Rumor: Is Robert Boulter playing a young Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

About a year ago, I started to hear a lot of rumblings about various potential actors for the part of a Young Luke Skywalker. I dismissed these rumors back in the day as false hopes kind of stuff. We also apparently had agents wanting to get their clients rumored to be in roles in the film to get their name out there. It was all pretty silly. Casting isn’t my arena. That’s better left to the film blogs that are well connected in those areas.

Yesterday I discussed a flashback sequence from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Upon further investigation it appears, according to the master character list for the film there is indeed a young Luke Skywalker in the picture, sometimes referred to as The Young Original Warrior.

Just last week I received a tip from someone saying Robert Boulter is playing Young Luke Skywalker in the movie:



There was also another message from someone back in April saying that Robert Boulter was up for an important role in The Force Awakens. 

So this is just a rumor, but it appears there’s a chance Boulter could be playing a post-Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode VII. We don’t know for sure. We just know young Luke is listed in the film’s character list and there’s recent and older rumors putting Robert Boulter in the vicinity of the/a role. We aren’t saying the casting is concrete or anything, but its interesting and a fun rumor as far as we are concerned. Perhaps our friends in the Star Wars fansite and film blog community can elaborate?




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  • Bib Fartuna

    While this thing isn’t everyone’s favorite type of scenario, the guy looks enough like Hamill to pull it off in a quick scene. “Younger” is probably easier to work with makeup wise to age him and give him more of Luke’s “features”. Overdub the voice and use some nice camera angles, maybe pop a hood over that shit and you can get a convincing enough Skywalker out of him.

  • Adam P O’Brien

    This is pretty cool! i could totally see this happening.

  • Drool Bear

    I just watched Tron: Legends and now I wonder if they will have the original actors faces CGI’d onto these younger actors? That might be a bit creepy.

  • Give him a beard just like Obi-Wan in AOTC. That might make it better.

  • Timothy McGaw

    The resemblance is quite striking. I’d buy this guy as a post Jedi era Luke.

  • Crixxxx

    Baaaad choice. It’s fine to have another actor play a younger version of an established character, i.e. Obi wan, Anakin, Boba Fett decades earlier. But to have the alternate actor come in-between performances of Mark Hamill in Jedi and Awakens doesn’t work for me, unless they use some sort of facial replication of Hamill and it doesn’t look like fake crap.

  • JustSaying15

    Did you read that on the call sheet?

  • Brad Kulp

    Interesting…with all the spoiler news recently, seems well be seeing extensive flashback

    • JJ loves his flashbacks!

    • Quintillion Tesla

      I have a feeling these actors will portray ‘body doubles’ to characters rathering than appearing as Luke, Leia, etc. face on.
      It may be a similar thing to when actor Alex Hyde White portrayed younger Henry Jones Senior at the beginning of The Last Crusade – we did not see his face, merely hands, body, etc.

      They may even ‘reveal’ scenes where we see the backs of Luke, Leia from newly shot scenes which take place during STAR WARS, ESB, JEDI, where it is ‘revealed’ that Inquisitors or somesuch threat was there all along, out of shot and in the shadows. Who knows?

  • Super Scout

    So Luke is Mark, then this actor, then Mark again. The same with Princess Leia.

    • Turd Ferguson’s Doggy

      Really don’t like that sound of that. If it’s the same continuity we know what young Luke already looks like and it’s going to be super jarring to see Hamill on screen with a different actor. That would take me out of the picture, personally speaking.

      With the technology today you’d think that could just de-age Hamill for the short flashback scenes.

  • dubliner

    I’m not sure how comfortable I am with flashbacks in Star Wars. I do want some tradition as we move forward with Disney, and flashbacks are not traditional. Of course these scenes get us comfortable with other actors playing the big three, which opens the door for spin offs set between VI and VII.

  • Eli

    Hmm, a young Luke (possibly) a young Leia (Felicity) and a young Han (fill in the blank) and you have yourself a spin off movie between episodes 6 and 7. I’d take that over a bounty hunter heist movie. They have 30 years to bridge the gap and I don’t want all of that filled with novels and comics. A movie or two to explain things would be great.

    • Turd Ferguson’s Doggy

      That’s not a spin off movie, that’s a story about the main characters. By definition it’s the exact opposite of a spin off.

      • Eli

        Any movie that isn’t part of the sequel trilogy is considered a spin off. Whether that movie has the “big three” in it or not doesn’t matter. If the new movie is about bounty hunters before ANH or a post Jedi movie dealing with major characters doesn’t matter. It IS a spin off.

  • Ferran

    It was also speculated that Billie Lourd, Carrie Fisher’s daughter, will be playing Leia in a flashback. It may be possible for a young Luke to also make an appearance?

  • Mahoma Leho

    another bad news…. 🙁

  • Don Jon

    Definitely looks like him at least. More so than Gleeson.

  • Chinese Takeout

    “…but it appears there’s a chance Boulter could be playing a post-Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode VII.”

    Or, a pre-A New Hope Luke Skywalker, along with a pre-New Hope Princess Leia played by Billie Lourd.

    I don’t know how old Boulter is, but to me he doesn’t look as old as Hamill’s 30-31 when he played Luke in Jedi. He looks like he could play a YOUNGER luke, though.

  • Benjamin Rowlett

    Hmmm… I’m not opposed to it. If it serves the story, is not over-done, and this guy looks like a younger Mark Hamill in the finished product, it could work.

  • Claymation Young

    I hope they handle it similarly to Ra’s Al Ghul in The Dark Knight Rises. Even though the actor they cast as a young Liam Neeson was pretty spot on, the camera never completely revealed his face which allowed your mind to fill in the gaps. If done right, some tricky camera angles can make these scenes amazing and could potentially trick us into thinking that was a real young Mark Hamill.

    • Collin

      that’s a great point. I’d prefer that, but I’m not a huge fan of all of these young Han Solo movie rumors and such. Maybe I’m a purist, but I like the idea of Harrison and Mark being the only ones who play these guys for real. The Ra’s Al Ghul thing would be fine.

      • Claymation Young

        I completely agree. I don’t want to see this guy play a young Luke in a spin-off either; and especially not a Han Solo origin story. Though I probably put my money on the latter actually happening.

      • Quintillion Tesla

        Or just think of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where a younger actor ( Alex Hyde White as mentioned above ) portrayed Indy’s dad at the beginning without showing his face.