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Spoiler: Star Wars Rebels “Call to Action: plus a classic character returns!

I just watched the newest episode of Star Wars Rebels: Call to Action and was very surprised to see a classic Star Wars character appears! Grand Moff Tarkin! He was devious and brutal. He lived up to his A New Hope reputation and he appeared way worse than he did during Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

I am finding it amazing that as of the first season, Star Wars Rebels has managed to follow a “guest star of the week” format and it doesn’t feel cheap. It feels good. Real good. I felt like I was watching a sequel to The Clone Wars rather than a prequel to A New Hope.

I loved that the Rebels are now engaging in rebellious propaganda and attempting to change the hushed discourse about the Empire. That’s important. That’s part of running an insurgency and gaining the support of the people. Without that, it would just be for nothing. I also really loved that Grand Moff Tarkin is aware they lack unity and what that could mean. So the narrative is clearly telling us this is the start of a unified resistance on Lothal and that will spread and link up with the other insurgencies, tribes, or whatever you want to call them.

This episode succeeded. This episode worked. Why? Because I was actually afraid for Kanan. I actually thought for a few moments he might die and still might. Well, we know he doesn’t because FPJ recorded for Season 2, but still. I forgot that because of the flow of the episode kept me in the moment. I actually feared for the characters. That’s a good sign the show is working for me and the narrative is sucking me in.

That said, there was some classic Star Wars badness. You know, the kind of Star Wars where your mentor dies and 15 minutes later you’re fine. In this episode, Ezra shouts something akin to a Nooooooooooo! when his master is screwed. Then we cut to the next shot and his posture is totally cool. There is absolutely not carry over. That’s nitpicking, I admit that. But I did kind of laugh. It was probably the only moment in the episode I was pulled out of the moment. I also thought the animation of Ezra getting the on the Phantom at the end was strangely done.

I can’t wait for next week. I want to see what happens to Kanan. Do they save him this season?


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