My response to SlashFilm’s response to Star Wars: The Force Awakens and offspring rumors.

If you’re not a regular reader of this site, you might want to not read on too much further if you’re trying to keep yourself spoiler free for 2015.

Today /FILM ran a highly skeptical article about the recent idea that Luke Skywalker has a son, played by Domhnall Gleeson, which originated here. I’m all for a healthy dose of skepticism and I have to admit when I first received the rumors, I went through the same thought process to an extent about the rumors. Generally speaking, being skeptical about rumors is going to make you correct as things do not always pan out.

If something violated the basic thematic premise of previous films in a crazy way or if it just didn’t make sense it wouldn’t have made it on this blog.

Gleeson being an Imperial Officer is based on empirical evidence. The Luke Skywalker’s son stuff is based on a few different things. Germain feels it is thematically inept for Luke Skywalker to have a son. Since this trilogy was announced we have been able to look back to quotes of George Lucas saying Luke Skywalker doesn’t have a son and quotes from George Lucas that “they” didn’t use his story ideas. We have comics and novels of a young Luke Skywalker discovering the most basic facts about his father, showing us what the kid really knows about the Jedi and its still a mystery as to what he knows at the end of Return of the Jedi.

Germain writes that Anakin’s downfall was his marriage to Padmé Amidala and:

Yoda, Obi-Wan and the rest of the Jedi masters teach that this is not okay.

That is correct, I totally agree. The traditional Jedi would not see marriage as a viable path for a Jedi as attachment takes us down some pretty dark paths. Beings with superpowers and attachment issues can make a dangerous cocktail. By the same measure, attachment is what saves the galaxy in Return of the Jedi. Anakin is still in there, inside that iron lung and he experiences and emotional awakening after being dead for many years with the news he and Padmé’s offspring is alive.

So you’re telling me that, a few years after Return of the Jedi, Luke Skywalker just blows up everything he’s worked so hard to achieve? He meets a girl and rejects eons of Jedi tradition just when he’s defeated the Sith and brought balance to the Force? He takes the teachings of his mentors and flushes them down the toilet? I don’t buy it.

Germain suggests that Luke Skywalker brings balance to the Force. That is actaully not accurate. Anakin Skywalker brings balance. The galaxy is a body with a cancerous presence in the last six Star Wars films and The Clone Wars. Balance is achieved when Anakin Skywalker shouts “noooooo” for the right reason and throws Emperor Palpatine down the shaft, killing the Sith master and sacrificing his own life in the process. Luke is just laying there suffering post-electrocution shock. Anakin Skywalker brings balance and in many ways, Luke Skywalker is coming at that fight from an entirely different angle. He is just trying to get his father to come home with him and stop his tyranny.

Compassion saved Luke Skywalker. The love between a father and a son saved the galaxy. Does Luke Skywalker walk away from the funeral pyre on Endor believing Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda were correct all along? Does he even know the story of his mother and why she died at that point? The Jedi doctrine of the prequel era is flawed in so many ways, either way you cut it, Luke Skywalker is going to double flush some of the ancient Jedi doctrine. This is still an open door. An open door that can sometimes make it difficult analyze rumors and its something I struggle with daily.

The creators of the new Star Wars trilogy have free reign on Jedi and personal attachment. They can really have this go either way. Luke Skywalker can literally take the events that transpired in the prequels and over the course of his trilogy many different ways. But if Luke perfectly follows every rule from the old Jedi that were wiped out after losing their way, it could explain why they fail again. That said, I would imagine Luke would essentially write the new Jedi testament so to speak. However, what if Luke really never got to get much done because of the situation that arose after Return of the Jedi.

The most powerful reason I think it is possible Luke Skywalker has a son is that Star Wars has to have some error from the past the new generation has to solve. If Luke, Leia, and Han were perfect, we probably wouldn’t have the situation we have where there is a sequel trilogy. The new generation is going to have to right the wrongs of the past generation somehow.

If we take the actions from the previous films too literally, Luke Skywalker throws down his ligthsaber. He refuses to fight. Wins the compassion of his father and redeems him. So in my view, Luke should probably be a pacifist post-Episode VI. But Ghandi in space isn’t what we are likely to see in the new trilogy.

Then again, what if this is true? I don’t think it is but, just in case, let’s break this down. It means that Luke Skywalker fell in love and had a son while being a Jedi. Who is this woman? Where is she now? These are big questions.

In my view, if this rumor is accurate, they have 30 years to tell this story. They have 30 story years to make Mara Jade interface with the story if they want to. They also have 30 years to kill her before the events of The Force Awakens.

If I were writing the sequel trilogy, I wouldn’t have Luke have a son. I think is a loner type of character and he’d go down a different path. I agree with Germain on that. That said, the rumors and the possibilities do exist regardless of personal preference.

I enjoyed reading Germain’s take on the rumors and his opinion is valid with the information placed before him. I don’t live or die by the rumors written on this site. I do my best to screen them. God knows, I throw away 95% of the emails I get that are rumor based. But I shared what I shared because sources with legit information in the recent past were saying a lot of these same things.

Germain asked me if I thought Gleeson was Luke’s son. I’m conflicted. I can’t answer either way. I want to throw the rumor down the shaft until another more solid piece of the puzzle falls into place, gluing this idea in or tossing it out.

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