Sal’s Review: Star Wars #2

Star Wars #2 is here and I’m starting to like the idea of seeing my old heroes every month. This issue felt quite a bit less heavy story wise than the previous one. In fact it was non-stop action the whole way through. I’m still waiting for the whole arc to fit together but I’ll lay down what I thought of this particular piece of the puzzle. Aside from the fascinating opening scene this comic was a whole action piece. It still remained well written and I thought true to the characters, in fact I think Han was particularly well written but I think it may be because we are so familiar with Han Solo in these action situations. It’s nice to see a “rebels escaping” that didn’t quite feel like a rehash and I think it has a lot to do with the writing and the art. The cinematic visual style continues in this issue and I have a feeling that this will continue to be one of the strong points for this series.


The issue opens with a Luke and Vader face off that after a tense moment gets interrupted by Han and Leia piloting an AT-AT through the base trying to escape with the freed imperial prisoners. Luke’s reactions to facing his father’s murderer was very interesting to see and actually painted a new light on their eventual confrontation on Cloud City. Here Luke reacts intensely to his anger and his lack of training is strongly emphasized. Although he is mostly untrained on Bespin as well his actions here on Cymoon 1 are far more immature and brash.

Han piloting the AT-AT is everything we want it to be. His banter with the Princess reminds me a lot of the bickering in the asteroid field. Han thinks on his feet and this just feels like a Han Solo last second plan that uses all of his luck and skills.

Vader’s actions are ruthless the entire time. Form the opening threats to the last panel he is every bit a remorseless Dark Lord of the Sith. He mocks young Skywalker, almost brings down an AT-AT with the force, and murders his stormtroopers who fail him. Vader is a force to be reckoned with at this point and he almost seems to be unstoppable for the rebels in a very T-800 way.

Han hijacks an AT-AT, Luke grabs a speeder bike, and both the Falcon and 3PO are dismantled leaving a big hole in their escape plan.


Although story wise, most of the meat was in the Vader/Luke interaction I felt the action was full of energy. The illustrations were wonderful and dynamic. I’m really liking the cinematic feel of these comics but I hope with the other titles being released soon we still have room for some of the very personal character driven stories (I’m looking at you Princess Leia, and Kanan…) The series is still holding strong and keeping me happy to see where it goes! Keep it up Marvel!


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