Star Wars: The Force Awakens Main Cast Rumors Galore!

I was contacted by a person wishing to remain “safely anonymous.” This person dropped a lot of Star Wars: The Force Awakens stuff on our lap this afternoon. I haven’t verified this person’s information but some has merit as far I know. This source also described a photo I saw recently perfectly and they didn’t know it. So I’m sharing and you can take it or leave it. I’m not adamant this information is correct or to the extent it is. I am simply sharing the rumor because the information is entertaining. That is not to say it might not all be very valid.

This will be my second “food for thought” rumor post this week. Its not really my style. But I find this report fun and some of this stuff isn’t out there in the public sphere of information. So they’re either in possession of accurate information on the film or they are the world’s luckiest guessers.

The implication is that basically Rey and Luke go into hiding at exactly the same time for the same reason. She is the daughter of Han and Leia and she’s tasked with protecting a lightsaber that can open a proverbial Pandora’s Box of evil. Artifacts being sought after by Kylo Ren are collected because they’re trying to figure out which artifact will open the tomb. Luke Skywalker is guarding the tomb and being tormented by evil spirits that appears half crazed from the duty he’s been on.

Domhnall Gleeson was a rebel for many years and he’s the son of “a huge character.”  But he defected to the Empire when he learned that the Rebels had constructed a super weapon in secret. With less than honorable people in the Rebel Alliance now, Gleeson’s character is tasked with hunting Finn while also on a secret mission to destroy both super weapons of the Empire and the Rebels.

Gwendoline Christie is his lead shock trooper. She’s a chrome trooper with black and red cape that is hunting Finn. She uses a lightsaber, is arrogant, demeaning, and kills indiscriminately. Her face is heavily scarred and she has a military haircut. Yes, the ability to cloak herself did come up and it supposedly is used twice in the movie.

Here is some elaboration:

  • Luke is in hiding during much of The Force Awakens. He has put himself in a self imposed exile and is protecting an ancient Sith tomb from being opened by the main bad guy, Kylo Ren.

He goes on to say that inside that tomb is the body of an ancient evil being. Luke Skywalker doesn’t know how to open this tomb buy Kylo does. Luke’s stay in this place has had him tormented by evil spirits of the past.

  • It is true that a simple lightsaber leads the trio to Han but what isn’t mentioned is that Han is extremely reluctant to allow his daughter to be part of this plan.

This source believes Rey is Han Solo’s daughter. Over the course of the film we learn she is in love with Poe and Han Solo does not approve.

  • There is a scene which shows Finn trying to shoot a blaster and he is awful – it’s a little in-joke about how inept Stormtroopers were in the Original Trilogy.

They say that Finn’s family was murdered by The Empire and he was forced into recruitment along with his best friend. His best friend is killed in the opening sequence of the film in front of Finn. This role is rumored to be played by Pip Andersen. It is shortly after this scene that he meets his likely next best friend for life, Poe.

  • Finn and Poe end up in an imperial brig after being caught.

Finn instantly dislikes Poe. But being in the brig they concoct a plan to steal a TIE Fighter. Meanwhile Rey fast-talks  a guard and steals his keycard to break them out.

  • Finn and company steal an advanced TIE and unfortunately it crashes, injuring Finn.

This bit is confusing to me and doesn’t necessarily line up with how I thought things unfolded. None the less, Finn being injured in a TIE crash does line up with how he ends up in the Wagon Speeder, and the source does mention that stuff too.

  • There is a scene in the bar where Finn uses a lightsaber to deflect laser blasts at him and Rey says she thinks Finn has found his calling.

They also note that Finn is a total pacifist. He doesn’t fight those that killed his family but this is the pathway to Finn being able to defend the people he loves.

  • Max von Sydow: A former Rebel Alliance veteran now dealing in antiquities – very much like a SW version of Brody from Indiana Jones. It turns out that Rey has a lightsaber which holds information vital to the rebellion and this is hidden inside BB-8.

The old guy reveals to Rey that the crystal in the lightsaber they are holding has the ability to open the tomb Luke is guarding. If accurate, this could explain why the lightsaber is so important and why our heroes only have one while on the sand planet in the depictions I’ve seen.

  • Rey’s last name: Her real name is revealed through Han Solo much to the surprise of Finn and Poe.

I’m not exactly sure why Finn would be surprised she’s a Solo unless Solo is famous or something. They say she is reluctant to become a Jedi. Rey was put into hiding with the lightsaber crystal and forced to used a fake fake name to hide her association to her father and especially to Luke Skywalker. She is also angered to find out that her friend played by Max von Sydow was in on the ruse and was her watcher for all this time.




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  • $102340326

    Ancient Sith Lord and a “Pandora’s box of evil” that is a tomb….. hmmm… that really narrows it down if we’re going by canon material. The only Sith Lords that would be both “ancient” while also having been known to have such a high level propensity to the dark side would be:
    1) Darth Bane
    2) Darth Plagueis
    3) Darth Vitiate (EU)

    a) Since Disney stated that “Clone Wars” (and the fact of whom they put into the specific episode) is canon that lends a ton of credence to it being Darth Bane. However, unless Disney and JA change the fate of Darth Bane it wouldn’t be plausible due to how he died at Zannah’s hand. However, I have a feeling they already, in essence have, considering they gave him a tomb on Korriban (“Morriban”). However, at the same time, Yoda freely moved through the tomb in Clone Wars and thus it wasn’t locked waiting to be opened. I think these issues are too large to look past and thus that eliminates Darth Bane from consideration.

    b) Darth Plagueis fits into the entire thing except one major thing…. he is, by no means, “ancient”. This is something that just can’t be overlooked even though he fits other than that.

    c) Darth Vitiate, in my view, is of the very best fit except for a couple things. First he is an EU character and I am not sure how or if they will add one in to canon. Second, and most importantly, is that this Sith is, quite literally, the largest embodiment of evil ever to be included in canon or the EU. He doesn’t hold evil.. he literally is the embodiment of it. He is also the former Sith Emperor during the Old Republic, was incredibly powerful, held the power of eternal life (and as we currently know – wasn’t vanquished so we don’t know his fate) and there is absolutely no doubt that he would have had an ancient tomb erected either in his honor OR to hold him as we saw in TOR when he was trapped in a tomb by Darth Baras. In fact, the only way to hold him was, quite literally, trapping him as Baras found. This guy would easily fit everything save what I said about the EU but also….. he wasn’t exactly apprentice friendly.

    There are other possibilities but they have too few connections to what we know. I should also add Andy Serkis confirmed he is going to be an alien we have never seen before. That eliminates Bane but raises up Vitiate and Plagueis. Vitiate was from the Sith species so, to me, that raises the possibility of it being him even more.

  • WOWWWWWWW!!!!!
    I think the whole movie just played in my head, in the theater of my imagination, right as i read along with every item in that AMAZING detailed list of #SPOILERS 😀

    (I LOVE spoilers — not many do, but i do). This was an AWESOME report and DOES seem to line up with so many other things i have read thus far!!! WOW

  • Sir Francis Drake

    This all sounds very promising, unless the dude in the tomb is some sort of Force zombie or vampire or other such silly plot device, but if these newest rumors are true, do we discard the rumors that Luke’s self-imposed exile was on account of his developing Force powers of unprecedented scale? We’ve heard for months now how Skywalker was hiding out somewhere because he was too dangerous to the galaxy at large, so does the new information in any way corroborate that? If Skywalker has really achieved that level of mastery of the Force then it seems unlikely that any villain could be a credible threat to him.

    • jbird669

      I think the dude in the tomb is Andy Serkis’s character. His v.o. in the film is directed at Luke as things start to ramp up. Just my thoughts.

    • I would still love to know how or what Adam Driver’s character is, in the film.
      IF Gwendolyn Christie plays the side-guard hilted ancient relic lightsaber, and if that is the chrome-trooper with the cape, then what is the role of Driver? is he just another meddling Sith? or an upper Imperial officer of some kind who works with Kylo Ren OR Gleeson’s character?