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Star Wars’ first stand-alone spin-off to be about Boba Fett’s family?

The Wrap writes:

Chris Weitz is rewriting Gary Whitta’s screenplay, which is rumored to involved Boba Fett’s family. The script also features a male lead that Aaron Paul is being eyed for.

It is an interesting notion. Is this predicated upon an assumption Sabine is Boba Fett’s daughter and that (likely false) rumor inspired this? Perhaps we’re talking family, not in the traditional sense, but in the constructed sense? It always kind of made sense that if Boba was to honor Jango, he’d need to pass on and perfect what his father begun. Clearly if that lineage goes back further than Jango, cloning wasn’t always an option.

I also find it curious as the casting for the film, as rumored, has been primarily white actors whereas the actors that have portrayed the first Fett and his clone are Maori. If this is to be a biological family, it would indicate either strange casting choices or the mantle rumor is accurate and the movie takes place further out than we assumed.

I don’t know what’s going on with these films. But since I was hearing Aaron Paul often up front and that he was in the Han Solo film most likely, I still question if part of what I was hearing was wrong or if this is still the Han Solo movie, so to speak.


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