Star Wars: The Force Awakens: HUGE SPOILER: The Death of a Great and who does it!

The details on this, I stand by. Generally speaking, I’m pretty up front with what I don’t know or if I don’t know if something is concrete. What I’m discussing today is from my most trusted source and friend. The vast majority of the accurate reporting we’ve done on Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been thanks to this friend.

You really might not want to read these spoilers if you’re on the fence. This isn’t rocky. This is verified as having been shot at Pinewood. These are scenes and the documented players in them. This information is very accurate and very broad. It isn’t from the script. This is the first spoiler I’ve had where I’ve known it was so apparently accurate I was floored by it. If you’re cool with it and know you’re going to watch this movie 100 times a year and the first time doesn’t matter, but the longevity of the piece, like myself, sit down because you’re going to have a heart breaking day.

I’ve never jumped on this rumor because it seemed too easy. It also seemed all too likely. This is sort of a given but uttered as an assumption. We’ve seen people guess this without any inside information at all and it has made it nearly impossible for me to ever take any of it too seriously on the rumor-front.

Today that has all changed. For me, I am now in the camp about this being true. A source that has been proven not once or twice, but hundreds of times has documents proving this prevalent rumor. If there’s anything more to it, I can’t say. I’m only sticking to the documented facts on this.


The facts are this was shot at Pinewood:

  • This sequence takes place on the ramparts of The Evil Castle.
  • Han Solo is hiding.
  • He decides to reveal himself to Kylo Ren.
  • Finn, Rey, Chewbacca and BB-8 stop in their tracks.
  • They watch as Han Solo confronts Kylo Ren. Kylo Ren silences the conversation forever.
  • Chewbacca lets out of a barrage of angry roars and laser blasts.
  • Kylo Ren flees the scene.
  • Explosions.
  • Stormtroopers file in and Finn and Rey are forced to flee.
  • More explosions.
  • BB-8 and Chewbacca flee to the Falcon.

Han Solo is never in a scene after this. Those are the facts.

Yeah, it does really seem to mirror Obi-Wan Kenobi’s death. It seems like Han Solo knows they’re screwed and he’s buying them time. We have seen documentation this is what was filmed. There is no speculative spin to the above. If there’s anything else to this when the film comes out, I can’t factually say.

It does appear as if the scene we see of Kylo in the teaser is from the aftermath of murdering Han Solo. There have been rumors Luke was involved in this but there is no evidence at this time to corroborate that story.




Jason Ward (editor-in-chief)

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  • Ions_revenge

    IF SOLO DIES……WE RIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom Serw

    This is 100% false. Read the spoilers from the guy who lives and works near the set whose father wasn’t included in the original credits and he’s out on vengeance: makes 100000% more sense than this stupid article. What a horrible scene in general to have in a movie.

    • If all your going to so is comment here saying all of this information is fake, don’t bother. If you don’t believe it that’s your choice, but don’t comment here constantly trying to prove it, it’s boring.


    Now allow me to remind all of a few modern facts: THIS website/source has always been reliable. Second, the makers (that was just Lucas in the past) always leaked little lies mixed with truth, such as the “destruction of C3P0”. (That little leak alone had people talking for months.) As further to that, Mark Hamill has stated openly in an interview that the new stories would be geared to a younger generation and not much at all to the original cast. As someone said, at some point they have to die. I think Luke will last a good while, and who’s to say he won’t return after he dies? Think about all this.


    …oof, if only there had been an internet back then!!


    OK whippersnappers: as a reluctant newbie to middle age in 1977, when I went to the premiere of the first film, let me clarify something: EVERYONE with a brain interested in STAR WARS wanted to know everything there was to be known. The moment people left that theater they speculated and salivated, unable to wait for the sequel. PHYSICALLY UNABLE TO WAIT. Not I–I was too jaded yet I think it is the best film ever made.
    Yet even I got terribly anxious after 1978, awaiting the sequel. As you all know, the sequel took a few years to finally show. You were not there, I was, especially in ’78 and ’79 when people were calling and even writing each other about what would happen next. Some fans were demanding novels to pull them through the in-between times. So don’t tell real fans to just wait til the bloody movie comes out–we will never “just wait”. MTFBWYA

    • Dee Nicholson

      I was a we girl of 9 when it came out, waited 4 hours in line to see it. So I agree we went nuts waiting reading all interviews watching anything for news of the next movie and honestly I don’t mind no I hope if it blows my mind again, I am still reeling after the prequels …..sadface Hopefully JJ can grab that magic again. MTFBWYA

  • James England

    Harry Ford is making Blade Runner 2 next summer – the same time ep 8 will be filming so this suggests Han Solo does die in ep 7. Something to consider…

    • Tom Serw


  • Vincent Clark

    Honestly…why can’t we just wait until the bloody movie comes out? Remember before the internet when folks were able to go into a movie surprised and genuinely able to appreciate a movie and all it had to offer. Sometimes our need to know anything about everything takes away a lot of the fun and excitement about movies.

    Imagine how awesome it would be to go into the cinema in December of this year and not know one damn thing about the movie….


    • Honestly…why can’t you just not visit this website?

  • Benjamin Laws

    But what about the Huge Leak from a, “very reliable source” that happened 2 months ago that among other things stated and I quote “Han does not die in the film. With that being said, his death is apparently being planned for Episode VIII. I would remind you all, however, that his death was also planned for Episode VI.” This directly conflicts with this Supposed Fact! Also maybe Harrison Ford is lying low and recovering which is why his shooting schedule at Pinewood may be Erratic. But only time will tell. All I hope is that they give Us at least one full movie with the original cast without killing anyone off. If they are going to kill off any main cast save it for the sequel to, “Up the Anti and weaken our heroes resolve”…

    Full Leak and Quote from said leak can be found here:

    • You might want to do some research on Spoiler Man.

      • Lance Mitaro

        Spoiler Man and SuperShadow are notorious Internet fanboy trolls. They are well documented frauds and attention whores.

      • Tom Serw

        Spoiler man had a friend who’s father died from a heart attack during the Blue Harvest cover shoot for RoTJ. They never credited his dead father for participation in RoTJ because “Blue Harvest basically had a bullshit decoy set”, and so sometimes he likes “occasionally sticking it back in the big man”. In addition, everything he has revealed has made sense and ads up to a great movie overall. This scene about Han dying in a cantina sometime early in the first movie is not only a horrible idea for a film but makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

  • Gee

    I thought about this, and there something that didn’t add up. Jason: have you considered the ordering of the trading cards that were officially released? Historically, the numbers on those cards mapped to chronological scenes in the films. See here:

    In your timeline, if the sithcalibur scene is around where Han is killed, it might be the mid point of the film… Which seems awkward for such a significant death, not to Menton foregoing an opportunity to show the original three together… Also, the card ordering suggests that Rey is still separated from the crew after the sithcalibur scene, and potentially Finn as well. (Though maybe there’s reasons for them to separate after Han’s death..)

    Anyway, the official trading cards are the strongest hint we have of the story line order. So it is worth looking at rumors through them.

  • Faeden

    The fact that they have dissed the books like the Heir to the Empire series and Dark Empire as cannon does not invoke a spark of hope for this film. Also, JJ was supposed to direct the entire trilogy…why has he been replaced for ep 8 and 9? So far all the rumors surrounding this production have done nothing but shift my excitement for the new trilogy to that of despair. Then again JJ is notorious for rumor milling his productions. We will have to wait about 300 days to find out if this movie lives up to the light hearted and fun Star Wars space opera we remember and desire or if it turns to the dark side…

    • $126143407

      Oh yes thats all this franchise needed to get off the ground… force repellent lizards
      The EU was just that EEEEEuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  • Faeden

    We all knew Han was going to die in the new film, it was a condition of his to return to the series. For some reason he hates Star Wars. Rumors abound as to why he hates it…but the fact is he dislikes the franchise greatly or down right hates it. If he hates it so much why return…well George is not directing and it would give him some closure.

    • Nah he doesn’t hate Star Wars. He has strong views about Han, but he likes Star Wars. As for why he’s returning: $$$$

      He’s not stupid.

    • Tom Serw


    • Ions_revenge

      He hates han cause he wasnt the lead in the movie and had to play second fiddle to luke and alll the fans….Solo MADE him and he’s bloody retarded if he thinks any different…

  • moe_i_am

    Good. Bye Han.

    Not surprised if Han is dead. Harrison Ford seems to be all but just tired of Star Wars. He probably even asked to have the script altered so he could be killed off so as not to have to deal with the remaining two.

    • Porter Johnson

      I actually could kinda care less about Han being killed. But I would have shit myself if they were to kill off Luke.

  • Robert Davis

    I just want to know if the sticky buns are still on Leia’s hair!!!!

  • Christian

    It could be true, because in every movie one main character is gone. (Obi-van in New Hope, Han Solo almost in The Empire Strikes Back, Yoda in The Return of the Jedi). And he’s 70 now and broke his ankle.

    • Eric Rupp

      At least it was his ankle and not his hip at that age! Ancient.

      • Lucas Screwlouse Babington

        Or his recent plane crash, if he does indeed not die in Ep 7 (which I think he will) then that plane crash could’ve put him out permanently from any future SW movies he would be written into

        • Paul Werkmeister

          The plane crash is proof his filming is done. At least for the time being. No producer or studio would allow a cast member/pilot to fly during filming. This is common knowledge for any major film studio working on a film as big as this. The rest of the cast is still filming as the movie is still filming. So this either means he is killed off or his role is very small in the first film.

  • This makes a hell of a lot more sense than the original version of the rumor. It’s a GREAT way to set up the villain as a credible threat for the rest of the trilogy, where the other rumor (even if Luke was to become the new Darth Vader in episode 8) would have been too random. I think we’ve gotten too accustomed to series like Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead, where major characters can die in random ways (just like in real life)—but this is Star Wars, and any major character’s onscreen death should be glorious.

  • Patty Underwood

    Harrison ford 70 is the new 50-

    This is crap, do you (Lucasfilms and Disney) realize how many people love Starwars BECAUSE Harrison Ford’s Han Solo is in it. I really am tired of hearing how Harrison Ford wanted to have Han Solo killed off, pay him enough money, give him creative interest, but kill off Han, you kill the movie. I have seen a hell of a lot of sexy, virile men still VERY ACTIVE into their 70’s, 70 is the new 50. Get real here. I’m not trying to be funny I’m speaking from a medical point of view as I’ve been a nurse for 25 years and I have seen MANY amazing 90 yr olds in better shape than some of you whining 30 – 40 yr olds who want to write off anyone over 60 as being useless and over the hill. Tell me where to show up and I’ll bring some 80 or 90 year olds and I just bet they could whip some of your butts LOL

    • saidgrl


    • Skidog

      As long as it serves the story anyone should be capable of being killed off. The possibility of your favorites being gone adds to the dramatic tension. Also, no one is ever really dead in SW. Calm down.

  • Patty Underwood

    8 minutes ago
    Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by
    This is crap, do you (Lucasfilms and Disney) realize how many people love Starwars BECAUSE Harrison Ford’s Han Solo is in it. I really am tired of hearing how Harrison Ford wanted to have Han Solo killed off, pay him enough money, give him creative interest, but kill off Han, you kill the movie. I have seen a hell of a lot of sexy, virile men still VERY ACTIVE into their 70’s, 70 is the new 50. Get real here.

  • Darth Nerd

    This goes against the books SO MUCH. I realize they have to take some creative licenses but Han lives into his 70s in the books, which are under LucasArts and are considered canon. Killing Han in this movie is incredibly stupid considering he goes on to be in like 50 books for several decades.

    I know the books are nerdy or whatever but they are canon material. This is bull!

    I am betting that he is only injured and is not actually dead.

    • Disney redefined what is “canon” last year. Now all that EU stuff is called Star Wars Legends and does not have any necessary effect on the plot of the upcoming movies and tv shows.

    • ckpinkham

      Actually, the books aren’t canon. Nothing besides the 7 movies, (ep 1-6 + TCW animated movie) and the CW animated show (the one with Ahsoka not the one with Durge) and the Rebels show are canon. GL himself had a rocky relationship with any non-movie story… saying both that they were and were not canon at different times, depending on the story. (Death Troopers for instance was never canon . I believe KOTOR was) Disney on the other hand, basically wiped out the entire EU as their first official act. No Revan, no Bane technically, no Exar Kun… no Grandmaster Luke, or Jacen/Jaina Solo. I don’t even think the Republic Commando books (which don’t interfere at all, just add to the Clone Wars, the clear favorite era of everyone who works on Star Wars officially) are canon anymore. Poor Skirata 🙁

      • jessica

        Darth Bane is cannon

        • ckpinkham

          Can’t be completely canon… since he studied the holocron of Darth Revan to come up with the Rule Of Two, and Revan isn’t canon. And like I said, Lucas said both “the EU is” and “the EU is NOT canon” at different times. He mainly just wanted the movies to be canon. And with Disney practically discarding ALL of the EU… it’s really hard to say what is and isn’t canon outside of the movies. It does appear as though parts of Darth Bane’s story remain canon though. But if they don’t make at Revan’s story at least through Kotor 2 canon, then a huge part of Bane’s story (his whole reason for the Rule Of Two) is basically null and void… and thus, so is his impact on all future events. Namely, the movies. Really sucks, too, because I love Revan’s Story up until Scourge has his vision. (trying to keep it somewhat vague and spoiler-free for those who don’t choose to look into that part)

          • Darth Chiss

            If the books arent cannon. Then there is no depth to Star Wars. If the booksare just ….worthless. Then lets stop buying them. Han dies, he lives. Its just another Transformers movie we forgot about already. Since the books are not cannon. Then the movies have nothing and wasting time on a shalow set of films (obviously the pre-quells were junk. What do the have? They have one movie that influenced generations. Ep 5,6 were just leading to to an EU that has just now been discounted for sake of money and short term money at that. Even to make the Eps as epic as The Last Hope for a new Generation and to discount the decades of reading material for future generations. Its like a highway that leads nowhere. The only thing epic about these new movies is, they are going to find out what a big mistake they made.

        • Scott Hill

          Yes, but not as presented in Drew K. novelizations. The Clone Wars changed that somewhat, and the books are now “Legends”. There is speculation that KOTOR, SWTOR will be considered canon, at least until Disney makes a final decision.

    • Farsendor

      The books are not canon they made that official almost a year ago.

      On April 25, 2014, Lucasfilm and Disney revised the franchise’s canon. They announced that the existing six films and The Clone Wars television series are the “immovable objects” of Star Wars storytelling. Previously published material has been relabeled under a “Legends” label, and future content will present a different vision of people, places and events after Return of the Jedi.

    • Marcus Colone

      Yeah, but Harrison Ford is in his 70’s. So you either kill him off or have someone else play him. Which is worse? I’m going to go with the latter.

    • Lewis

      Those books are not cannon anymore, keep up with the news.

    • The force is weak with me.

      The books are no longer canon moron.

    • jorb

      I feel you man, but what can you do, this is Hollywood…they don’t give a damn about the nerds in the long run, just appealing to the largest audience

    • Steve West

      @Darth: The EU books are (for the most part) no longer canon. See this video for an explanation:

    • Dale Norvell

      I suppose no one has told you that all of the expanded universe novels outside of the ones being published now were wiped and officially labeled as non-canon by Disney/Lucasfilm. Any being republished will be labeled under a gold “Legends” banner. Only the six films, the Clone Wars/Rebels TV shows, and new novels/comics are canon.

    • John Ostermiller

      Let the anger flow through you…

      … until you bother to read the news from last year that confirms the EU is no longer part of the canon hierarchy, because the canon hierarchy no longer exists. Almost all the aforementioned stories have been repositioned as “legends” material that has no bearing on the official Star Wars timeline(s) any more…

    • Random-comment-guy

      Actually Lucasfilm (Disney) declared the expanded universe works were non canon so…..

    • memyself and i

      the books are not canon

    • ChadStuart

      It’s already been announced that the books aren’t canon. They’re now part of the “Legends” line which are not Canon.

    • Steve Keck

      The books are not canon.

  • Derth Nadir

    As long as Han isn’t killed by Luke, I’m okay. That is the one thing that could ruin the sequels for me.
    What if Han begs Luke to not kill Kylo and then Kylo ends up killing Han? That would make for an interesting moral dilemma.

  • Lalmer Puckey

    However it happens, it’ll be as bland and “inspired” by the OT as possible.

  • Benneton Custardbath

    Harrison Ford has had a Death Wish for Solo for so long now. He always wanted Han to die as a hero. If he goes, I hope he dies well.

    • Tom Serw


      • Lucas Screwlouse Babington

        You keep posting and posting this reply.. face facts man

  • Ricky Spanish

    This could be perfect…because the one to avenge the death of Han will then cross to the dark side by mistake while giving in to their rage.

  • Marcus Pearl

    I don’t think Kylo Ren will Kill Han, I think Luke Skywalker will. I believe the rumor of him going crazy and being unable to tame the force with Han being killed by accident or otherwise.

    • Alaris

      I hope that rumor is bunk, because Luke going crazy sounds dumb.

      • Kylo Stimpy

        Luke DID kill Han… From a certain point of view. By allowing Kylo to live at Han’s request, this mistake leads to this scene.

      • Marcus Pearl

        I agree with you. I would like to see Luke as a Jedi Knight. But, I Think Abrams and Kasdan want to go in a darker direction.

      • Marcus Pearl

        I guess We’ll find out on December 18, 2015.

      • LS007

        I couldn’t agree more with you. I really hope they don’t ruin Luke Skywalker in the sequel trilogy like they did Anakin in the prequel trilogy. The poster showing little Jake Lloyd with a shadow of Vader behind him was awesome, but the allure ended there. We should not have been introduced to Anakin as a cheesy little dude who has little control over what’s happening around him. That’s a terrible way to introduce us to Anakin freakin Skywalker. Anakin should have been someone we could see becoming Vader: a formidable presence who does bad things not out of whiny frustration but because he likes to; because he can’t resist exercising his power. Likewise, on the opposite end of the Force spectrum, the sequel trilogy should not screw up the character that is Luke. Conflict and depth are great. Bring it. But completely revamping what we’ve spent years understanding about a character’s role and trajectory would really suck. It was hard enough having an image ingrained in my mind for twenty-some years about Anakin only to have the character reduced to cheesy dialogue and the personification of teenage angst. Don’t take the thirty-plus years we’ve come to appreciate the gravitas of Luke’s good nature and make him evil. And don’t reduce him to a “wizened but crazy old” man as some rumors report; unless it’s similar to that of Obi-Wan’s role in the OT. I wouldn’t call Obi-Wan “crazy” in ANH, but if that’s what we’re talking about, okay : )

        • Nat

          “he can’t resist exercising his power”….. precisely because as a nine year old he was torn away from the one person who loved him and whom he loved : GL re-wrote TPM to bring down Ani’s age to allow for this attachment issue ; the original Ani was a young teen… but GL rightly felt that a young teen would cope better with the emotional breakaway than a 9 year old. Since then, young Ani has been trying to forcibly maintain and retain the status quo, and get his own way : this mindset is what leads him into ‘evil’….. and yet Vader is NOT evil, Sidious is, but not Vader…. the “walking iron lung” has gone past the point of return where now he has to push and push for power and obedience and supremacy.

          • LS007

            I understand how being torn away from his mother lead to control issues down the road. But ask yourself, did it really work? IMO, it wasn’t paced properly – it was crammed in the third act for the most part – and the tone didn’t meet the depth we expected. His turn should have been gradually paced throughout all three movies. Starting Anakin as a child forced much of it to happen abruptly in the second two. And then he kills Mace Windu and that’s the end all? I know about the sacrificial death required for one to become a Sith. But it just didn’t work.

            And why did it have to be about his mother? Why couldn’t it simply have been he was “seduced by the Dark Side”? Show us his exceptional power – which they failed to do – and allow us to experience him playing with fire as he is unable to resist exercising that power. Have him do bad things because he wants to do bad things. We all have good and bad in us. From Lando to Vader to Han shooting first, characters in the OT had depth. Anakin in the prequel was one dimensional. That’s unforgivable. He should have been instrumental in all three movies like Luke was in the OT. His fall should have been a progression where we watch him help the good guys but in so doing abused his power and eventually turns.

          • Cretin SetDeity

            Preach it, brother.

  • Alaris

    Kylo Ren: “I hate you!”
    Han Solo: “I know.”

    • Marijuanamoeba


    • LS007

      As funny as that sounds, consider what JJ did with the whole Spock/Kirk reversal/parallel in Star Trek: Into Darkness, with exact lines taken from Wrath of Khan, and it almost seems plausible!

    • Derth Nadir

      If those lines aren’t in this scene now, I will be sad.

  • Zach Cooper

    As long as this isn’t an indication that the rest of the film is going to take a miserable “Oh my God Kylo Renn is going to kill us all” tone it should be a riveting movie.

  • Eduardo Vargas

    As long as Kylo Ren isn’t Han Solo’s son, I don’t really have a problem with it-

    Of course, it does lead to the question of where the hell is Luke Skywalker in this film then??

    I really hope that he isn’t hiding for the majority of the film.

  • DejaVu

    This is a realistic scenario. All the other “spoilers” seem ridiculous comparitively. This one seems somewhat legit, although I’m sure not all details are correct, and/or present.

  • troy patterson

    I was really hoping his death wouldn’t be until E8

    • DejaVu

      Make room for Billy Dee in Ep. 8.

  • Andy NJ

    I believe this to be true. It makes sense, especially if it is also true that Ren and Rey are Han and Leia’s kids. I can picture Han in that last desperate moment making one last attempt to stop his son – perhaps to buy his daughter and the others precious time to escape. “Ren… don’t do this… you know how this is going to end…”

    This scene will complete Ren’s transition to the Dark side.

  • ziganrev

    Ren and Rey are the Solo TWINS. Thats my theory.

  • mike

    omg if true im gonna cry at premiere

  • Daniel

    Joss Whedon once told: “Dont be afraid to kill a main character, if it serves the story!"....something like that i remember..:-) my personal believe: Harrison Ford is really, really old....i think it´s a risk for the studio to invest in him for 3 more movies....and hey.....its all about this new generation of skywalker and solo kid´s….so, the father dies….need to be a great impact on the kids….and it´s a heroic death….like that…:-) but will miss Han Solo for sure……but we get a new Solo….poe dameron…..;-)

  • Derek Brown

    Eh, could be worse; they could have offed Chewie again to really twist the dagger in the gut of the Chewbacca fans that were so happy the EU got scrapped

    • GodUvThunda

      No killing Chewie. How about scrapping that?

    • vaazon

      No killing Chewie, but killing Han. What a great exchange.

  • greatergood

    Do you remember what happened with the whole “I am your father” thing? Even the crew didn’t know what the scene will look like right until the shooting. I think all these ‘facts’ are meant to be leaked just in order to surprise us in December.

    I mean I hope so. This is not the way I’d imagine Han Solo dying. If it has to happen then it should be more like Han flying the Falcon into the Star Destroyer or whatever – with “The Asteroid Field” theme from ESB playing in the background.

    • mike

      but it would be fitting if Kylo ren is his son or Han killed someone in his family

      • greatergood

        I know but I just can’t imagine it. Han Solo killed with a lightsaber. It would be devastating to see such a legendary character killed on screen.

  • GreaterGood

    Do you remember what happened with the whole “I am your father” thing? Even the crew didn’t know what the scene will look like right until the shooting. I think all these ‘facts’ are meant to be leaked just in order to surprise us in December.

    I mean I hope so. This is not the way I’d imagine Han Solo dying. If it has to happen then it should be more like Han flying the Falcon into the Star Destroyer or whatever – with “The Asteroid Field” theme from ESB playing in the background.

  • Han should be killed in a kitchen accident. Something simple like a grease fire. Maybe a peanut allergy attack. Or a sudden brain annurysm. Spontaneous combustion?

  • Marijuanamoeba

    Han doesn’t shoot first? Nooooooo!!!

  • Mahoma Leho

    Expect in Episode VIII – (Plagueis: Luke! I´m your …. granpa!)

    • mike

      or Plagueis is the person that manipulated the force into creating Annakin they always said he could manipulate the force to his own ends

      • TheDevil’sAdvocate

        Making him…the grandfather.

        • skoober

          But who would be the grandfather in this scenario?

      • Zach Cooper

        Yeah but Plagueis didn’t create life so much as extend it or take it. His plan was in the Clones camp, Anakin and “The Chosen One” prophecy meant nothing to him.

      • Matt McDougall

        Personally – though derivative – I’m hoping for something of a Sauron/Voldemort approach with the Sith. If death doesn’t “kill” Obi-Wan or Yoda, why does it have to kill Sidious/Palpatine (or Plagueis I guess)?

        I love the idea of the Sith as a host of sorts for this malevolent Force spirit. It took over (or is) Plagueis, then took over Palpatine. This is the method of “conquering death” referenced in Episode III. But it could set up some interesting situations. Maybe Luke is hiding away because he feels this spirit inside him or seeking him or something? Maybe it wasn’t able to possess anybody because of the way Palpatine died?

        Moving into VIII and IX, something like this would set up an interesting conflict – how do you defeat an enemy that can’t be killed, per se?

  • WackyBantha

    Rey: I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have Imperial or Republic credits. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, Jedi skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my father go now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.

    Kylo Ren: Good Luck…..Jedi.

    • Patty Underwood

      This is good, but it still doesn’t mean Han had to die in the scene. It sure puts Rey in a TRUE BADASS mode here that I would want to see. I can even imagine the fanboys ( and myself) thinking “WOW now that’s Han “F” ING Solo’s little girl alright!!! And I can see some Leia in there too. That combination can only create a formidable adversary for anyone who gets on her bad side

  • Sir Francis Drake

    Why would the most powerful Jedi to ever live, Luke Skywalker, a guy rumored to have freakish abilities, be fleeing through the woods from a dark side amateur he’d likely destroy with little effort?

    • Zach Cooper

      Because he’s not the most powerful Jedi to ever live. Starkiller, Kyle Katarn, Anakin Skywalker, all demonstrated a much greater affinity with the Force. Oh, and Yoda, Mace Windu, Kit Fisto, Qui Gon Jinn, Count Dooku before he went rogue.. They might have died over the course of the series but they were powerful force users in their own right, and they could do far more than Luke could. He’s a master yeah, but he’s not a master because of his force using skill, he’s a master because he’s pretty much the last Jedi to have actually had any training.

      • Sir Francis Drake

        Not according to Lucas and not according to all the rumors we’ve been hearing about his powers being freakishly powerful. For all of Anakin’s supposed power, it hardly seemed to manifest itself much, with him constantly being fought to a draw or defeated in the films and the Clone Wars. We just don’t know how Luke’s Force powers have grown since we’ve seen nothing of him in 30 years, but from what a we’ve been hearing, he is the most powerful, although my initial query was cleared up by SalaciousCrumb, who I thank for the clarification.

      • Brenden Greenwood

        We haven’t really seen what Luke is capable of yet. He was still a pretty young Jedi in ROTJ. It’s been 30 years and he has basically had the entire Force to himself during that period. Dude’s probably boss now.

        • Zach Cooper

          He hasn’t had it to himself though. Look at the expanded universe. All the Jedi Knight games for instance, he was in those and while he was a force to be reckoned with there were still a lot of other Force Sensitives, they just weren’t trained until he started helping them. I agree he’s quite powerful and we don’t know quite how powerful he is, but calling him the greatest jedi ever is unsubstantiated.

    • SalaciousCrumb

      Quote from the leaked rumor your referring to “At the request of Hans dying words, Luke spares Ren and escapes with the others”

  • Turd Ferguson’s Doggy

    The last point implies we don’t see Solo dead. Interesting.

    Where are the droids in all of this? I see BB-8 is in the action, but what about Threepio &R2?

    • GodUvThunda

      Here’s to hoping 3-PO & R2 actually have screen time and are in on the action too! I’m with you there…

      • Turd Ferguson’s Doggy

        Well, considering that they were meant to be the portal through which the audience watched the movies, to not have them involved in the action would be borderline criminal. But then, we have Abrams’ total misunderstanding of Star Trek that relegated Dr. McCoy to a bit part, so all bets are off I think.

  • Hm. This basically sounds disappointing to me because it’s kinda the most predictable thing you could possibly do in a Star Wars sequel. Harrison Ford has wanted Han to die, since forever. Lawrence Kasdan wanted him to die, since forever. Ibid on the whining fanboy set who want anything “dark” and “edgy”. It’s basically the most epic and perversely morbid type of fanservice possible, and I really wonder how well it’s going to go over with everyone. Mainstream audiences won’t like it. Fanboys may, but they’re fickle. Really, this is on the same level of predictability and likelihood to disappoint as Khan in the last Trek movie.

    • Sir Francis Drake

      It sounds a lot better than the rumors about Luke killing Solo, that would have provoked a much worse reaction from fans, to sully the moral center of the mythology basically so they could throw a curve ball into the plot would have been unforgivable. This is at least consistent with the mythos of the Sith, they are often asked to kill mentors or family members to prove their worthiness to their masters.

  • PoweredByRice

    I believe this because Harrison Ford wanted his character to die in the OT, and he was never really that enthusiastic about taking up the role again for these new movies. So I can see the producers convincing him by saying “Hey, you’re in this 1 movie and Han dies so you can get some closure on the character and put him behind you once and for all!”

  • Bangs head on wall

    All that’s missing is Han’s ghost saying “run, Luke, run.”

    This is such a butt-kiss-up job to Episode IV…. I actually believe it.

  • So if I wear black for the rest of the year and some time after, you’ll know it’s premature mourning for the death of my first and only Space Husband. I’m shattered. The wait for this death is going to be worse and more painful than the last fictional husband I lost on Game of Thrones. :((((

    It makes sense, and honestly, now I know why Harrison Ford is in such a good mood about it! I’m honestly really waiting to see if they have Leia do anything about it. Oh my goossshhhh.

  • Elizabeth Volkmer

    If this is true, I think a lot of Han and Leia fans are going to be MIFFED with a captial M! I can see them taking over Disney World or Disney Land…..

    • Patty Underwood

      This is crap, do you (Lucasfilms and Disney) realize how many people love Starwars BECAUSE Harrison Ford’s Han Solo is in it. I really am tired of hearing how Harrison Ford wanted to have Han Solo killed off, pay him enough money, give him creative interest, but kill off Han, you kill the movie. I have seen a hell of a lot of sexy, virile men still VERY ACTIVE into their 70’s, 70 is the new 50. Get real here.

      • Tom Serw


  • nametaken

    “It does appear as if the scene we see of Kylo in the teaser is from the aftermath of murdering Han Solo”

    is there more to this? at face value i’m not seeing a connection.

    • GeekFurious

      Perhaps Han wounds him… he hobbles out, looking for the rest. A fight breaks out between Kylo, Finn, and Rey as Chewie starts up the Falcon. Even injured, Kylo is a badass and the two heroes have to escape with Chewie.

      Just guessing.

    • Bunk Clips

      I feel like there is more to this also. Where is Luke during all this? Is the Castle even on the ice planet?

    • Dave

      I don’t know if you’ve listened to Now, This is Podcasting. I believe this was discussed before (Maybe I was listening to SWU.) Luke does something to allow Rey, Finn, and himself to escape. Poe Dameron is waiting at the Falcon to help them escape. Kylo Ren chases after them, despite his affliction. I hope I haven’t screwed this up somehow…

    • Jeremy Santos

      Agreed…seeing as how he ignites his saber…why would you ignite it AFTER a confrontation is over?

      • Ricky Spanish

        Because he senses Luke is near.

  • BObiWan77

    So, you’re telling me Han doesn’t die of a broken heart?

    • fez whatley

      Ooba ooba

  • Claymation Young

    I’d be very happy with this if it turns out to be true, assuming all of the emotional jabs are pulled off. This rumor doesn’t really clarify if Kylo is Han’s son or not, but I want to lean toward them being related. The plot is getting even more shrouded in mystery with these recent rumors.

    • bigcrazewolf

      Shrouded by the dark side it is.

  • Braden Gunn

    I was kind of hoping Luke would kill Han, imagine how heartcrushing it would be to see one of your childhood heroes get killed by one of his best friends.

    The only way it could be sadder is if 3PO and R2D2 got blown up together.

    • vaazon

      Wow, what a great way to ruin Luke’s character decelopment from OT. He is a pure Jedi, not a failure like Anakin was.

      • Braden Gunn

        To be fair Luke could kill Han without turning to the darkside, maybe he’s forced to make an impossible choice, or maybe Kylo could create some kind of illusion that ends in Luke attacking and wounding Han without realizing it.

        Obviously neither of those ideas will be used, but I’m sure the writers are clever enough to come up with some way for Luke to kill Han while staying true to his character arc.

      • Brenden Greenwood

        Or it could be a very powerful reminder of the reality that nobody is pure. That is more (morally and emotionally) realistic and, frankly, I think the filmmakers should go there.

  • Jay Jay

    I hope they can get this movie out early because by December this thing will be completely spoiled whether the above is true or not.

    • Nelson Matos

      i read that abrams wants to move it to 2016

  • chairman_kaga

    We all knew this would happen. Ford said he’d never play the role again, and he felt strongly Solo should have died in RotJ, so it makes sense that he’d agree to come back only if it meant… you know.
    And the film needs something that galvanizes the new hero(es) to the degree that Kenobi’s death did for Luke.

    On the one hand this actually pisses me off because it does seem too easy. Too expected. Too pat. And I’m worried that by killing the most popular character in the series the story is going to burn a lot of people.

    Of course you could argue that keeping everyone alive is also too easy.

    I dunno. This isn’t an easy nut to crack. Huh. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the movie.

    • Ions_revenge

      I call for a boycott of all future star wars movie is this bs rumor is true!!!

  • Shannon

    I was expecting it to be honest. Harrison Ford is 72 years old. If he was to be in the latter sequels he would be pushing 80.

    Not just in terms of story but in terms of actual life expectancy it makes sense.

    Will be sad though :, (

  • Jacobus

    Wow. Good stuff Jason. I hope it turns out to true. Han Solo is a legendary character, but was always the most expendable of the big 3 IMO. Only because, in a saga with the Force at the center of it, a non-Force user was never my absolute favorite component. If one has to go early, I would hope it was Han and not Luke or Leia. Of course a character as beloved as Han Solo will always be missed, but the show will go on.

  • Tibbo

    Made me sad just reading that. If true it’s a nice echo from ANH and gives a great big emotional wallop to the new trilogy. Dreading this scene, means I will have to cry in front of the missus!

  • ilivehere


  • Nat

    Oooh, hadn’t expected the son to take the father, what with the rumours that it’d be the uncle…. but then Anakin takes his surrogate father and Luke nearly takes his father and Vader takes his surrogate father, so it does seem a consistent GL theme [Lucas Snr and Lucas Jnr, anyone ??! LOL !] running through it all (which I like)….

  • GeekFurious

    JJ gonna be mad.

  • TowHead81

    Yikes, that is juicy. Wow. I always thought that it could happen, then thought they wouldn’t do it and play on the anticipation…but wow, what a way to go out as a hero.