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Flashback! What Luke, Rey, and Ren appeared to be up to before Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

These are potentially huge spoilers. This might explain where Rey and Ren come from and what happened to Luke.  If you don’t read spoilers or don’t want to be majorly spoiled, you might want to back out now. Remember when we were breaking John Boyega was a Stormtrooper? Yeah, that was news at one point and getting it was harder. We’re in a new era now.

Some of the documents our source is dealing with are coded. Between that and a slight miscommunication, last Friday’s report about Luke Skywalker’s involvement is only mostly correct. It turns out there is one more very small appearance by Luke Skywalker in the film in a flashback sequence that is pivotal. That’s it for this.  Please do not get mad at me because you don’t like what the documents state. I can’t change that. But Luke’s screen time went from super small to slightly less super small. After careful study, another appearance of Luke was discovered and not where you would think. His actions read as very important but far from huge on screen time.

It appears Star Wars: The Force Awakens is breaking general Star Wars narrative style and using a flashback as a narrative tool. The only time we have seen a flashback used in canon was when we saw Ventress’ history in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. There is a chance this narrative style has a reason for occurring. These sequences were in fact filmed and there are extras crediting themselves as having appeared in these scenes already.

I believe this information has some really telling hints at what happens to Luke after Return of the Jedi and sets up the context for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The sequences below take place in Rose’s pub. Here is the list of the sequences in order:

  • Interior Day Roses’s Pub – There is a secret underground chamber and Rose begins her tale to Han, Rey, and Finn. They hold hands.
  • Flashback: Interior Night at Academy – Dead bodies are on the ground. Luke turns up.
  • Flashback: Exterior Dusk at the Afkcademy – It is noted it is peaceful now. Artoo-Detoo is saddened as his master departs.
  • Flashback: Exterior Day at the Savannah – A hand that takes the sword at the start of the film is revealed to be Naka’s hand.
  • Flashback: Exterior on the Savannah – A peasant’s hovel where the peasant drops the sword, starts a fire, panics and then returns.
  • Flashback: Exterior Desert – Local trader is seen leaving. (I believe it then cuts to Finn and Rey’s faces as the story unfolds).
  • Flashback: Exterior Day Desert – Local trader makes a sale to a wealthy man.
  • Flashback: Exterior Night Battlefield – Fierce battle! Sword is being use by the CLAN against THE SEVEN.
  • Flashback: Exterior Night: the last man is down and Kylo Renn approaches Rey!
  • Flashback: THE SEVEN are looting and we see Rose in the foreground taking “the object.”
  • Interior Day Roses’s Pub: In the underground chamber, Rose presents the saber and Rey is revolted by it while Finn is attracted to it.
  • Interior Day Roses’s Pub: Rey moves past aliens in an uproar as she leaves the establishment.
  • Interior Day Roses’s Pub: Courtyard: Rey runs away from the castle.
  • Exterior Day: Woods near Roses’s pub Rey runs into the woods.
  • Interior Day Roses’s Pub: Rose now knows why the saber “came to her.”
  • Exterior Day: Woods near Roses’s pub BB-8 finds Rey but suddenly the villains are overhead.
  • Interior Day Roses’s Pub: In the corridors undernearth the pub they notice Rey and BB-8 are missing as massive shaking begins.
  • Exterior Roses’ Pub Plate Shot: From Rey’s point of view we see the destruction of the Castle.
  • Exterior Day Rose’s Pub – From Rey’s Point of view we see Rose’s pub is chaotic.
  • Exterior Day Woods Near Rose’s Pub – From Rey’s perspective we see Rose’s Pub ruined. Kylo Ren arrives with Stormtroopers in tow.
  • Note: This pertains: “Interior Day: Roses’ Pub hallways beneath the pub, Rose “users her special skills” to defeat Stormtroopers.

Please feel free to interpret these notes yourself.

I think we’re missing a voiceover that will explain these shots to us. So we’re kind of forced to interpret them as if someone muted the television from which we are watching the scenes unfold.

It sounds to me like Rose takes the hero’s hands and shows them a vision of the past. Rose might be a Jedi or priestess of some kind. Rose is the character Lupita Nyong’o will be playing. We believe she is a puppet.

To me, I want to say Luke Skywalker started a Jedi Academy. Someone wanted this artifact and was willing to kill everyone for it. The bodies on the ground at the academy might mean the young Padawan actors we know were recently cast as extras were basically playing dead bodies in this sequence. We see Artoo is sad because Luke goes on without him and that’s when Luke goes into hiding or disappears. 

It appears we see Naka take the sword at the start of the movie but we don’t know it is Naka until this sequence. So that actually might mean the opening of the film takes place sometime before the story is actually set and we jump time to the present day of the story. We don’t know very much about Naka at this time. It isn’t clear if Naka is the peasant that burns his hovel down either. More on Naka’s whacky adventures soon.

Apparently the sword goes from the peasant to the trader to a rich man. It probably falls into the wrong hands because we then have a battle and the clan using it against The Seven.

I find the moment we see a flashback with Kylo Ren walking towards Rey to be interesting. Where they students there who survived? Did Kylo betray the order? Did they take Kylo and raise him as one of their own? There’s a lot of questions here. But they appears to be participants in the academy falling.

Then we cut back to present time and Rey is revolted by the sword while Finn is attracted to it. That’s kind of interesting. It almost feels like it could be a trial of sorts. Wanting a weapon isn’t really the Jedi way. So perhaps Rose is saying she sees why the weapon chose Rey.

The Seven sounds like bad company to me. They might be the six pirates we’ve seen concept art for along with the pirate leader which would make seven. It might line up with George Lucas’ idea for the Legions of Lettow who were pirates that basically stole the power of the Sith in a very early draft of the original Star Wars. Either way they’re looting and that’s not what heroes do, but it is what pirates do. We will have to see how that pans out. Also of note that there are normal pirates in this movie too that aren’t special pirates, just pirates.

It appears Rose takes an object off the battlefield that is important. My guess is she takes the lightsaber somehow. Is Rose the one that brings the saber to Luke in the first place? We don’t know if this is Luke’s saber or some kind of legendary lightsaber or what. It appears the sword is either stolen from the academy or just used to destroy it.

I believe the massive shaking must be the pub being attacked by Kylo and his Stormtroopers. The Evil Castle is usually called Evil. In this instance just a castle is named. I’ve seen concept art for nice looking castles and other places in the Exotic City that fit this location. I’m not entirely sure it’s the Evil Castle that is destroyed here. In fact, I’m pretty certain it isn’t.

Kylo Ren is always on hot pursuit of our heroes in this film from the way things seem to be going, so that’s nothing new here.

I’ve seen people and other sites state it has to be wrong because Mark Hamill was on set for the whole summer. I know he took a few vacations. I’m not really interested in arguing about it. I’m just going by what the documents say. I tend to side with the docuentation used to make the film over the best of sources with the best of intentions.



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