Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Is ______ the father?

I am constantly asked if Kylo Ren is the son of Luke Skywalker or the son of Han Solo. I honestly don’t know. For this piece I’m only using what I can factually state is apparently true, not information that seems to check out by crosschecking sources, but based on what I know was filmed and the basics of those sequences.

Adam Driver on Star Wars to EW:

Really it’s just because someone wasn’t loved enough or felt betrayed.

So if the quote pertains to Adam Driver’s character as I think it does, it can be somewhat telling. But there are two possible scenarios that come to my mind. The first is that Kylo Ren is Han Solo’s son. The second is that maybe Han Solo killed Kylo’s father or something. After all, Han Solo has killed a lot of people in his life time. But based on the evidence of what was filmed and the actions taken by the character, it isn’t possible to tell without the script.

The fact of the matter is that in Star Wars: The Force Awakens Kylo Ren has a vendetta against Han Solo. At one important point in the film, he has a task and hears Solo is in the vicinity, drops what he’s doing and hunts him down. Call me crazy, but I don’t think he has sympathy for the Sith that Solo helped eradicate in a roundabout way. It feels too personal. To what degree, I can’t say with certainty. But when Ren goes after Solo, it is without a doubt personal.

We heard from a few sources that Domhnall Gleeson is Luke Skywalker’s son. I had a lot of reason to think it might true and a little reason to think maybe not. I’m more in the “probably not” crowd on that rumor now. After taking a look at what was filmed, it seems less likely that is the case unless there some trickery involved.  In The Force Awakens “The General” that Domhnall Gleeson plays is going to fire a super weapon. When his technicians flee, The General fires the weapon personally. That’s hardcore. I don’t know if you can do something like that and be the hero’s son and be redeemed in a likable way. The fact of the matter is that they filmed Gleeson doing some pretty horrible things. I imagine it would be hard for the audience to forgive this character easily for the actions he takes against innocent people.

Rey does not appear to be a Solo or a Skywalker. There’s a short sequence where Rey and Finn are going to steal a ship. They look at the Falcon, have a “what hunk a junk” moment, look towards a fancier ship and find out it doesn’t suit their needs, and then decide to use the Falcon. Well, if Han Solo is your daddy you surely have heard of the Millennium Falcon. It’s the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. Both Finn and Rey have clearly never seen or heard of the ship when they encounter it. However, she does impress Han Solo by fixing the Falcon intuitively. Its not far off from Han’s ability to hit the cockpit like Fonzi and make the machine work.

At this point, if you want my honest opinion, I think Kylo Ren is the character most likely to have a connection to the classic characters. Still anything is possible. It is inferred Ren has a past with Solo whereas no one else seems to.

I wish I could end this with a Maury Povich style paternity test and proclaim “Han Solo, you are not the father!” But it just isn’t good enough yet.


Jason Ward (editor-in-chief)

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  • Madison Valenzuela

    Luke is suspiciously absent in the new poster. Maybe Luke is the original cross lightsaber wielding masked hoodie dude. Kylo then assumes the role/position. Sith: there’s always 2. A master and the apprentice.

  • Speaksvolumes

    Kylo Ren = Rey Klon = Rey’s Clone

    Somebody got ahold of Rey’s genetic material and produced a male clone that would have the Skywalker DNA (assuming Rey is the daughter of Leia or Luke). Then they raised that clone to follow the Dark Side.

    Kylo is Rey’s clone-brother.

    • john

      Pretty darn close. I’ll give you the rest. Both sides rushed to clone a force powerful weapon. The new republic under Leia, and the Empire Remnant under the Emperors military advisors, some joined the new republic further enraging the war into 3 sides. Luke is a true Jedi and as such he must not use his powers to reinforce his families political power or his own. He removed himself from the war as did Kenobi and Yoda before him. Leia was trained, but Luke had visions of the darkNess to come so he went into hiding. The cold war had begun with both sides searching for Anakin Skywalker’s genetic markers. The new Republic had both Leia’s and Luke’s genes, the Empire had Jedi records and there was a race to find Luke’s severed hand for the final pieces. Both twins were needed for the exact recipe. The results were 2 clones, both slightly different than the original. Who will prevail as the chosen one. Who will become a perfected Vader. The story is taking a note from Arthurian tales, Adam Driver is Igred the Son of Incest between Arthur and Arthur’s witch sister. Because of betrayal by Leia, Ren will kill Luke. Just as this comes to pass Rey will kill the monstrosity That Ren is sending her towards the Dark side. Then the Race is on with Leia attempting to undo her mistake that cost Luke his life. Luke will aide Leia in restoring order as Obi-Wan had done for him. But will Leia destroy her creation that Rey has become, or will Rey finally overthrow her bonds sacrificing herself to restore order to the galaxy? One thing is certain. .. Han Solo has to die.. I mean.. the guy is waaaaay too FUckin lucky

  • luke

    I strongly think that Rey and kylo ren are connected. I believe that kylo ren will be a reimagining of darth caedus(Jacen solo).This must be considered because if they went with the original name of darth caedus then we would all be able to figure out the story line. I see that from a cinematic perspective the idea of kylo and Rey not knowing their fathers true identity would play well as a throwback to luke/vader connection. Rey referencing the falcon as a “piece of junk” would be a comical undertone if we figure out later she didn’t know it was her fathers ship Lastly, if Rey does indeed become the apprentice to luke and kylo is our continuing villain, it sets up an ultimate sibling showdown for episode 9.

  • nerdrrage

    Meh, I’m sticking with this: Kylo Ren is Darth Vader’s son! Sure, he had several appendages cut off, but not the relevant one. And nobody would see that coming, even though it’s right in front of our faces, dude is imitating his old man!

  • Darth Sillious

    Kylo Ren with be the product of Max Von Sydows character as first introduced as the Emperors 2nd apprentice in Darth Vader #1. He will be a student of history ala the broadsword style lightsaber and is hunting the crystals and relics of both the light and dark side to become all powerful. Combining the powers of both sides. Darth Revan and Malak could be transformed into Kylo Ren and Gleeson’s Character with the “Super Weapons” at their disposal.

  • Classic Shmosby

    I stand by my belief that we’ve been fed the true story for months now and everyone is just ignoring it…..and thats Kylo Ren isn’t anyones son per se… fact I say he’s a damaged and beaten Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels.I think sometime near the end of the series(which is only gonna run 4 seasons)it’ll be revealed how he turned to the darkside,which I believe was by Darth Vader himself.Since even Force Unleashed is being discarded it is possible Vader trained a hopeful in between ROTS and ANH,and Vader’s death at the hands of his true son only angered Ezra,but he wasn’t strong or powerful enough to destroy Luke so he went into hiding training himself to one day “Awaken” and take his revenge on Luke for destroying the only “father” he knew to have…that is after he destroys his original master Kanan…this is probably the most logical storyline and I wonder why no one has thought of it at all…it does make sense…just look at pictures of Adam Driver and Ezra Bridger side by side and tell me you don’t see a resemblance

    • Fastman

      I also first thought about Ezra Bridger being Kylo Ren cause Adam Driver does look like the character.
      Only there is a problem with that.
      His age.
      If it was Ezra Bridger he should be very old by the time of Force Awakens.
      Star Wars Rebels takes place 5 years before A New Hope.
      And Star Wars The Force Awakens takes place 30 years after Return Of The jedi.
      Ezra Bridger was 19 years old at the Battle of Yavin.
      So he should probably be somewhere between 45-60 years old by the time Star Wars Force Awakens begins.
      Adam Driver is like 30 years old.
      But it is a possibility.

      • Classic Shmosby

        well like I said,he gets seriously damaged sometime near the end of the Rebels series,much like Anakin did with Obi-Wan(assuming the battle would be Ezra v. Kanan).So in response to the age issue….makeup and prosthetics.And he does where a helmet after all.And there are rumors of flashbacks.And just for fun fact purposes…Ezra,Luke,and Leia are all born on the same day…aka Empire Day.

        • Fastman

          There is also another way to get him be young in Force Awakens.Maybe frozen in carbonite at the end of SW Rebels.
          I also noticed with Ezra that he has a helmet almost similar as Kylo Ren only white.

    • nerdrrage

      Kylo Ren should be born around the time of ROTJ because Adam Driver was born the same year that movie came out. Boy does that make me feel old! Anyway, that implies that neither Han nor Luke is the dad because they were busy with other things, Han chasing Leia and Luke being a Jedi. No time for knocking up a lady Gungun (which would explain Kylo’s looks). So I still say it’s Vader!

  • Witart

    I am getting worried that this whole thing is going to end up much like the transformers movie and the death of optimus prime…or maybe like the second and third matrix movies. We live in an era where story telling is only considered valuable and good art if it chock full of darkness layered on more darkness. Everything I read sounds as though the future of the galaxy and our beloved characters is full of tragedy and never ending war. What a bummer! All i wanted to see was what happened after the fireworks and the parties in jedi. I wanted to see the rebirth of the republic and a new jedi order. Maybe Chewbacca is the senate representing the wookies and solo with a bunch of kids. Unfortunatly, we will likely get a movie like “return to Oz” where Dorothy was committed to an insane asylum. Boo!

  • Brad Kulp

    Ren & Rey are secretly brother and sister. Before is all said and done, she will find out and be forced to destroy her brother. Lock it.

  • Trooper31

    Is it possible that Rey is Luke’s daughter? Luke goes off to guard this Sith grave and they need to put Rey into hiding. The saber Pops up and she knows she needs to get to Luke.
    I really hope that Kylo Ren doesn’t have any familial Connections to the Solo/Skywalker families.

  • Jim Callan

    Remember, Solo’s back story always had him as an idealistic junior Imperial officer who rebelled over the slavery of Wookies,saved Chewie and earned a life debt in return. Therefore, could Kylo Ren not be the relation of someone killed by the Empire when Han served it? Early script reports suggested that the villain, or the Max Von Sydow character, had a relationship of some kind with the Emperor or Vader and was robbed of that when Luke and Han led the attack on Endor and DS2. Could Kylo Ren be a clone of Annakin Skywalker/Vader? After all, one of the very first pieces of design art to be leaked showed a shadowy figure with Vader’s helmet (Or at least one of them). So, in essence, Kylo Ren could be dad.02.

  • Rey could be lying about the Millennium Falcon, to stay undercover. She’s supposed to not reveal her true identity, remember?
    Come on guys, Rey is too cool to not be a Solo. She was between Leia and Han in that photo, right?
    And also, “Rey Solo” sounds awesome.

  • Bunk Clips

    Fun Read! If Rey isn’t a Solo, That brings up a huge question of her motivation. How does the Luke’s lightsaber… oh. Maybe Rey is hired to transport the lightsaber. She goes searching for ship… sounds familiar enough. So many Question still!

  • Sam

    Oh, gawd stop! Kylo Ren is a mercenary from Corellia, same planet that Han is from but that does not make him related to Solo or Skywalker families. (e.g. Jaina, Jacen, Anakin Solo; Ben Skywalker.) Nor is he related to Mara Jade, Luke’s wife. Therefore Kylo Ren is of no relation to their family. Although he does get picked up and trained as a Jedi by Luke during the building of the New Republic so it is possible that he finds the dark side and becomes the new Sith Lord or Apprentice. I personally don’t like that option. I’d prefer to see Jacen Solo as Darth Caedus come forward as the main antagonist of this new trilogy or at least be a part of the storyline. But if you’re familiar with Starwars then you’re familiar with the Sith’s Rule of Two; so hopefully caedus does make an appearance. I know that George Lucas has said that he’s making his own storyline so that the fans don’t know what’s going to happen next but I highly doubt he’s going to change the story so much that Ren is related to the Skywalker/Solo family.

    • Jemik Prenn

      Darth Caedus, Mara Jade, George Lucas? You’re behind the times m8.

      • Mike Bertrand

        i really hope they aren’t recycling old ideas form all these EU books and if they do i expect an onslaught of lawsuits from all the authors as a result of stealing their copywritten work. This is the main reason why i expect and hope for a fresh story that blows all of the EU out of the water once and for all so we dont have to listen to the eu fanbos go on and on prior to each release in this series.

  • Marijuanamoeba

    Kylo Ren could be Biggs Darklighter’s son. Looks a lot like him. Could blame Luke for his father’s death.

  • Robin

    How can Luke have children? He’s a Jedi. Or does he do a “like Father like Son” trick and have history repeat itself?

  • This is all beginning to sound like it’s going to suffer from the same kind of backstory syndrome that more or less killed Tron Legacy and Crystal Skull. I like both those movies quite a bit, mind you, but I’ll be the first to admit that they really have way too much baggage narrative between themselves and the movies they’re sequelizing. It’s not enough that simply Flynn’s kid has to go back to the Grid and save his father– there’s this whole confusing several decades’ worth of history about Flynn and his digital clone CLU, the confusing ISO people, and whatever the hell happened to Tron himself. It’s not enough that Indy’s back in the saddle and fighting the Russians over alien thingamabobs– you also have to keep track of Indy’s time as a spy during World War II, or his backstory with the Roswell crash, his crazy professor friend, and on top of that all of the unnecessary fanservice crap with Marion and their kid. Looking at the nest of relations characters seem to have for this new Star Wars movie and all their various affiliations and motivations, it’s a wee bit odd how people are saying they’re not going to have the “small world” feel of the Prequels.

  • Joeyaucoin

    Man, I can’t imagine how the first act isn’t going to be forty five minutes with all the story they have going on. I wonder if they’re gonna be struggling to get the running time to around 2 hours because the rumors are suggesting there’s a LOT going on and I feel like it’s gonna have to be 3 hours, like the Lord Of the Rings films.

  • suncho

    Maybe Kylo Ren is Greedo’s son. Han killed his father.

    • lol

    • Darth Sillious


    • Claudio Zamorano

      Knowing JJ Abrams, is either Greedo or Boba Fett. My money is on BF, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is Greedo (seriously, I thought about the possibility)

  • Generation42

    I very, very much hope Gleeson is Luke’s son.

    The rumored story idea put out there about an undercover Skywalker working to destroy both Superweapons from the inside sounded too terrific to me not to love.

    Just to be clear, Jason, have any of your sources who believed Gleeson was Luke’s kid now backed-off from that stance?

  • Yoda Layheehoo

    Kylo Ren is Han Solo’s son. Kylo kills Han in the Third Act. Luke could have saved Han but could not kill his nephew, in effect killing Han.
    Oscar Isaac will be the pilot of the Falcon. And Tatooine will be destroyed.
    How’s that for dark? Makes Empire look tame almost…

    • Sbs87

      They did say they wanted this trilogy to be dark.

    • RachelLeviCo

      What’s the point of destroying a planet that’s basically just a remote hunk of sand? If you want to make an effective demonstration with your superweapon, you’ll want to hit a planet located deep in the universe’s bright center.

    • Turd Ferguson’s Doggy

      Isn’t it something of a presumption that Leia is the mother?

  • Fistacuffs

    Wouldn’t everyone know the Millennium Falcon? I mean it’d be a pretty famous ship since it did help destroy the Death Star. Wouldn’t it be the equivalent to the Enola Gay?

    • cornelwest

      That’s a great point; in that case, regardless of her relationship with her family ridley would basically have to be raised under a rock

    • nametaken

      luke’s x-wing would be the equivalent of the enola gay.

      the falcon would be equivalent to the supporting bombers of the enola. which are never discussed.

      • Fistacuffs

        I think the other X-wings would be more of the supporting bombers. Plus the Falcon also led the team that destroyed the second Death Star. So it would be quite famous. And I’m sure the story of the Falcon showing up in the nick of time to save Luke would be a story told throughout the ranks of the Rebel Alliance.

      • Mylo Gwen

        You’re Enola Gay.

    • It’s a big galaxy remember, thousands of systems. I’m sure some know of the events, but not specific details I.E. ship names etc.

      • Fistacuffs

        Yeah, very true.

    • Vin

      I think the only one who’d have the obligation to know is Poe Dameron, as a rebel. If Ren’s just a farmer’s daughter that never saw anything but sand and tusken raiders, it’d be perfectly understandable. The same goes for Finn, a stormtrooper, probably born into misleading information. I can even picture a scene where Poe gets surprised that they don’t know how important the Falcon is. That’s much better than everyone fangirling every original-trilogy thing or person that shows up.

  • cornelwest

    Why would Daisy Ridley recognize the Falcon if Oscar Isaac had owned it for some time?

    • Who said Isaac owns it at the beginning? That was just a rumour.

    • Jonathon Asuna Leafa Richards

      well it is possible that the younger generation were taught about how the empire fell and they had drawings of the falcon since the ship played a huge part in it’s downfall

  • Daniel Smith

    I’m glad the comments are turned on for this article

  • Patrick

    Kylo Ren is a clone… Boba Fett. That’s why his lightsaber isn’t crafted well and explains his obsession with Solo. The fun begins

  • Sbs87

    Gleeson is going to end up being the one wearing the Tarkin arm band.

  • Brad Kulp

    Rey & Kylo are brother and sister.
    This will be the family bombshell as the OT.
    There is a lot of EU stuff in this, it’s just been mixed up and names changed.
    Gleeson is Luke’s son.
    Sister will have destroy brother by the end of the saga.

  • Vin

    I worry because there are tons of characters, and I was hoping the movies would be simpler. Too many parallel plots could make it weak, as we could learn from the prequel trilogy. Finn being hunted, plus Gleeson’s chaotic General and Driver’s Sith aficionado villain, on top of whatever Luke is doing, is already too much to keep up with. Everyone being related to everyone just makes it worse.

    • Sbs87

      I wouldn’t be surprised if no one is related with the exception of Glesson being a Tarkin which basically involves no effort in keeping up with. It’s literally like “Tarkin? from ANH? He’s that evil dudes Grandson (or whatever)? He MUST be evil.

    • Chris Bravener

      There’s technically a lot going on in the original Star Wars, they just did a really good job of bringing everything together. It’s possible they could be just as successful in this film.

  • Edward Canale

    I think Gleeson could be Major Tarkin. Look at his face. He has Tarkin like features, angular looks. Plus he does a lot of bad things in the movie.

  • DailyPlunge

    It’s quite possible that some of these things are revealed until Episode VIII or even IX. My guess is there will be a lot of unanswered questions about the past of the new characters after TFA.

    • the source

      What if Kylo Ren is in fact Boba Fett? Boba fell into the sarlac pit and is pissed on Luke for that, returns after being digested slowly for 30 years as a cyborg!

  • Edward Canale

    Hmmm. Boba Fett falls into Sarlacc due to Han Solo. Could Kylo Ren be related to Boba Fett in some way? That is why he has a vendetta against Han?

  • James England

    Too many contradictory rumors to make sense of it all!

    I think I’d prefer Kylo Ren as Luke’s son, not Han/Leia’s. It seems more likely Luke’s son – if he had one – would turn to the dark side. This would be a natural continuation of the Skywalker bloodline. Not sure why Han/Leia’s son would turn to the dark side. Perhaps he’d be more likely to become a smuggler like his father?

    • Andy NJ

      The Skywalker blood line includes Leia… so…

      • RachelLeviCo

        …So….Leia never once struggled with the dark side. Speaking from canon, her entire force ‘abilities’ were tenuous, at best.

  • Dave

    I am hoping that Kylo is the son of solo and that Luke never had kids. I hope Rey is also a Solo. I like the idea of Kylo lurring Rey to the dark side. I also like Gleeson portraying a Tarkin; like a relative of Tarkin has something to prove.

  • Alex

    Ever think Gleeson could be Are-Two’s son?

  • WackyBantha

    Maury Povich.