Pete’s Marvel Star Wars #2 Review

The creative team of Aaron, Cassaday and Martin return for the second issue of Marvel’s new comic series, Star Wars. This issue is the second part of the “Skywalker Strikes” story-line and picks up immediately from the events in issue one.

This features 20 pages of nearly non-stop action as Vader and his stormtroopers attempt to capture or kill the rebel saboteurs and escaped slaves on Cymoon 1.

There is a lot to like about this issue. The banter between Han and Leia is in full bloom, Threepio provides some MarvelSW2comic relief, but it really is Vader who steals the show in his confrontation with Luke and it’s aftermath.

There are some interesting parallels between Vader and Luke’s first engagement in this issue and what we saw in Star Wars Rebels between the Inquisitor and Kanan in the episode “Rise of the Old Masters.” There is also a panel very reminiscent of a scene from Revenge of the Sith.

I don’t want to spoil it, but without a doubt the second to last page in the issue is my favorite page in the new series so far. This page show Vader in his full monstrous fury.

Aaron does a good job crafting a a story that shows the strengths and weaknesses of Vader and Luke as well as putting their skill levels on display. The only real questions I have regarding this issue revolve around Vader and the recognition regarding Anakin’s lightsaber. We know how attached Jedi are to their lightsabers and how personal the crystal at the heart of those sabers are. That Vader did not immediately recognize his old blade when he was holding it is rather surprising to me as a reader. I would be interested to see what Aaron says about his intentions in this scene and whether it is an attempt to convey how deep Vader has buried any connection with Anakin Skywalker.

Overall this issue flyes by at a very quick pace, there isn’t a ton of story development but it is non stop action and we get to have some interesting character development with both Vader and Luke. A solid follow up the the first issue in the new series and I will definitely be back for issue three next month.

Marvel’s Star Wars #2 is available now in print and digital.



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