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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rumor Mill: A Snow Planet Name, Pseudonyms, and Super Weapons!

What do you do when a source is unsure? Do you sit on it? Do you share it with a disclaimer the source is hearing this stuff but it isn’t first hand observations? I generally prefer first hand observations and that’s generally what I run. I prefer the source to have seen the materials and that they tell us about it. That said, I also prefer hearing what’s going around. This source is linked to people and they are simply sharing what they have been hearing.

This is the same source that told us about the Hutt concept art back in August I have deemed Ewok Massacre thanks to the details of a hilarious piece of art they saw. They also accurately described the Greenham Common soldiers to me very early on and it lined up with concept art we received. That said, that stuff was first hand. This stuff is mostly second info today.

Here is the info they said I can run and you can take it or leave it. Lets consider it simply food for thought for now:

Snow Planet – I’m told the snow planet is definitely not Hoth and was named RYOOME on several production documents.

Rey – Rey is not Daisy Ridleys’ characters name throughout the movie. It’s an alias to hide her true identity in true Star Wars tradition just like Padme/Amidala, Ben/Obi-Wan and Darth Vader/Anakin.

Death Star III – This is a big one that I’ve heard from two different people and if true would be a major shock. The movie features a weapon based on a remote planet. The weapon can detect Jedi across the Galaxy and is used by the Empire to hunt them down. This is why some Jedi are in hiding.

A major new ship codenamed ‘the mirror’ is also somehow connected to the weapon. The weapon is either too large or too powerful to be destroyed.  So…….the planet must be destroyed. And how do you destroy a planet in Star Wars? A Death Star. Leia, has to make an incredible decision to use a Death Star to destroy a planet. The planet is inhabited apart from Imperials. The Death Star? It was being built in secret by the New Republic. Leia discovers whats been going on and then has to make a decision whether to use it or not.

It sounds incredible but that’s what I’ve been told by a couple of different people.

And finally – This might come as a shock considering what all the actors have been saying but not everyone is entirely happy with the way the movie is heading. Several people have told me they feel like they are just ‘going over old ground’ with the things they are being asked to work on. The feeling is that The Force Awakens is a rehash of the original movie and doesn’t have enough new ideas in it.

The prequels were full of new ideas and concepts but as one person put it to me there’s a ‘lack of imagination’ around The Force Awakens and everything is just a riff on what’s already been done.

Sorry to end that on a negative note but that’s a common feeling I’m getting.

The info about Rey’s name lines up with a rumor I never put too much stock in. The rumor is that Rey, Finn, and Poe all lie about their names to one another because of the situations they’re in during the first act. I dislike the rumor because it allows people to hold onto Jaina Solo or whatever name they prefer the character be named. Star Wars 7 News ran a similar rumor this week, but most of it could have been sourced from older articles published recently here (and strangely fails to point out that a large number of the bits in said “Exclusive” aren’t exclusive to said story). I still don’t necessarily buy this rumor as it hasn’t been corroborated by our most solid sources yet.

The snow planet name sounds plausible. I’ll take hearing a planet name over not.

The Leia stuff thematically checks out with a lot of sources. The way it is presented doesn’t necessarily seem to. Perhaps Death Star is being used synonymously with “Super Weapon” in this instances? That said, it does line up with the moral ambiguity George Lucas said this trilogy was to possess.

So there you go. Lets see if any of this turns up in the future in interesting ways. If it doesn’t, hey, I warned you.




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