Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Huge Spoilers About Luke Skywalker’s Involvement!

In some ways, this is as big as the BIG rumor we ran earlier in the week. Its pretty much pertains to the end of the film. So you might want to check out at this point. If you’re a spoileraholic like I am, then let me indulge you. Oh yeah, I’m also going to talk about the big rumor from earlier in the week too, so it kind of goes hand in hand. I’m not going to elaborate on everything but what’s important is in here, trust me on that. This is very general.

I was going to sit up on this for a little while but today our friend Da7e at Latino Review mentioned that Luke is very inactive in the film. I can’t disagree with them. Since the conversation has begun, lets get to it, there is no reason to save it. Really quickly, let me discuss past Luke rumors. The things we heard about Luke in the past came from pretty good places. I think they were legitimate ideas and/or deliberate misinformation. Drawing Kylo looking like a younger Luke Skywalker didn’t help either. We also heard Luke is a little nutty, that all might be accurate, but it probably isn’t and it doesn’t pertain to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It might be an Episode VIII  issue for all I know. But like I said, I doubt it.

I’ve kind of struggled with this recently because I have a hard time imagining Luke Skywalker is barely in this film since I’ve learned of this truth. But when I read the entire film and the way it unfolds, I trust the choice. It just feels right to me when it unfolds.

I have wondered if it was a trick or something else. I want to think there is stuff being hidden. But I gotta go with what evidence there is. I really truly believe this evidence I have is very accurate.  The evidence is that Luke Skywalker is not really in this film. Two different documents from the production show Mark Hamill as only having one sequence in the entire film.

But if you want to know exactly what Luke does in the film, read on.

Okay. Stop reading.


You’re still here?


You sure?




The heroes suffer a great blow when they lose their mentor figure. But after a great duel with Rey and Finn versus Kylo Ren, the heroes return back to the base as heroes. At this point, it becomes clear that their current adventure together has come to an end.

We follow our main hero, Rey as she says goodbye to the important players in the film, Leia, Poe, and so on. Meanwhile BB-8, Artoo-Detoo, and See-Threepio decode a puzzle. Rey makes a special stop to say goodbye to Finn in the medical bay.

Rey, Chewbacca, and BB-8 then get into the Falcon and take off. Chewbacca playfully messes up her hair in an endearing gesture. Things are going to be alright, is what the Wookiee is trying to say, as far as I can tell.

I imagine like all Star Wars films, the end is silent with music playing. That’s just my take though. But it seems likely here. They fly away to a new planet and the Falcon lands.

Rey walks up the stone steps. She comes up to a figure and puts the Lightsaber in his hand. Its Luke Skywalker.

The End.

That’s what Luke does. He gets his lightsaber back. He apparently finds an apprentice. It appears Luke Skywalker is very much an artifact being saved for Star Wars: Episode VIII. 

Did they really have Mark Hamill on set all that time just to hang out and obscure his place in the film?  Is that why Hamill was able to attend all of those events and stuff like that when need be? It would be good for that and good for letting the cast bond and it might explain why we never have any pictures of Luke Skywalker as he only filmed for a short amount of time.

Please don’t get mad at me for not telling many of you want you wanted to hear. Structurally, there’s really no place for him in the story I’ve read. The documentation we have seen only states Hamill has this one sequence and they’re the final scenes in the film for sure.


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  • Porty Guil

    they actually filmed parts of episode 8 while they were filming ep 7. so mark hamill may have filmed all of his scenes for the upcoming movies.

  • DeadJedi

    You lost me at Latino Review . Sorry, I don’t buy it…………..

  • pickaname

    Maybe Luke appears as a jedi “ghost” in the rest of the film (or maybe in holograms), or maybe he appears always in obscure scenes, in the dark, covered by hood or something, and this is his only actual appearence – preparing for episode viii. or….. could they have been shooting some scenes for episode viii already? (and, yes, if they´re keeping secrecy about the movie plot, it wouldnt be absurd keeping Hamill around to disguise his little screen time).

  • Steambanger Belle

    I’m new to this batch of rumors, but they seem to make sense in some ways and in other ways they don’t. Luke will have sensed that Han will die at some point, since if he’s accessible to Rey at the end he’s obviously still attuned to the Force. He knows that Han’s death is a heroic sacrifice much like Cloud City and he has the wisdom now not to make a mess of things (since in ESB it was the others who had to rescue him.) So Mark Hamill having limited involvement is consistent with his character in this way. But Luke needs way more speaking lines than these rumors are suggesting if this going to work. Luke is not Obi-Wan in A New Hope here: if Han does die, Luke will have lost a dear friend with whom he shared a unique bond. It would be stupid if Luke just accepted his lightsaber into his hand from Rey and the movie ends. Luke needs to emote and react to the news of Han’s death and establish a bond with Rey.

    Also, just with the way that leaks come fast and furious now in every movie, The Force Awakens will be spoiled down to the last detail before December 18 for anyone who wants to know. J.J. and Disney know that and can’t be accused of teasing us we’ll see Luke throughout the whole movie, and then not delivering just to make money. That’s just not realistic.

  • Morley

    All speculation.

    • Jeremy

      Thanks Capt. Obvious

  • nerdrrage

    Picking through the rumors, here’s what I think happens:

    Poe, Finn and Rey do not know each other at the start of the movie. Events throw them together:
    -Poe is sent by the Rebels to pick up a powerful lightsaber (the maguffin) on a desert planet.
    -Finn is a stormtrooper who tries to defect and is part of an Empire contingent trying to get the maguffin as well, since Kylo Ren (played by Adam Driver) understands its power.
    -Rey is a common girl on the desert planet who owns a droid, BB-8. She is not Leia and Han’s daughter.

    Pinned down by the Empire, Poe places the lightsaber in the droid. He is captured and thrown into a brig with Finn. Together they escape and return to the planet to retrieve the lightsaber but must contend with its owner, Rey, who demands a reward or some such.

    The Empire is on their butts, so they all skedaddle to Rebel HQ, where Leia, Han and Chewie enter the story. Since the Empire is after this lightsaber, it must be important, so they have to safeguard it. They are clueless, so they fly off to Evil Castle Planet, where Luke is guarding a tomb or something else mysterious and important.

    Luke understands what’s going on. The lightsaber will open a tomb or a rift in the space time continuum or something else catastrophic that would be bad for the Light Side and Good for the Dark Side. They have to dispose of it but Kylo Ren shows up and fights them. In the process Han is killed, setting up a revenge plot for subsequent movies.

    So how do Our Heroes get Force powers? At the start of the story, none of them are strong in the Force. But the “awakening” angle throws the rule book out – if the Force awakens, maybe Force powers become more common. Maybe something happens in the Evil Castle to just give the people present Force powers.

    These elements both sound like Star Wars, give characters something to do, and tap into things that JJ Abrams likes, namely building a story around a maguffin, fanficcish elements (fetishizing a lightsaber, retconning the Force in a controversial way) and copycatism (same elements as the start of ANH – three characters, two guys and a girl, from vastly different walks of life, thrown together in an adventure and chased by an evil figure in black).

  • cgriffith

    I believe the biggest reveal of this rumor is that Daisey Ridley is the lead; which I have been saying for a long time seeing as she was the only cast member whom is already signed for all three films

  • Andy NJ

    Nope. This one is part of the huge misinformation campaign that was promised to begin in February. I am 100% confident that while Mark Hamill’s screen time might be less than the younger leads, there is no way he’s not appearing until the end of the movie. That would be so wrong in so many ways.

  • Yoda Layheehoo

    The more I think about it, the more this makes sense. If you look at Hamill’s beard when he arrived in London, it was pretty light. Over the next two months it got big and bushy, as he was “contractually obligated” to grow it out. The problem being, continuity. If Hamill was involved in the whole shoot, his beard would be very inconsistent, as it didn’t reach maximum length until much later. You can actually make a beard timeline through public appearances.
    For God’s sake, he doesn’t have much more than a goatee in the above image, and that was taken on set during filming. I truly believe this rumour to be accurate, and that J.J. has pulled a fast one to keep us guessing, as per usual. But he outdid himself this time.
    I’m guessing they shot Luke’s stuff at the end of the shoot to give ample time for the beard to grow out and Hamill to get in even better shape. And he will be ready to rock for Ep. 8: THE LUKE AWAKENS.

  • chairman_kaga

    I’ve decided to stop reading spoilers. Without any context, this all just sounds horrible to me. Luke is absent for the entire film. Han dies. Luke doesn’t help. Where’s Lando, anyway?
    I’m sure the plot will make sense once we see the movie (at least I hope it does), but at the moment there’s too much missing and it’s making me somewhat cynical toward the film.

    I’m starting to get that Star Trek Into Darkness vibe, where characters act uncharacteristically and without appropriate motivation simply for the sake of the plot. That’s what I’m getting from these rumors.

    • SonofaSmuggler

      As much as I think this idea sucks, it makes sense that Luke doesn’t help if he really became one with the force. When he was not, he ran off half cocked to Bespin and got his hand cut off. I just don’t know how I can handle seeing Han Solo die. It is my worst childhood nightmare being realized.

      • chairman_kaga

        I kind of disagree with the notion that going to Bespin was actually the wrong choice. I think it was necessary for the character to grow and find his true path, but to also exemplify the fact that Luke was more powerful than anyone gave him credit for, Vader, Obi Wan and Yoda included, and that his love for his friends (and family) was in fact the source of that strength and not a weakness as Yoda insisted.

        I personally don’t like the idea of Luke becoming a stodgy old-school Jedi who allows his friends to sacrifice themselves for some sort of greater good. I think Luke would ALWAYS value his friends and family more than himself, and would ALWAYS run off half-cocked to their rescue. I also think that we’d be able to have the same sort of precognitive visions, like in Empire, and would know that Han would be in trouble and need his help. That’s the character of Luke Skywalker.

        And again, while I don’t know the story and I’m not even sure what’s written here as rumor is anything but, I do feel that if Abrams and co. take this approach with his character it will be a major mistake.

    • nerdrrage

      This will be Star Wars into Darkness, because a) Han dies and b) JJ Abrams screws around with the idea of the Force, making it less of a neutral physical force and more of a thing with a will and intent – something that can awaken and change the rules. Not sure if that’s a great idea, but I am sure it will piss lots of people off.

    • pauliborn

      Rule number 1: You don’t see someone die, he isn’t dead. As for Luke (IF this rumor is true) it would be a little bit sad… although I appreciate if they take a slower approach on some of the chars… and I can feel my skin crawl of joy the moment I sit in the theatre, he gets his lightsaber, the movie ends and I am totally like so: woaaaaah yeah yeah

  • potsherds

    I’m guessing that the misinformation campaign is in full force now, around when it was rumoured it would start.

    I would guess that Arndt’s old script is where this info about Luke playing an extremely small part of the film is coming from. Ardnt’s original script supposedly contained very little of the original trio of leads and mostly focused on the new cast, while Kasdan/Abrams rewrote much of the script to include the OT leads to a greater degree.

  • fanboy0033

    So if Skywalker is only in this for a few minutes towards the end I’ll be fine with that. Which possibly means he’ll be in episode VIII a whole lot more with all the time he’s put in. I honestly think that the original 3 are done filming Star Wars for good. I don’t see them making it past episode VIII. I also think that the cross guard light saber isn’t just a weapon, it’s an actual key to the sith tomb where Luke is at the end. Although many people don’t like it cuz kylo can cut his own hand off assuming he’s human and doesn’t have a metal arm or body which light sabers are made of. I think it gives the cross guard some actual purpose.

  • Jason

    Wasn’t there substantial word that there would be a lot of fake rumors in February? This rumor makes no sense at all. Mark Hamill wouldn’t have lost substantial weight for a one minute cameo. And everything he has been saying hints that this is a send off for the new cast. There’s no way he’s coming back for the next one to be a substantial role as a trainer. More likely he would be a force ghost if they have him back at all. He’s already started to put on weight again since filming finished.. And as someone already pointed out, he spent too much time on set for a one minute cameo. I think someone is taking us for a ride here.

  • Carnage

    If this is indeed real…its fucking genius. Have people believe Luke is in the movie…And they make money. Tease the people with Luke in Episode 7 in order to have them more excited for Episode 8 and they make more money. He is being used as a larger catalyst for 8 and 9.

  • chairman_kaga

    I also recall Hamill being involved in a lot of physical training, fight choreography rehearsals, refreshing his stage swordplay skills, etc. during pre-production at Pinewood. Or am I just imagining that? I mean, he dropped a TON of weight if nothing else.
    I just can’t imagine him being that involved in work like that for a 5-second cameo. Maybe he has a larger role in the next two films and all of that will come into play, but the timing just doesn’t add up for me. A guy his age will need daily physical training to maintain his physique and skills (sorry, but it’s true) which is actually an insurance liability, and I’d say general liability, for the film production. Maybe minor, but I don’t think they’d do it unless it was necessary.

  • John P.

    Have you had words with the in-the-know friends that gave you your November 5th scoop, which is essentially the opposite of this spoiler? Is the source you got the mystery document from any more reliable?

  • Jonathan

    I don’t buy the rumor, I think it they would be “overplaying their hand” by keeping Luke out for all of the movie for just a camio

  • Sbs87

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. I want to know more about Kylo Ren.

  • fanboy0033

    My theory is that there is no film, any filming done was simply made for teasers and trailers. Kinda like ”the blue harvest”, a cover up is all. When dec 18th rolls around for the one only when the said star wars movie begins, itll be ha ha surprise surprise ”E.T. 2” and mark hamil is the guy on the bike flying across the moon fleeing the military! Well thats just my opinion/theory. Oops i forgot to say spoilers ahead, oh well now ive done, sorry JJ and fans :{

  • dubliner

    If accurate, I would argue that VII is about Daisy’s trial … this is her mission and the test is not turning to the dark side when her father is killed. She passes the force trial and returns to Luke as a Jedi. The force selects a trial, it’s not some obstacle course kenobi thought in episode 1. Luke had to face vader … the viewer and luke assumed kill, but not the case. Anakin had his mother issue, and failed, which is why I argue that Anakin actually never became a jedi since he failed the trial.

  • Al K

    I call bullshit on this. Intact, I’m willing to bet that the majority of what we think we know about this film…Is BS. Im in the camp thinking, and in a way wanting, jj abrams himself leaked out a whole ton of misinformation.

    Mark Hamil was paid for an entire movies worth of shooting! He has to have more then one scene! even if its in the third act, he still has to make his presents known. This is luke skywalker for christi sake. There hasn’t been a clamoring for a actor to reprise such an iconic hero role like this since…harrison ford returned to play indy!

    Your a moron if you squander that opportunity for a major return with just a small non speaking cameo. You make it the central plot of your film. The search for luke skywalker. And when you finally do find luke skywalker..he dam well better kick ass and take names!

    • Benjamin Rowlett

      While Mark Hamill did say that he was on the set of the Falcon, he never said that he personally filmed a scene there. It could have been him visiting the set while he was there. I hate to admit it, but this rumor could be true.

      • Jason

        There are too many reasons this rumor probably is not true. This sounds like the exact type of false rumor we were told we would get in February.

      • Paul Dameron

        He also said he had to have a cloak on going in to pinewood because of the drones…plus if selling michael is his only scenes his beard wasn’t full then.

  • lee turton

    risky is an understatement…this is star wars jj!!!!…..don’t balls it up

  • So… how do they get their lightsabers to duel Kylo Ren?

  • Tim Sawyer

    Mark Hamill – like everyone else – has said very little about the film. However, he has mentioned filming on board the Millennium Falcon, how great it was to be back, and how perfect all the details were. There’s no way Disney is going to say, “Hey, we have all the original actors back and willing to work for the greatest franchise of all time in its reinvigoration in the most anticipated sequel series of all time, but they’re old and we honestly don’t have them forever… But what the hell! Let’s only use Mark for a tiny cameo in the first film of our new trilogy, and also kill off Harrison’s character at the end!” Are you kidding me?
    JJ Abrams has indeed mastered the red herring. I think the rumors we’ve heard that are true are close to none. This report, as well as the one about Han, is total rubbish and the ultimate red herring. Ridiculous. They’re going to use Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford as much as they can for as long as they can.

  • Quintillion Tesla

    I hope this isn’t true, but hey ho.

    (P.S. SO GLAD we can now comment again on this marvellous site! Was so frustrating not to be able to chime in on Making Star Wars )

  • Braden Gunn

    I think I’ve figured out what’s going on now

    One rumour stated that Luke kills Han at Hans request to save a loved one, wounds Kylo Ren in a duel but spares him because Han asked him to.

    Another rumour states that Han sacrifices himself to Kylo Ren so that Rey, Finn and Chewie have time to escape.

    Both of these rumours mention that the following scene is the scene from the trailer of Kylo Ren in the forest, however one of these rumours mentions he is chasing Luke, Rey, and Finn.

    What if one of the leakers has access to Michael Ardnts original script that focused on the new generation (Kylo kills Han, Luke only appears at the very end) while the other leaker has access to the J.J. Abrams script that focuses more on the original cast (Luke kills Han, Luke has a more prominent role)

    Would explain these conflicting reports.

  • DarthLightlyBruise

    I posted this plot outline speculation over at the, and would be curious to get Jason’s (or anyone else’s) response.

    It matches up with recent
    credible rumors from MSW, it matches up with actor commentaries (esp.
    Daniels’ comments about TFA having a ROTJ flavor), and it matches up
    with concept art (particularly the art showing Rey entering an old
    tomb-like room with a hooded figure on it).

    This is what I’m pretty confident of now: Luke plays a central role in
    kick-starting the story, but only has minimal screen time. Below is how
    the film likely plays out, which also gels with rumors that this film
    tracks the OT stories pretty closely. This is, of course, an
    outline and doesn’t describe character motivations/ conflicts, etc. But
    I’ about 90% sure that it’s the bones of the plot.

    Pre-crawl, Luke Skywalker went on a secret mission. He either stole
    some plans for a new Empire weapon, or found out the base of a new
    Empire base/ Sith hideout. He is captured. But before he is captured, he
    stores the coordinates/ plans/ whatever in his lightsaber. He rockets
    that lightsaber into space somehow – perhaps guiding it/ setting a
    course for Tatooine/ the savannah planet. He is then taken by Kylo Ren
    to the ultimate prison: an island in the middle of nowhere on a planet
    in the middle of nowhere. None of this happens on film, and so there are
    no call sheets for it.
    The lightsaber with the plans/ coordinates drops on Tatooine/ the
    savannah/ desert planet. It’s picked up by rebel sympathizers who call
    the rebels. Poe Dameron, X-Wing pilot, comes to pick it up.
    Kylo Ren arrives to seize the lighsaber, imprisons Poe and Finn. They
    escape, meet up with Rey. The Republic sends Han to pick them up. ETA: I
    believe Kylo will order Christie’s character (the chrometrooper) to
    pursue the lightsaber in this section (and perhaps beyond).
    The gang goes to see Leia at the Republic base. They deliver the
    plans for the Empire weapon/ new hideout. The Republic begins to plan
    the assault, but they need to finish completing their new EMP weapon.
    Leia and Han convince the Hutts to fork over the cash, and the weapon’s
    production is now on schedule. The Republic prepares the assault on the
    new Empire weapon/ hideout.
    The plans say something about the need to take out a shield
    generator/ command center or something on the evil castle, that protects
    the new weapon. A small team needs to take out this element in order to
    allow the assault to get through. The Republic devises a two-part plan.
    Send Han, Chewie and the gang to take out the castle, and then assault
    the Empire weapon/ hideout with a bunch of ships (X-wings, etc).
    Essentially, an Endor retread, but with a Sith/ Han’s son thrown in the
    mix. ETA: This plan may have a third part: a rebel spy, Gleeson, will
    need to deactivate something on a Star Destroyer, or something, in order
    to allow one or the other of these pieces to fall into place.
    Kylo is protecting the castle/ shield generator/ command center. This
    is the concept art that we have been thinking is a tomb. It’s Kylo
    sitting in front of the key thing that has to be destroyed, and Rey
    entering the room. The great fight ensues, and Han is killed.
    The attack ultimately succeeds, however, as Han (or someone) was able
    to set the detonators, or because Han distracted Kylo for enough time
    to allow the rest of the gang to blow it up. The Republic forces swoop
    in (with Poe leading the charge) and destroy the new weapon/ hideout.
    The gang are heroes and they celebrate with the Republic fleet. Cue the
    medical bay scenes, etc.
    The droids decode the full message on the lightsaber, which reveals where Luke is imprisoned.
    Rey and Chewie fly to the coordinates.
    Luke is given his lightsaber, but he weeps. His old friend has
    passed from the world. Rey: “I want to learn the ways of the force, and
    become a hero. Like my father.”

    In other words, this plot is NOT a hunt for Luke. It’s about acting on
    the information Luke provides at the film’s beginning. And at the end of
    the film, he is thanked for a mission accomplished, and freed from his
    bonds. And he’s given a new apprentice.

    ETA: Thanks to Nando, in particular, for first floating the idea that
    Luke was imprisoned pre-film, and that this imprisonment was tied to a
    secret mission of great concern to the Empire. That speculation, IMO, is
    the key to tying all of the credible rumors together.

    • Pre-crawl, Luke Skywalker went on a secret mission. He either stole
      some plans for a new Empire weapon, or found out the base of a new
      Empire base/ Sith hideout. He is captured. But before he is captured, he
      stores the coordinates/ plans/ whatever in his lightsaber. He rockets
      that lightsaber into space somehow – perhaps guiding it/ setting a
      course for Tatooine/ the savannah planet.

      This is the first theory I’ve heard that seems plausible for the opening “lightsaber floating in space” rumor from eons ago. Imagine how cool a scene it would be to start the film off with a hooded figure (Luke, but they’re trying to hide that from audience at first) being captured or having already been captured and being questioned about the plans or whatever it is. We see his lightsaber stealthily begin to float behind him and move slowly along the edge of the wall. Once out of the direct sight of the people who had captured him, the lightsaber picks up speed, and we continue to follow it as it flies through the ship. It goes down corridors, hits dead ends, eventually finding some sort of exhaust or trash port where it finally shoots out into space towards the planet below. We cut back to the hooded figure and we see his fingers do the last subtle motions of force control, and he relaxes, knowing he’s accomplished his goal. Throughout this scene, we might even cut back to the interrogation a couple of times to see how the hooded figure is exhibiting exceptional control all while he is engaging in a full conversation, or maybe even being beaten or otherwise roughed up. At the end of this scene, we see the hood come down and we realize it’s Luke. The ship blips out into hyperspace, leaving the lightsaber tumbling through space.

      • Vic, I really like the way you described that scene. That would really be cool. Maybe even comical, having the lightsaber bump into a dead end, shake it off, then continue onward. Perhaps it ignites to take out some bad guys. It would really demonstrate how powerful Luke has become.

    • Patty Underwood

      Amazing I think you got it right here and except for Hans death I really like it

    • I like this outline a lot.

  • vaazon

    So the rumor about Luke hearing voices in his head is a part of the ending? It was mentioned before that someone comes to visit him. Those two rumors match.

  • WolfStark

    Doesn’t make much sense. Mark Hamill was in the Falcon and he was involved for weeks, not a single day. For one scene, where all he does is taking his lightsaber back, he doesn’t need so much time.
    So yes, this might be the end of the movie but it’s not the only scene with Mark Hamill.

  • scrapplejoe

    Maybe Mark H. was in England for 3 months because they filmed scenes for Episode 8?

    • That would be a smart move. Try to get as much footage and audio of him (and all the actors) just in case one of them spontaneously combusts before the final wrap party. I hated that the actress playing the Oracle in The Matrix died, and then they brought in another oldish african-american actress to play the part in the sequels (which kind of disappointed me in general). It takes me out of my suspension of disbelief.

  • The Dread Dormammu

    If this is true, this represents a major misstep with this film. To have Luke appear just in the very end and not have him share the screen with Han and Leia would be completely foolish. It would be like getting Shatner and Nimoy back for a movie and not having them on the bridge together. I can’t believe this is true.

    • LS007

      When I first read this rumor, I was actually okay with it expecting Luke to take on a significant role in Episode VIII. That’s appealing if the alternative is Luke, Leia, and Han all missing from VIII and IX. With that said, you raise a good point. It would be nice to see the three together for some facet of Episode VII. But I don’t think it’s going to happen. Unless most of the rumors are false – and they very well could be – there is very little about Luke, Han, and Leia sharing the screen.

      • Fuckingduhonlylogical

        Actually we know nothing about the film at all for sure except a few character names and a handful of leaked set pics and concept art.

  • Benjamin Rowlett

    We’ve waited 32+ years to get another Star Wars movie with the original cast. And, if this is all true, Abrams will have done the following…

    Completely separate the original cast and choose to not let them have 1 more adventure together.
    Cast Luke Skywalker (the hero of the original trilogy) aside for pretty much the entire movie – making everyone wait yet another 2+ years to see him actually do something.
    Kill Han Solo off before we ever get a chance to see him together with Luke 1 last time.
    Ensure that we never get the chance to see these people together in future movies (Han Solo is NOT this trilogy’s Obi Wan. Han cannot be a force ghost and will never be seen or heard from again).
    With Han and Leia’s relationship/history, this is how he’ll exit? Getting killed by some punk? Leia nowhere to be seen. Luke nowhere to be seen and not intervening?

    If true, this is unacceptable in any scenario. You think that there was public backlash during the prequels? This will cause an uproar like you’ve never seen.

    • Jason

      Solo being killed off was probably a condition of Harrison’s return. If you were directing this movie, would you not have brought Solo back, even if it meant he had to die in order to do so? You don’t seriously believe he’s going to be in the next two, do you?

    • You make good points.

      I guess the question is: Will Luke, Han, and Leia appear in any scene together? So far, I haven’t heard of this happening in TFA. It would be rather strange to not have them all together for a least a bit of screen time. Actually, it would be intentionally antagonistic to the millions of Star Wars fans to not have the “3” spend screen time together. It would also forfeit loads of dramatic potential. It would sort of be like saying that Han and Chewbacca broke off their friendship 17 years prior to TFA and haven’t spoken since – and leave it at that.

    • Patty Underwood

      I can’t agree more and hope you are right about the back lash being much worse than the prequels if they do that. Why have them in the movie if we don’t see them together one last time, come on JJ think about it!!!!

    • President Ackbar

      If by “uproar” you mean “your panties up your butt”, then, yes.

  • I want to leave this planet.

    I don’t buy it.If Luke is not there when Kylo does the dirty (if true) then I think he is busy with the evil master or something else only he can cope with.

  • FuJJ

    I think they have their facts out of order. I believe the film ends with Chewy and Rey flying off in the Falcon. I think the scene with Rey going up the steps to visit Luke is after their first encounter with Kylo and after they finally find Luke. Before the climax.

  • stef

    where does the main bad guy saying “something has awakened, have you felt it etc” fit in this scenario? who’s he saying it to at the end or whenever. Rey fights him now? confused and annoyed

    • nametaken

      could easily be just for the trailer. past SW trailers have had unique dialogue.

      • ben grimm

        Serkis is on the record saying he recorded nothing for trailer but was told they would use some dialogue and when he saw it he thought it was cool.

        • Sweep the leg

          Maybe the Serkis voice is speaking to (haunting Skywalker) Luke while he is imprisoned. It would be Darth Plageus either from beyond the grave or re-animated.

      • Danny

        It has been reported that it is actual dialogue from the movie

    • nerdrrage

      The “something has awakened” is related to the lightsaber. The lightsaber is a magical maguffin that will awaken the Force, which will change the rules about how the Force works. Maybe Poe, Rey and Finn have no Force powers at the start of the movie…

  • Commodore H. McCringleberry

    Only way this makes sense is with the idea that they’re using some flashbacks of the intervening 30 years in the film, as has been suggesed- i.e. Billie Lourd playing a younger Leia. I’d rather have this situation than Luke driven crazy by dark side ghosts then deflecting a blaster bolt back into Han’s chest, or being a lunatic for most of the film. If there’s a couple of flashbacks, they can show him with a few apprentices, getting things done in the galaxy, working of developing his powers, etc- then he only pops up live at the end. That would work for me far better than Tweaker Luke killing his friends by accident then having to “wake up”, though I would imagine his screen time is slightly greater than a 4 second wink and nod as we fade to black at the end. . .

    • Bim

      That’s interesting. I certainly am relieved that the evil Luke rumors have died down but I could take the batty but generally good Luke. Still I think everyone has been forgetting that flashback scene. I’m doubtful that there will be tons flashbacks and I really wonder how they’ll do it and make it fit into the ‘feel’ of Star Wars. The closest thing I can think of to flashback in Star Wars would be Anakin’s premonition nightmares in AOTC and ROTS; but those always came off kind of awkward to me.

    • christthi

      Naah… Visual flashbacks are unthinkable in the context of Star Wars.

      If they’re just using Luke for a few seconds of advertising for Episode 8, that’d be at least as bad as Jar Jar in TPM.

      Jar Jar Abrams isn’t THAT stupid.

  • Mr.Logical

    Well, in the span of almost 6 months, we’ve gone from Evil Cyborg Luke to Crazed Best Friend-Killing Luke to “I’m here to talk to you about The Avengers” Luke….yeaaah, at this point I’ve just stopped taking these rumors seriously.

    • Bim

      Don’t forget the Luke that hears voices (belonging to Darth Plageuis?) in his head

    • Braden Gunn

      I’d laugh if the film really ended with Luke exploring the ruins of the Jedi Temple on Courascant, and out of a shadowy corner steps Mace Windu: “I’m here to talk to you about the New Jedi Order”

  • Mike

    Luke is just hanging out somewhere and lets Han die? No way.

    Even when he was just beginning his training with Yoda he abandoned it early because he would not sacrifice Han and Leia.

    If Han dies and Luke is not present, than you have ruined Star Wars.

    • nametaken

      might as well stop all production on the movies i guess.

    • Braden Gunn

      I wouldn’t say Luke has to be present for Hans death, but at the same time he’d need a good reason not to be there.

    • Quintillion Tesla

      Surely the film must end on Han’s funeral? There’s needs to be some sort or ceremony so Artoo Dettoo can attend.

    • DarthBrawl

      Best comment/reason thus far. Even better than the breakdown on Agreed.

    • Great comment. However, as I am now 44 years old, I remember how much friends meant to me in my younger years. They were all-important. Now, with a family of my own and other concerns, those friends are still important, but we can communicate through Facebook for the most part. Perhaps, Luke will be FaceTiming with Han when Han suddenly gets killed. “Han… Han… are you there. This guest wifi connection sucks…”

  • Skeltic

    It crosses my mind that this could indeed be the final seen but I’m guessing Luke shows up earlier… I’m guessing he shows up in Act 3 as has been rumored all along and fights Kylo Ren alongside Rey, Finn, Han and Chewie. Han likely dies and Ren makes his escape. At the point the heroes part ways. For some reason Luke goes (back?) to the dark fortress while the others go elsewhere. likely for Han’s funeral. I can almost see this parting of ways similar to Luke’s going to Bespin… Luke doesn’t want Rey to leave but she promises to return to begin her training. Then of course the final scene shows her returning and greating Luke.

    • Braden Gunn

      I imagine this is right, they’ll find Luke, he’ll appear for the last third of the film before returning to the Dark Fortress, Rey will turn down Luke’s offer to train her and return home where Leia will give her some encouraging words that results in Rey returning to Luke and becoming his apprentice.

  • Jay Jay

    These sites must be on the Bad Robot payroll now! Mark Hamill spent the entire summer in London filming his parts. It’s not a cameo.

  • GeekFurious

    This may very well be correct… from a certain point of view.

  • JustSaying15

    Quick note for those who buying this: Mark and Daisy were on the call sheet for nearly a week when they filmed at Skellig. They became very good friends over the shoot with Daisy even calling Mark out as one of her three people for the ice bucket challenge over the summer!

    JJ is messing with fans who are take every rumor as gospel. I don’t blame him. I be doing the same thing! 🙂

    • lee turton

      good call

    • LS007

      I’d be doing the same thing if I were JJ as well. In fact, I’d create a website – maybe name it “MakingStarWars” – and use a proxy to dump all sorts of rumors onto the public just to ensure the movie is a complete surprise come December.

      Though, something to consider… JJ has asked Disney to push up the release date to this summer due to all the leaks. At least, that’s the rumor : )

      • JustSaying15

        Yeah I remember reading back a few months ago for a bunch of false rumors to around in February. At least that was the rumor as well. 🙂

  • Steampunk Sweetheart

    I hope you know if this wrong I’ll cry at the end for the wrong reasons….

  • Nat

    This really does surprise & confuse me….. in one way, it makes sense, especially if he’s being held back for 8 ; in another, we had all those rumours suggesting a more hands-on approach by Luke ; furthermore, would Hamill be signed on primarily in a ‘hoax cover’ role, and only partially for actual filming, to perpetuate the smokescreen ? Seems a bit of an expensive overkill ?! Hamill was definitely at Skellig-Michael, and we believe he filmed ‘sans beard’ after the production wrap party. Hamill independently says he would not be in the film if the other two [HF, CF] weren’t signed up for it ; that it was very much a team effort. Would LFL deliberately hold back a key figure representing continuity ?? Would they sign on the OT Three, but only utilise in filmic terms two of the group ? But MSW claims they have seen other evidence supporting this article. So who knows ??! I thought a Skellig photo showed a camera rail set up for a long tracking shot ? I thought there were fencing stunt crew present too, as listed on that safety board ??

  • Stibbs

    I don’t buy it. He would have to be technically on call the entirety of the shoot. They have to pay the actors during that time even if they don’t work. Star Wars may be the exception, but for 99.9% of working producers that’s a metric ton of wasted money. Any producer worth a damn would fight tooth an nail against this. Mystery box be damned.

  • Brian

    I get the feeling that Abrams has finally figured out how to truly throw everyone off… By tossing out red herrings by the bucketful. All of these new rumors constantly sort of line up with what we’ve heard in the past only to then contradict major other things. First this week we hear that Rey is in fact not a Solo and that Luke somehow causes the death of Han by sparing Kylo Ren; now Rey inherits the Falcon after Han dies and just goes off to see MIA Luke Skywalker as an epilogue to the film? For real, this is like Swiss cheese; it’s full of holes and it stinks. How do you explain Luke missing the whole movie with this crazy neo-Sith running around? I mean the idea that the movie was about finding Luke who was hiding out because of his crazy powers/guarding some ancient evil at least made sense. Here you have darksider terrorizing everyone and we know where Luke Skywalker is but we won’t go get him until the epilogue of the film after the evil guy has killed Han. Seriously, what??

    I don’t necessarily mind the idea of Luke being saved as the sort of Yoda of this series to have a bigger role in VIII and XI but this just seems like a holey plot line to me. I don’t buy; at least not fully.

    • JustSaying15

      Can you imagine how honked off people would be if Luke was just literally a teaser to Episode VIII? Between that and the scheduling problems they are already having, it might wreck the franchise. I have no doubts that Skywalker will not be a major player in this one and most likely, won’t show up to the third act but no way is a cameo character only.

    • chairman_kaga

      I can’t imagine how cheesed off the world will be if Luke is only in the movie for 5 seconds with no dialogue. While it might be a superior story tactic, from the perspective of Star Wars in its entirety it would be a disaster. Surely someone realizes this.

  • Renné

    Also, this reminds me of one leaked concept art from the october leaks, which showed skelling michaels, with the millenium falcon on the landing pad and a fortress like building, and, if you look close enough on the bottom of the millenium falcon there is a person that resembles a woman.

  • Renné

    Well, we all know that only Mark and Daisy went to Skellig with JJ for filming, and that’s an official report. It matches the scene described here. And I can’t remember any other report of Hamill filming, i don’t think this is coincidence.

    • Paul Dameron

      We don’t hear of Leia filming either.

    • Marijuanamoeba

      I don’t remember any reports of Gleeson filming

  • Braden Gunn

    Also one thing doesn’t ring true about this, J.J. scrapped the original script for Episode VII because it didn’t focus on the original cast, yet it seems to feature barely any Leia or Luke from what I’ve read.

    • joe

      Maybe the change to the script was to give Harrison Ford his wish and kill off Han Solo.
      That would tie in with rumours that Han solo would ‘play a huge part’ in the movie!

  • Braden Gunn

    I… I don’t know about this, I’m going to be sad if we don’t get to see the original cast appear in at least one scene together, and it would be disappointing if Luke only appeared right at the very end for a few seconds seeing as Mark Hamil has been confirmed to appear in the film from the off, the audience would just be waiting around for him to make an appearance.

    I think if this is true, then they should have just pretended that Luke had died in between episode 6 and episode 7 then have him appear in a surprise reveal at the end of the film.

    • Turd Ferguson’s Doggy

      I just can’t see Han biting the dust before having any scenes with Luke.

      • Braden Gunn

        Neither can I, even if they just have one scene with both characters

    • Paul Dameron

      That’s what I was thinking too…
      Especially if Han dies in this one…so wouldn’t be in viii….that all three won’t share the same screen time again. Doubt it JJ aint that dumb.

  • Maggie Smith

    I actually dig this a lot. I want them to use the original cast sparingly and only when they need to.

    • Patty Underwood

      Go watch star trek

      • Maggie Smith

        Thanks, Patty.

  • Crixxxx

    So what happened to the whole Luke in exile on the Skellig island guarding the Sith temple business?

  • Benjamin Rowlett

    What the BLEEP…? If this is true, JJ Abrams should be kicked out of this universe forever! Why “get the band back together” with the original cast – just to have them not do anything together? Luke and Han never see each other in this film???? They don’t have 1 more adventure together??? Then, they kill Han off??? …before ever seeing Luke??? And, Luke is nowhere around when this happens? How f_______ stupid! I HATE this!!! They cast aside Lucas’ story for THIS????? I absolutely hate it. I am actually angry – assuming that this is true. Grrrrrrr!!!

  • James England

    He grew that beard for one scene?

    Wow – that’s method acting for you! 😛

  • Trevor

    See, that’s really gonna bum me out if Luke is in only ONE sequence….seriously.

  • nametaken

    my only worry is luke having too much involvement in future episodes. i want a new generation to take over. if he plays a Yoda role as in the original trilogy i’d be fine with that though.

  • L110

    Are we really supossed to believe that Hammil worked out and trained for several months just so he appears in just one scene in the film?

    • Chris Creveling

      I think we’re supposed to believe it, but I also think that with JJ admitting that some of the recent rumors are true that they’re going into a full misinformation campaign. Does Rey hand the lightsaber off to someone at the end of the film? Probably. Is it Luke? It could be, but I’m sure he’s going to be in the movie more than what this report seems to suggest. It completely goes against any of the former rumors, but for some reason this site is telling us to believe this one and forget the last few months of rumors. I find it all hard to believe.

  • Dave M

    also – stone steps echos the ending of Episode IV, much like the ending of Episode I did.

  • ThatsAllINeed

    Not buying it. Just because he is at the end does not mean we will not see him during the movie… Now I am getting worried…

  • Dave M

    So does this pretty much further lock in that Rey is Han’s daughter? Why did Chewie go with her? Has his life debt transferred to Rey?

    • Braden Gunn

      To be fair I’d say at this point Chewie doesn’t really care about his life debt, he’s effectively family with Han, and he’d know Han would want him to look after Rey.

  • Mr.Logical

    Uhhh, did we all of a sudden forget he was in Skellig Michel?

    • There was stone’s on the skellig Michael set. And it was only Mark and Daisy filming for two days.

      • JustSaying15

        They filmed at Skellig for three days and they had stunt doubles for both Mark and Daisy.

  • Aaron Peacock

    Hamill confirmed he has scenes on the Millennium Falcon in an interview a month or so ago.

    • He confirmed he’d been aboard, more of an on set visit than filming so to speak.

  • Ryan

    Pretty sure JJ Abrams is just messing with everyone at this point…

  • Nannoc Nannoc


  • Bane

    Woah…… mind blown

  • Chris Bravener

    I’m confused by your description…It jumps from her being on the Falcon and then suddenly she’s walking up stone steps?

    • She’s on the falcon, chewie messes with her hair, they fly to the location, then she walks up the stairs to meet Luke.

  • Kicker2

    So Mark spent months in England to film one scene? WTF? Not buying it. Why we he be needed over there so long?

    • Chris Bravener

      To throw everyone off….It’s the equivalent of “Khan isn’t in this movie”…

  • Collin

    I don’t mind this if it means that he’ll have a bigger role in Ep. VIII. Like most fans, I’m sure, I really was drawn to Luke as a kid and I’m excited to see what’s in store for him, and if he sticks around all three films, yet with a smaller Obi-Wan/Yoda–type role, I’m so down for that. Although, earlier spoilers/rumors suggested that Luke’s introduction into the film will go down in history, so I wonder what that’s all about.

  • Daniel Crowder

    The sense I get from what I’ve heard Hamill say (which is, admittedly, not much) was that Luke’s role in the new trilogy is very much what Yoda was to Luke in EP’s 5 and 6. So structurally, as far as the story might go, matches the OT very well. The trilogy hero discovers their ability and does something great in the first film, second film goes through a ton of pain and growth, and the third, they come into their own and win the great victory that everyone expects of them. So whatever Luke’s role is in relation to Rey, the new main hero, it would make much more sense for him to be the mentor that bring the hero into their prime and the revelations in this post seem to bear my thoughts out pretty well.

  • chairman_kaga

    I’m not buying it. This sounds like the equivalent of Sam Jack as Fury in the first Iron Man. A cameo. A flirtatious tease. Which worked beautifully in that film because THERE WERE NO EXPECTATIONS. Pull the same stunt with TFA? Don’t even hint at Skywalker until the last 5 seconds of the film? The fans will be in full revolt, especially after killing off Han. At least as described here. This really sounds more like fanfic than an actual moment in a real film.
    Again, not buying it.

    • MattM1974

      Yeah, I agree. This puts his role as essentially a cameo.

    • Matt McDougall

      Honestly at this point I don’t know what to buy. I don’t think we’ll be able to confirm one way or another until the next trailer comes out and we get a sense of how the original three are being used.

      • chairman_kaga

        I agree. Knowing the lengths Abrams and Bad Robot went to in order to obscure character and plot points with relatively small-potatoes films like Cloverfield and Star Trek (yes, compared to Star Wars, Trek is indeed waxy little red potatoes, which are really nice roasted with some thyme and sea salt… i digress), I can’t imagine the effort they’re putting into misinformation, obfuscation, and outright lying in order to keep details about TFA secret. Dec. 18 will reveal all.

    • This is 100% empirical evidence.

    • Quintillion Tesla

      As with the prequels, us original trilogy fans don’t really count. We’ll have to accept it’s all for a new generation now, with just a few nods for us old fans.

      • chairman_kaga

        Which is fine. I’m for that. But even my 4-year old daughter will be disappointed if we only see Luke in shadow in the last 5 seconds of the movie. If this is true I only hope they’ve created a story that can deflect that disappointment, because if folks are even slightly “meh” about the new characters and new direction, the relegation of Luke to a Cameo will be even more of a disappointment. I’m just saying this is a fine line they’re walking. I personally think it would have been safer to just leave the entire original cast on the sidelines or set it further in the future, after they’ve all died and are iconic heroes of the Alliance, and the new characters are fighting to maintain the society they saved?
        I dunno. As I said with the spoiler about Han, this is all a very tough nut to crack. Thank God Kasdan is on board.

    • Patty Underwood

      Make sure you post the date and time for the demonstration event if this crap is true I want to be there with all the freaked out fans and watch them riot

  • Felipe VB

    *Gets popcorn.

  • Guest

    But he survives. Which means he’s probably a major factor in VIII.

    There’s a lot going on in this film, not the least of which is getting the audience to actually like new characters. So, it’s not surprising that one of the original three would suffer in the screen time department. I just figured it was Leia.

  • Matt

    So literally every other piece of rumored info about Luke was wrong? Him guarding the tomb, him being crazy, him being evil, him saving the day in an unexpected way; this would render ALL of that impossible.

  • scott mattern

    Han finally gets to become a marter…

    • Patty Underwood

      Harrison just never liked the fact that he wasn’t the most important one in the movies. Han was an important adjunct to the story but he was expendable. Harrison never likes playing second is my opinion for why he wanted to be killed off. You don’t see him tying to get Indiana Jones killed so his son or someone else can take over do you? He is a star because of his fans…. Because we love the characters he portrays, and although I understand why he feels that way it is disrespectful of him to disregard the love the fans have for the character Han Solo. He ( and Cary Grant) will always be my favorite actors but if Han is killed off because Harrison insisted that is the ultimate disrespect towards his fans.

  • Chinese Takeout

    No! That’s not true! THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!

    • LS007

      I cannot stop laughing at this!

  • J Robert

    Jason! One character we haven’t really had shed light on is Leia. Have you heard or do you know if she is a major player in VII? I hope she isn’t sidelined.

  • Claymation Young

    Definitely changes a lot of things up. I’m confused as to why Rey wouldn’t bring Finn with her to be trained with Luke. Everything we’ve heard so far about Finn indicates that he is force sensitive, albeit much weaker than Rey. Also, this strongly contradicts with the rumors stating that Luke “almost kills” Kylo Ren and leaves him alive and angry. Is Rey going to kill Kylo in the final battle? Or is he going to escape similarly to the earlier rumors? The murkiness continues

  • ONIAgent150

    I dunno which is worse. Crazy Luke or nearly-absent Luke.

    • Drool Bear

      Nearly absent Luke would be worse. If that’s the stunt JJ is pulling off, he will piss off an entire fan base. Making us wait another 2 years to see Luke in action is like stretching out the Hobbit into 3 movies. Well just get to the point where we won’t care anymore.