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RUMOR: Clone Wars Character In Star Wars Rebels?

Fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars may be in for a real treat, according to the latest Star Wars Rebels rumor. As with all rumors, nothing is concrete until officially confirmed by Lucasfilm. Rebels Report uncovered a detail in a French website that points to the appearance of a much beloved character in the popular Disney XD animated series.

The mysterious Fulcrum character who communicates with Hera and the rest of the rebel crew may be Ahsoka Tano. Many fans have theorized that the contact may be the fan favorite Togruta from The Clone Wars animated series, the main theory stemming from the fact that Fulcrum’s symbol bears a strong resemblance to Ahsoka’s facial markings and arm bands.

The French website lists Olivia Luccioni as the actor returning to voice Ahsoka Tano for the French recordings.

Dave Filoni recently talked about Fulcrum in the latest Rebels Recon, “There are clues here and there that kind of lead you or distract you or mislead you because we know people are looking for stuff. So as much as we can put things that direct you in the right way, we can put things that mislead you and send you down the wrong path. And it’s just fun to hear what people are saying online.”

Make sure to visit the official Star Wars site for confirmed news, but also keep those imaginations going! Who do you think Fulcrum could be? Share your thoughts and engage in conversation through social media, but keep in mind that Fulcrum’s identity will come in due time.


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