Star Wars Rebels Season 2 to have Han Solo as a guest star?

Hot on the heels of our report about Ahsoka Tano, Darth Vader, and Emperor Palpatine being featured in Star Wars Rebels, The Bearded Trio reports we should be seeing Han Solo in the second season of Star Wars Rebels:

Our source has told us that a certain actor who we won’t mention at this time has been considered for a role in the second season of Star Wars Rebels and that role is Han Solo.  The actor has been associated with playing the character previously.

We were told by our source “It’s not concrete yet but he is in talks to do the cameo of Han Solo in season 2.”

That’s really cool news and awesome to hear. I heard that Lando had a friend in his appearance in Season 2 and it has made me wonder if it is Han Solo (I didn’t even think it would be Han when I heard it). If there is any accuracy that the next Star Wars stand-alone spin-off is Han Solo, it would almost make sense to use that actor if its a “Young Han Solo” film. We did hear Aaron Paul was linked to a Han Solo movie and now Aaron Paul has been confirmed by the trades as a contender for a part in the first spin-off. So in a way, this appearance might make a cool connection to the first spin-off film.

It is pretty interesting to see this development. In my brief conversations with Dave Filoni on the idea of Han Solo in an animated show, reaching all the way back to The Clone Wars, he seemed reluctant to touch Solo, feeling it would be a contested and hot topic. However, I suppose when you have Simon Kinberg on your team, you probably get a little more brazen on that subject. Indeed, Star Wars Rebels has literally used just about every single major character from the Original Trilogy at this point and even a few from the Prequel Trilogy that survived.

Nice work, The Bearded Trio!

(EDIT: My source was not inferring Han Solo and Lando are in the same episode after all)

(Via Star Wars Underworld)


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  • Eduardo Vargas

    Meh, I don’t buy that Aaron Paul is in the role for Han Solo. He is, for starters, Blue-Eyed, not Brown Eyed like Harrison Ford.

    If anything he will probably be voiced by the guy who voiced Han Solo in the Lego Movie or by David Collins.

    • That’s the thing, it was not stated originally that he was playing Han, that has just been presumed. It was said he was thought to be involved in the project, not “he is Solo”. Don’t worry I’m sure they’ll pick a fitting role if it is a Solo movie.

  • clevelandtruth2011

    Best advice regarding Han Solo… leave it alone.

    • I’m sure the story group have a long term plan in place, have faith, they’ll do it right!

  • Dave

    I don’t know how I would accept Aaron Paul as a young Han Solo. I have a hard time disassociating Paul from Jesse Pinkston in Breaking Bad. I like Aaron Paul as an actor and I like to think he can transform his personality into a young Han Solo.

  • Kevin McCormack

    They’ve “used almost every major character from the original trilogy at this point”…? Really? Have I missed something..?

  • Benjamin Rowlett

    My only concern is that including every single OT character in this series makes the galaxy feel too small. You’ve got thousands of planets in Star Wars – with trillions and trillions of intelligent beings… yet, all of these people seen previously in other formats are all going to converge in this series at one point? I don’t know… I mean, guys like Tarkin, Vader, and Palpatine make sense. And, on the Rebellion side, I suppose Bail Organa, Leia, and Mon Mothman should be included. And, Ahsoka Tano works for me – for better closure on where the character ends up. But, throwing in Lando and Han seems to be a bit forced. I’d personally prefer their introductions to be made in the OT (or, a spin-off movie, if necessary). Plus – Han and Lando don’t join the rebellion until Episodes V and VI of the movies. Just my 2 cents.

    • Indiana Blotto’s Last Crusade

      Lando didn’t look ready to join the Rebellion in that episode of Rebels.