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Star Wars Rebels: “Rebel Resolve” – Jesse’s Review

(Warning: This review contains spoilers)

The crew of the Ghost finds themselves in a dilemma in “Rebel Resolve.” Following up on the heels of the last episode, Kanan has been captured by Grand Moff Tarkin and our heroes contemplate their next move. Hera consults with a hooded Fulcrum via hologram who advises that they go underground, even as Ezra and the others enact their own plan to find out where Kanan is being held.

The opening action sequence where the group hijacks an AT-DP was well staged. Kevin Kiner’s score swelled with hints of John Williams’ “Battle of Hoth,” adding to the overall intensity of the scene as the Rebels tried to hack the Imperial Network to locate Kanan.

Following that set piece, there was a surprising amount of character moments in the episode as the group all deal with Kanan’s capture. Ezra, understandably, refuses to accept the situation and resolves to rescue his master if he can. Hera is torn between loyalty to her crew and the greater good that Fulcrum preaches about. While Chopper shows a surprising amount of loyalty towards Kanan and remorse over his loss. I liked seeing them take the hit and figure out how to proceed in the aftermath.

Of course, Ezra didn’t take it lying down, and I was kind of happy to see that his plan brought back Vizago. I was beginning to wonder if we’d ever see the black market dealer again following his appearances early on in the series, and though he hasn’t been developed enough as a character for me to be genuinely excited by his return, I liked how the series was tying things together. The deal that Ezra struck to get information from Vizago kind of surprised me, and I think we’re all waiting to see how that comes back to haunt them.

That Ezra’s plan after he got what he needed from Vizago centered around Chopper was a nice touch. The sociopathic little droid has consistently been one of my favorite parts of the series, so it was nice to see him play more than a supporting role in the heroes’ plan for once. Of course anything involving Chopper wouldn’t be complete without some attempted murder, and he straight up killed a group of stormtroopers by sucking them out an airlock before attempting to destroy a droid that had helped the heroes out.

Meanwhile, the scenes of Kanan being questioned and tortured by Tarkin, Kallus, and the Inquisitor (or “an Inquisitor” as Ezra references him — there are more?) were appropriately dark, calling back to Vader’s questioning of Leia in A New Hope and Han’s torture in The Empire Strikes Back. It was nice to see the arrogance of the Empire reflected in Tarkin, who didn’t believe that Kanan was a Jedi at the start of the interrogation and by the end begrudgingly admitted that he possessed some Jedi qualities.

“Rebel Resolve” hooked me with it’s opening sequence and didn’t let up. The serial form of the show is really paying off, making us feel the weight of everything that has come before, and not just what’s been on Star Wars Rebels, but also both the Prequel Trilogy and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. By the time Hera said the final line of the episode, I was more amped for the series than I have ever been.


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