Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rumors: The Son of Skywalker!

When it has come to Star Wars: The Force Awakens almost all of the sources out there have been entirely unsure about the familial links between the classic heroes and new generation of space crusaders or they are closed like blast doors about it. As always I’m cautious about these rumors. Take these rumors are simply what is being said.  We screen everything that gets on the site to the best of our ability. In this particular instance, its a case of “do I sit on it” or “do I share?”

Something is going on with this story because in the last week I’ve heard Domhnall Gleeson is Luke Skywalker’s son four times. Four times. Four different sources, three really trusted and one new but apparently on the money for most things. Four different spheres of development without much chance of overlap between the sources. So either Gleeson is the son of Skywalker in The Force Awakens or someone prominent in the production is spreading misinformation (which I doubt).

I factually know that Gleeson is an Imperial in the film tasked with sending Chrome Stormtroopers after Finn. He strikes me as Padmé playing Admiral Piett, if you get my drift (especially if yesterday’s rumors are correct). He reports to the villains in the film and even helps them hunt Finn.

Apparently, Gleeson’s character is playing both sides to disarm the galaxy of its super weapons held by both sides which “should not be allowed to exist according to his internal moral compass.” But it appears he might do some bad things in the name of the greater good over the course of the film. I’ve wondered if this is an extrapolation of Lawrence Kasdan’s idea that Luke Skywalker would turn “evil” in Return of the Jedi and use one Death Star to destroy the others and Coruscant (Had Abbadon), killing the Emperor and the heads of the Empire.

I stand by Geeson is an Imperial Commandant in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens because he is. It sure is sounding like Luke Skywalker is his papa as well though. The double agent rumors are rampant enough to at least take somewhat seriously.

Daddy got a tan on Tatooine.


The implications of Gleeson’s actions are supposedly huge in the film. He began this mission before his father went missing. When he succeeds in ending the Intergalactic Cold War by stopping the weapons of galaxy wide destruction he doesn’t anticipate the immediate consequences. The cost?  He opens up a new front and the war turns hot as there is nothing to keep the peace with mutually assured destruction no longer on the table. The real war then begins and the fight for the control of planets and territory begins, causing a conflict the storytellers hope will lead to countless Star Wars tales for years to come.

Some sources believe Gleeson goes rogue and pulls this off while others believe it was part of a master plan put into effect before the film begins. The consequences of his actions seem to imply things go wonky along the way and the hot war is surely not what the “good guys” would want.

So that’s what I’ve been hearing.



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  • Somewhere along the line there has to be a false rumour about allegiances and heritage, because (unless one or more of the characters is open about it from the off) we’ve got Driver’s character, Gleeson’s character, Ridley’s “Rey” and Boyega’s “Finn” all being deceitful to some degree about who they are and who they serve. Sure, the original Star Wars was all about things not being what they seem (from Old Ben Kenobi to “that’s no moon”), it sounds a bit much.

  • Jacobus

    I like the idea of Domhnall Gleeson playing a Skywalker, and have always wanted to see the Skywalker line live on with both Luke and Leia bearing off-spring. If this report turns out to be the case with ‘The Force Awakens’ and the ST, I really like the premise.

  • Wampa Clown

    I think we are meant to assume Gleeson is a Skywalker because of the the Legends material. That is, most fans know that Mara Jade is a redhed and that their offspring would likely have redhair as well. It’s a trap…and I’m not buying it. 🙂

  • Generation42

    Love it! Love everything about it. What a terrific sounding report.

    Not only that Gleeson may be a Skywalker (something I’ve hoped for from the very beginning), but also the merits of the role.

    It sounds really great. I so, so hope this one proves true.

    My only other question is: I noticed the stand-in for TFA’s “Clan Leader” bears something of a resemblance with Domhnall.

    Any idea how this “clan leader” figures in to things (and, more to the point, if this role has any possible relation to Gleeson)?