I tend to side with the docuentation used to make the film over the best of sources with the best of intentions.



Jason Ward (editor-in-chief)

Owner, Editor and content supervisor of MakingStarWars.net

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  • Dr. Weezil

    Third paragraph, possessive of “Ventress” is “Ventress’s.”

    • DougP

      If we’re submitting edits, how about:
      “takes the hero’s hands and shows them”
      “takes the heroes’ hands and shows them”

  • Henri

    Question: Who will be playing the cloaked robotic figure holding Darth Vader’s helmet as seen in the concept art? I saw Hasbros lineup of figures and Ren seems to be wearing a helmet similar to Vader’s. Will Driver and Serkis both be playing Sith and will Finn also use a saber?

    • rmazin

      Adam Driver


    I personally am VERY skeptical of all of these rumours. It’s no longer Lucas behind the movies, it’s Disney, probably the largest entertainment conglomerate in the world. The 100 messages here, multiplied by how many different fan sites, create tons of free publicity, and make people want to see the movie even more (if possible). Sure some stuff has leaked and is probably correct, but I think it’s Disney fanning the flames a little too. It’s genius, in my opinion. Give the fans a little, but not too much, and deny everything.

  • Brad Kulp

    The Seven ALREADY exist in the star wars universe. Say what you will, but there is EU stuff all through this, just names and times mixed up. The Seven were a group of dark Jedi hunting for power, and to destroy Luke Skywalker after ROTJ.
    Sound familiar huh?

  • Starr

    I would not be surprised if JJ took a Lucas-esque approach and made the Solo twins former students of their uncle – or at least the remaining Force sensitive beings in the galaxy other than Luke. It would make an awful lot of sense to send each Solo down a different path of temptation with Luke being the beacon that draws each of them after the lightsaber’s discovery. There are still a lot of pieces missing, but to me it seems like Luke is being sought out for completely opposite reasons and in the end, both Kylo and Rey complete their journeys to their respective sides of the Force. Somehow I have a feeling that Andy Serkis’ character fits into the equation too; at the end of ROTJ Luke became the last Force weilder (and therefore can be tempted equally by both sides) and his lineage could be traced back to a virgin birth. What if Serkis created Anakin? What if Kylo Ren’s objective is to unleash an ancient evil and Rey’s objective is to protect the ones she loves? Again, just speculation, but I think that what we’re going to see is the answer to the age old question: how did the Skywalker lineage come to be and where does it have to go to come full circle?

    • na@yahoo.com

      Last force weilder? What about Leia?

      • DougP

        It was implied she was potentially at least a powerful a Luke. Yoda let us know she was “the other” hope, should Luke fail/fall.
        Also, in RotJ (novelization) Leia used the Force when killing Jabba.
        Then is showing herself sensitive to it (visions?) in knowing (“somehow I’ve always known”) Luke’s her brother & the he’s safe after Death Star blows up “I can feel it.”

        Rather than JJ retconning Leia’s Force ability, I’d rather see it downplayed/not mentioned until some point in the movie where she whips out her saber or uses the Force to rescue someone/escape danger.

        Leia’s as endowed with the Force as much as Luke. Here’s hoping they don’t bury that.

  • Joe Solo

    Interesting stuff. I’m thinking that they’re using a variation of what was supposedly the original idea for Return of the Jedi: Remenber in Empire where Obiwan says “that boy is our only hope” and Yoda responds “No, there is another” ? If I remember correctly, the “other” was supposed to be Luke’s sister, but not Leia. She was supposed to be an all new character who was being trained elsewhere in the Galaxy. Luke was to succumb to the dark side, but the new sister character would bring him back and help save the day. In the end they didn’t want to introduce a new character so they made Leia the sister.

    I have a feeling that Kylo Ren and Rey will be Solo siblings with Ren having been trained and turned evil and Rey being “the other” who is forced to learn the ways of the Force because she’s the only one with the Skywalker blood capable of defeating Ren (aside from Luke of course). As to if Ren will be redeemed in a later episide I have no idea but in the end Star Wars is all about Redemption so it’s certainly possible.

    • DougP

      Re: “only one with the Skywalker blood capable of defeating Ren (aside from Luke of course)”
      So what’s Leia – chopped liver?

  • Am I the only one who finds the way this latest round of spoilers/rumors make it seem like almost everything in the movie happens on the same planet a little disconcerting? Maybe I’m just having trouble wrapping my head around all these characters that I don’t really know anything about yet, and maybe (well, almost certainly) huge chunks are still missing, but this story feels too small to be a full-blown episode in the saga. All that spoilerman stuff on reddit a couple months ago felt much more right in terms of scale than the stuff we’ve been seeing these last few weeks.

  • James England

    This movie has more leaks than an old man unable to find the toilet in his care home!

  • James England

    “Jason, have you written up a detailed synopsis of the whole story somewhere on the site? Since you’ve read so much of it, I feel like you could write us a full storyline so we can see where everything fits in context. If this is already on the site somewhere, sorry to bug you :)”

    I can’t imagine Lucasfilm/Disney being happy with that. Posting the entire plot in detail would be a risky thing to do, surely?

  • Jedileaks

    This is a mix of code and actual detail, which is why it is so confusing. the “castle” isn’t the massive literal castle from concept art; it’s something else akin to Jabba’s palace. Rose is a riff on a voodoo priestess (all the ‘JarJarisracist’ folks should have a field day with this), and if the concept art is correct, she helps Finn & Rey build sabers whats beginning to make more sense is the Excalisaber tri cross guard thing might have Kylo Ren’s hand attached to it-it explains his robot arm, which also happens to be the same arm Anakin lost to Dooku for what its worth. the seven appear to be bounty hunters or pirates like the “private security force” Kylo Ren commands the clan could be the village. but why does everyone want a saber than also starts fires?

    can jj ever do anything without a flashback? seems a bit pointless in an episodic film saga, and part of the fun of the film series is that it drops us into the action where so much has happened since the last movie and we get to imagine what happened in between aflashback will create a massive discord with the rest of the series,

  • GodUvThunda

    Jason, thank you as always for your reports on TFA. Luke Skywalker is a legend and master Jedi. Its easy for me to dismiss that he’ll just have a minute part in VII. This “flashback” scene played out in my head as just a thinly wedged slice of the galactic pie. So far, Rey, Finn, the Droids, Chewie, Han Solo and Rose will have ample screen time which is very good. The notes above include these characters and it seems like a past event best kept for a novel. I would prefer this movie tell this story in a more “oops we got chased by bad guys and landed in this awkward place, holding onto an artifact that leads to an important…etc…” evoking the feel of spectacle and surpirse, in many ways like the OT.

  • Commodore H. McCringleberry

    I totally called this on the on the other post about Luke only being in the last 10 seconds. Specifically said another appearance in flashbacks and other Jedi apprentices, etc. Sadly, I don’t have any inside information, but apparently just some skill at bullshit detection. That said, it makes total sense to me that Rey and Kylo would be people affiliated before the movie with the reforming Jedi Order. Then they’d know each other, making it more personal, and wouldn’t have to be Solo twins, which is a little cheap and in the “small, small galaxy” vein. That said, I suspect that the rumor about Kylo being obsessed with Vader and Rey calling him out for being a Vader wannabe is probably true. Also the rumors of Rey using the Force in minor ways (controlling the pig creature, moving stuff around) are likely the case, but she’s not affiliated and might even object to violence and lightsaber swinging as a problem solving method.

    On another note, I read somewhere that the 80’s Droids cartoon featured a character named Kybo Ren, who could have gone on to be killed by Solo after having a son and could be the super-star-nerd easter egg in this one.

    ETA- If Rey and Kylo shared a former affiliation and he betrayed them, rather than them being related, you could skip the whole ‘do I really want to kill a relative, maybe they can be saved’ obligatory moral conundrum and have a real evil antagonist. Maybe down the road he turns another good guy to the dark side and they can save that one. Darth Vader was an implacable, totally evil force in IV without hope for redemption. You have to have that. Once DV had a chance to turn, you had Sheev as the ultimate villain. Half-assed bad guys make for bad stories.

  • Mahoma Leho

    I can see the last scene with Rey entering the throne hall and Luke´s sitting there hooded….she says “Dad!” and they finally hold each other……and in 8 and 9 we discover more about “mom”…

    • HFord

      or maybe “Father!”.. daddy sounds infantile…

  • michaea

    Now that the convoluted plot points about Luke (crazy, living in a tomb in a superweapon or whatever) seem to be fading, the plot seems more simple and thus much more credible. I would really appreciate hearing your best guess at a basic synopsis though, now that you are turning away from a lot of previous rumors you have talked about. I don’t know which previous rumors are still likely, so it’s hard to have any sense of what this movie is about. There’s an important lightsaber, Luke is nowhere, Kylo Ren is chasing them, and there are one or two super weapons.

  • Drool Bear

    Spoiler Conception!!!!! … Luke starts a new Jedi Academy and begins training new Jedi’s, including Han and Liea’s son Kylo Ren. Something goes horribly wrong and Kylo kills all the other padwans and escapes. From past questions Kylo has inquired about during his training, Luke knows Kylo will probably seek out a specific Sith artifact to complete his training toward the dark side. Kylo may not know where it is but Luke does. Luke goes to the tomb where it is and waits there in exile just in case Kylo ever shows up to ensure Kylo never gets what he’s after. During the many years alone in solitude, Luke has to deal with the death of all the padwans that were under his leadership being slaughtered by none other than his own sister and best friends child, his own nephew, thus sending him into a crazed state of mind. This might also explain why Han and Leia don’t seem to be together in the movie. They parted ways after their son went postal. Perhaps Leia didn’t want to risk having any more children for fear any of her future offspring would result in the same way as Kylo did. As for Rey, just because she’s force sensitive, she doesn’t necessarily need to be related to anyone, but if she is, maybe she was Han and Leia’s daughter that they gave away when she was a baby cause they didn’t want to expose her to the lifestyle they lived. Perhaps Han turned out to be like Ben Kenobi and stayed near Tatooine to watch over her from a distance thus allowing Leia to continue to run the Rebel Alliance throughout the rest of the galaxy. This could explain why Han sacrifices himself at the hands of his son to allow time for his daughter to escape. Wow, what a story. I can’t wait!

    • DougP

      Or…how about before Luke goes into self-imposed exile, after the shock of losing his Padawans, at the hands of his nephew (Kylo Ren Solo), Luke told Han & Leia their son was dead. It’s the truth….”from a certain point of view”.

      Maybe concurrently Luke’s daughter (or Solos’?) Rey, survived the attack. Again, Luke’s shamed his kid lived while Solos’ died? Rey goes into hiding as Luke abandons idea of new jedis due to the risk/dangers.
      We’d not have to know this until near the end of the film when Rey confronts Luke at the castle/tomb he’s guarding, the reveal being either:
      “Father, I need you to complete my training”
      “Uncle, you must complete my training”
      Luke’s unable to kill his nephew?
      Or perhaps Rey (Solo?): “I can’t kill my own brother”. Luke: “Then the Sith have already won”.

  • Paul Dameron

    Unless I am mistaken aren’t Rose and Naka the same Alien species. They’re the blue aliens…

  • Paul Dameron

    I actually like alot of this…..just not the short screen time for Mark Hamill.

  • christthi

    lol… more silly misinfo to keep ppl off the tracks.

    Sorry, but no… flashbacks in Star Wars movies would be a narrative choice as stupidly suicidal as either graphic sex, or no romance during the entire trilogy. Even time-travel would be better than that.

    In fantasy films when you break one standard you break the whole thing altogether, and it isn’t Star Wars anymore.

    • JustSaying15

      I actually can see a quick flashback scene if it’s be seen through the force through Luke or another character. But for a Star Wars episode to be nothing but flashbacks and a narrator to boot? Yet I am calling BS until I see concrete proof and saying you seen “documentation” is not proof.

    • DougP

      Re: flashbacks – what about “flash forwards”?
      To a degree that ( Force vision ) was already done in prequel trilogy with Anakin’s “dream”-vision of Padme dying.

  • Mahoma Leho

    Hey, Jason, I thanked for your work and I wrote few lines about TFA and you deleted it? Why? What was wrong with whan I wrote? I´m your big fan, but this is strange…

    • I don’t see your comment as being deleted. Having said that, many people moderate the comments here, not just Jason.

      • JustSaying15

        Jason has bigger things to worry about like posting supposed stolen property.

  • WolfStark

    So Luke started to teach but everything went wrong somehow? Sounds okay (even though I would prefer to see new masters and pupils instead of starting at zero – again!), at least he’s not a 50 year old virgin that guarded some tomb. Well at least I hope he had some company the first years (Mara Jade).

    • Kevin McCormack

      Mara Jade will NEVER be featured in a Star Wars movie, mark my words. She’s just too cheesey and a perfect example of what NOT to like, about the EU.

      • LS007

        I grew up watching the OT and the PT ruined much of Star Wars’ legacy for me. I hate Jar Jar. I’m not a big EU person. I think I read two books and haven’t seen The Clone Wars, etc. Again, I’m an OT guy. I say all of this because based on what I’ve read about Mara Jade, she seemed like a solid character and good mate for Luke. So what’s wrong with her in your eyes? I’m guessing had I actually read a story with Mara Jade as opposed to simply reading about her, I’d have a better idea of what you’re talking about.

      • WolfStark

        Mara Jade is a monument of the Star Wars Expanded Universe and she is a solid character. She should be canonized, even if it would be just to pay tribute to the decades of Star Wars. Not that everything in the EU was great but it kept Star Wars alive, helped it grew. Mara Jade may never be featured in a Star Wars movie but she should be.

        • Kevin McCormack

          To be honest, maybe I spoke a bit hastily, lumping Mara in with my general dislike of the EU. It wasn’t HER so much that I disliked, as much as the idea of the Emperor having minor force-wielding minions that we were never told about. Since then, the Clone Wars and Rebels (with the Inquisitor) has made me a bit more amenable to the idea. Yes, after a bit more thought, seeing her on the big screen wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Done well, maybe it could even be a good thing. 🙂

  • Sameer Ketkar

    Jason, have you written up a detailed synopsis of the whole story somewhere on the site? Since you’ve read so much of it, I feel like you could write us a full storyline so we can see where everything fits in context. If this is already on the site somewhere, sorry to bug you 🙂

  • Who is Rose? This post has totally confused me. I’m assuming Naka is the alien seen in concept art with Rey.

  • I want to leave this planet.

    Hope the Seven are all Jedi hunters

  • Anonymous By Force

    Just please tell me that Luke didn’t kill those younglings. I’m afraid Abrams might try to mirror Luke’s descent into madness with Anakin’s descent to the Dark Side.

  • You’re basically saying that you have almost the whole plot of the movie in your hands… Or is “the documentation” something else?

  • stiiiiiiiillllllllll not totally buying it… but thanks for confirming more of Spoilermans spoilers.

  • Collin

    I don’t dispute what you’re reporting, and I’m not sure what to make of a lot of the rumors/leaks;however, if I were Lucasfilm/Abrams, with how much as leaked, I would be leaking a ton of red herrings and false plot points that are believable and look legitimate. I hope this is the case. I love reading these posts, but I’m hoping they’re doing their due diligence and come Dec. 18th, we’ll all be surprised.

    • nametaken

      no desire to be surprised. keep those feelings to yourself.

  • ChakaOneNiner

    I remember a few months ago, there was a source that said that there would be a massive misinformation campaign that would start in February. I may have even read that here, but I don’t remember. I just can’t help but wonder if the amazing reports you’ve been getting this month are part of that campaign.

    • LS007

      I actually hope this is the case. I’ve never been a big spoiler person and yet this movie has broken my will. I’ve spent way too much time reading all of this, but so be it. It helps me pass the time and if much or all of it is misinformation, then I still get to be surprised come Dec. 18th.

  • Lotus Eleven

    ugh. This movie is starting to sound more crappy with each nugget of info. I’m definitely tamping down my expectations.

  • carmencita_de_las_lunas

    lol. wut?

  • Case

    so the clean shaved luke was for the flashback

    • DarthBrawl

      That sounds like what they want us to believe. Good “correction” disinfo.

  • Sbs87

    This “sword” is the most confusing thing amoungst all this material so far. Why is everyone after it? Why does it cause such an emotional response from Rey? What is it? Anakin/Luke’s saber? Vader’s saber? I think knowing what it is would really put some of this stuff in perspective.

    • Matt McDougall

      I know the feeling. It’s like there are 2-3 pieces of really critical information that are missing and once they’re there, a lot of these things will start to slot into place.

      Interesting to see that there might be a prior connection of some kind between Rey and Kylo Ren (and that signs point to him being a straight-up baddie from minute 1). Connected with what appears to be an Academy massacre (Jedi academy? Seems like the logical assumption). I could see the lightsaber being the cause of the massacre. Maybe Rey somehow stops it and flees and that’s why she’s in hiding?

      Ugh. So frustrating having all these little bits of information but effectively zero knowledge of the larger story.

  • James England

    Interesting updates.

    I’d have made Luke the hero of Ep 7. If the studio went to the effort to hire Luke Hamill, you might as well use him for most or all of the film. Perhaps he leaves for some distant planet at the end of ep 7 and that explains his absence in eps 8 and 9. That might have been one way to use the character. He passes the adventure on to Finn and Rey in eps 8 and 9,.

    • Vin

      I’m not sure that’d be smart… Luke is an element to attract our attention here. Nor we or JJ have the guarantee that Ren, Finn and Poe will be as interesting as Luke. If they suck, and if the only character we like and are familiar with leaves, the second movie will flop. But if they hold him back now and create expectation, we’ll want to check what happens next, even if the new characters are not good enough.

    • Atta

      Oh yeah cause “Luke” Hamill is in such demand. What with his 5 minute scene in Kingsman and his cartoon voice efforts.

  • Mahoma Leho

    Jason, I really appreciate your work. And I don’t think you post fake informations. If there’s anything wrong, I believe you don’t know about it, having the best intentions, being a true fanboy yourself. Keep with this great work! Having said this I was hoping for more time for Luke. Luke is the essence of Star Wars. I like a lot Han Solo, as everybody, but I fear Harrison has a bigger role just becouse he’s this huge mováe star, and not because the story needed Han that much, or his heart is so much into Star Wars…. and I’m not happy about the flashback. To tell the past that’s the opening lines we have for, or a spin off, explaining the background via flasback seems to me lack of talent to tell a story properly….

    • Viva75


  • GeekFurious

    You know what? After all this time of hearing one thing after another about where the story is going… and having been right and wrong etc… I actually like this, if it is accurate.