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Minor Update: Star Wars first stand-alone spin-off shooting is a ways away it appears!

Today I have a very minor update on the production of Star Wars’ first stand-alone spin-off film. I’ve been told be a really good source:

  • Production offices have been going full steam ahead since January 5th
  • Artists have only begun to show up at Pinewood.
  • Concepts for various items are being undertaken on site still.
  • Plans for sets and so on are in development.
  • Some big choices still need to be made.
  • The rumours we’ve heard this week about the spin-off are hogwash.

I believe the concept art is conducted here in San Francisco so I don’t think they mean straight up concept art. The rumors about the Sabine movie and all that were kind of laughed off. For what its worth, the source that told me about Aaron Paul being a likely candidate for the first film, insisted it was for a Han Solo movie. My exclusive on that has panned out with elaboration from the mega-film sites. So if I had to bet, it would be a Han Solo movie based on that morsel.

I’m thinking it has more to do with logistical planning than actual conceptual designs that have moved in. Many of the bullet points above tell these people filming will begin in a few months rather than this month. I’m told stranger things have happened but shooting is expecting to commence near April based on that activity.

Hopefully they’re wrong and shooting starts this month still. However, I would not hold my breath on that.


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