Star Wars: The Force Awakens Opening Sequences! The opening of an adventure!

Some of the opening sequences from Star Wars: The Force Awakens have popped up with some slight alterations. There were a lot of changes and alterations to the story as it evolved. We got some things very wrong and some things very right. Now we’re going to hopefully set it straight. This information is likely as concrete as we can get short of having read the script. Once again the actions are very broad and there’s lots of implication to minor details. The general events were filmed last Summer at Pinewood Studios. Certain context is missing without the opening crawl too. I’m very confident in this information. It also links up and intertwines with a few other rumors that have been around the internet on these various topics.

As always, don’t read this if you’re not a spoiler junky. If you don’t mainline spoilers, you don’t want to read this at all.

What happens:

The film does open with a lightsaber in space. It falls to the ground in a savannah environment during the day. It is quickly discovered by a farmer named Naka. Naka accidentally ignites the weapon and starts a fire with it. At first he runs, but then turns around and obtains the weapon. I assume he snatches the weapon so it is not destroyed in the fire.  Naka then takes the weapon to his elder called The Vicar.

The Vicar is most likely played by Max von Sydow. It is most likely a code name too. Chances are they didn’t need to name the character during filming so they just went with the title The Vicar. Anyways, the Vicar appears to contact the Rebels and this brings Poe Dameron to the planet.

Later that night, Poe Dameron arrives and retrieves the lightsaber from The Vicar. The only problem? They’ve brought the Empire there as well (not sure if the Empire followed Poe or intercepted the initially transmission he received). Poe sees Stormtroopers are coming and he places the laser sword safely in a little droid: BB-8. The droid flees and the heroic Poe Dameron prepares to fight!

Concurrently, a young Stormtrooper named Finn enters a situation that will drastically change his life forever. When his best friend dies in battle and he allows a few innocent villagers to escape, Kylo Ren orders him arrested and the village burned to the ground. Because Finn just isn’t naturally evil enough, he finds himself in the brig of a Star Destroyer with a Rebel pilot. Finn never learned to fly. Finn has the knowledge how to get out of the brig and Poe is their best chance to fly out of there. They hatch a plan to steal a TIE Fighter and make a run for it.

Brandon Rhea first mentioned that Poe would end up on the planet and get thrown in the brig. It was true as Star Wars 7 News reported that Poe and BB-8 are together at the start of the film, the brig is aboard a Star Destroyer and they do crash land on the planet afterward. Badass Digest were the first to report a hand in space with a lightsaber in it (there is no indication there is a hand involved). So we’re starting to see some of these loose strands coming together and making sense. It takes a village. Not just to burn down, but to figure this stuff out.



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  • Eric Hoskins

    The hand w/ light saber floating in space is Lord Vaders

  • Dennis O’Keefe

    I’m sorry, but this is total horseshit.

  • Adam P O’Brien

    I think this rocks as an opening. Very cool, kind of mysterious in parts but very cool.

  • Dr.Opticus

    Vicar sounds a lot like Vader.

  • nerdrrage

    This basic scenario makes sense but it does call into question other rumors (half of which at least are BS so that’s not an issue). Basically it’s like this:

    The lightsaber is a maguffin that does something big, related to the Force awakening. Everyone is chasing it. It lands on Savannah Planet (which looks more like a desert to me, but whatever) and some villagers find it. Among the villagers are The Vicar and Rey, who might be the Vicar’s daughter but is not Han and Leia’s daughter.

    The Rebels send Poe to get the lightsaber. The villagers turn it over to him but the Empire shows up, led by Kylo Ren. Poe stashes the lightsaber in a droid that happens to belong to Rey and it scampers off. There’s no connection between Poe and Rey at this point, so the Empire has no idea where the lightsaber went. They capture Poe, intending to torture the info out of him.

    They throw him in a brig with a disobedient stormtrooper, Finn, who tried to defect due to the Empire’s poor human rights record. They collaborate to escape, return to the planet to find the droid and of course find its owner, Rey. So that’s how all three lead characters end up meeting in the story.

    They return the lightsaber to Rebel HQ, led by Princess Leia. At this point, I’m thinking somebody needs to be related to someone here, so I figure Poe could be Leia’s son by a marriage to a Rebel pilot who got killed long ago. The kid was halfway raised by Leia’s friends Han and Chewie but Leia and Han don’t end up together in this scenario. This explains the rumors about Poe palling around with Han and Chewie. They’re basically family.

    Poe is also now allies with Finn, who has nowhere else to go. Rey probably wants a reward but of course she and Poe are destined to fall in loooove. Okay, back to the maguffin. None of these people are Force users (Leia and Poe could be, but it’s latent) and have no idea what to do with the lightsaber, so let’s ask Luke, who is holed up in the Evil Castle.

    Everyone turns up at the castle, including Ren, who wants to use the maguffin to wake up the Force. Luke assures everyone that this would be a Very Bad Idea, so the plan is to stop Kylo Ren and destroy the maguffin. In the process, Ren kills Han. His defacto son Poe goes off the rails and tries to kill Kylo but of course he doesn’t have the skill to do that. In order to gain that skill, he must use the maguffin to awaken the Force and get awesum powers, etc, cliffhanger till next time kiddies.

  • the lightsaber in space thing is still the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I hope to god it’s in some kind of pod, if it has to be true at all. The beginning of Episode III established that stuff in this universe does indeed burn up in the atmosphere. I really, really don’t want something stupid like that taking me out of the movie in the first two minutes.

  • Bob O’Fett

    I think probably it would be more likely that a floating light sabre in space could/would be the opening sequence but like in the first SW[a new hope] from the floating light sabre the camera pans back to a perhaps robotic claw slowly moving in to retrieve it and then slowly withdrawing it back into a larger/gigantic spaceship’s hull, just like when Princess Leia’s ship was swollowed up by the Star-destroyer.
    This would be more logical as far as a light-sabre falling from space and not getting disintegrated upon re-entry into the planet’s atmosphere.
    Perhaps in-keeping with the search for jedi related artifacts[?] by Inquisitors[?]
    Anyway it’s all rumour mill churning and you’ll hafta be patient and wait and see what going to happen in eager anticipation!!!

  • James England

    If Kylo Ren is related to Han Solo – that makes him

    Kylo Solo! Perhaps he’s a poet too.:P

    • christthi

      No, he’s actually Kylo Katarn.

      Kyle and Jan finally got laid at some point and he did her really good!

  • Revan

    Sith relics. Obsession. Kylo Ren found Darth Revan’s mask and is using it as a guise. Finds Darth Vader’s mask and picks it up. Collection insues.

  • BaronMatrix

    Wow, somehow I didn’t expect to see a vibrant Empire still… Interesting…

  • Anthony Dibenedetto

    i don’t understand why all of you people are pissed at the movie when it didn’t even come out yet Jesus even if this is a real plot its probably going to get changed to make more sense jeez give the movie a chance especially when its not going to be released for another 8 months.

  • The truth is out there

    Multiple comments by different posters referencing the issue with Kylo Ren being the field commander of storm troopers at the beginning of the film have been deleted. None of the these featured any sort of profanity they simply pointed out that since it was effectively confirmed that Adam Driver is Kylo Ren in the trailer and we also have photos of him in rebel pilot gear, this “leak” doesn’t really add up. How odd that a rebel pilot could secretly be commanding Imperial troops early in the film. Even if he secretly collects Sith artifacts it’s a stretch.

    • DejaVu

      Exactly. This “leak” doesn’t seem overly plausible Regarding Kylo Ren. Other ‘spoilers’ seem more believable. Also, I don’t buy any of the spoilers that state Luke is only in the film “for a moment”. Especially after making the big cast announcement of Hamill coming back. It’s bad business and a recipe for failure. Hence, Luke will be in the film for more than the reported ‘cameo’

    • christthi

      According to the Hasbro Chinese toys, Kylo’s damn tall, about the height of Chewie, so perhaps he’s not even related to Driver’s character. There was this very tall guy in the “Thank you” clip with many of the film crew team, with darkened eye orbits and a weird costume who may just be what David Prowse used to be for Vader.

  • michaea

    Important clarification: Vicar does not mean leader or superior. Vicar means “substitute”. It is from the Latin vicarius (substitute). It was a term in the Roman Empire for a leader who is acting with the authority of a higher leader. The Catholic Church adopted the same term, as did other ecclesiastical institutions after them. It has always retained the meaning of substitute, so I have no doubt that the Vicar in TFA is acting with the authority of someone else – perhaps he is a provincial leader.

  • Save the White Race

    A hand on the lightsaber makes more sense as obviously Luke’s cut off hand and lightsaber on Bespin achieved escape velocity, broke free of orbit, and traveled many light years by the opening of Episode VII.
    I chose fish sticks over fried chicken for dinner and am now regretting my choice.

    • christthi

      Physics 101… Luke hand’s fell DOWN into Bespin, not up. Unless the surface of the planet was like rubber and it bounced into orbit… LOL… but I don’t think this is where JJ wants to get. uuuugh…
      Go vegan… problem solved!

  • GoodRobot

    How is the lightsaber supposed to survive re-entry from space through the atmosphere? It should be a speck of slag metal by the time it reaches the surface.

    • DougP

      How did young Kirk run into Spock in that cave – JJ logic. Fear we’re in for a lot of it.

      • Dreezy

        Because old Spock knew he marooned him there and was waiting for him.

    • Aestuary

      Super strong metal-polymer that’s incredibly heat resistant. That’s my guess. That, or because JJ said so.

    • Grype

      It depends on its speed perpendicular to the atmosphere. The only reason space ships experience such heat on reentry is because they are traveling at orbital speeds when they contact the atmosphere. If a spaceship were to slow its speed to match that of the ground below it would drop into the atmosphere with no heat. But this would require immense amounts of fuel. It’s certainly possible to survive atmospheric reentry but you still have to be able to withstand the impact.

      • What’s the terminal velocity of an average light saber falling from space to the surface of Tatooine? What are the chances that the light saber would land softly on sand rather than, let’s say, a krayt dragon’s skull?

        The bottom line is that if Luke’s light saber from ESB is ever found, it will be like finding a light needle in a hay galaxy.

  • Justin Horn

    The only issue I see with this is every Star Wars opening was in space, and featured one or more space ships. I see no reason why they would break that tradition.

    • Maggie Smith

      The tradition was always opening in space, not specifically a spaceship.

      • Justin Horn

        It always has a ship. Tom was consular ship and trade fed., 2 was amidalas ship, 3 was fight over Coruscant. 4 was destroyer and tantive 4, 5 was destroer launching probe droids, and 6 was destroyer and shuttle on approach to death star.

        • Maggie Smith

          Okay sure, but nitpicking about it opening with a ship is still not relevant to the movie being good or anything. That’s a dumb kind of specificity.

  • Lewis Purcell

    Maybe the lightsaber isn’t luke’s it Darth Vader because he had his arm chopped of end of ROJ.Plus i hope Kylo Ren isn’t anouther nock of vader.

    • christthi

      Hmm… Makes more sense actually than Luke’s saber bouncing off into Bespin’s orbit. And since Vader was probably into Sith alchemy with Palpie in the backstory, they can come out with a cool side story involving wizardry.. perhaps a key to open Darth Plageuis tomb who knows.

      Would add up to the narrative of Luke’s flirting with the Dark Side having released a magical Sith saber from Vader’s hand, to espace when the Death Star was blown up then to be “found”, à la Ring of Power.

  • $143844527

    Sounds awful.

  • Brad Kulp

    Ridley, Boyega, and Isaac are all on a desert planet in the trailer. Per this website, they escape said desert planet in the Falcon with Sydow. That can only happen if they are ALL captured on a savannah planet, then escape to a desert planet, where Ridleys hideout happens to be. None of the above makes sense with actual footage.

  • $21085912

    This, like everything else at this point, is absolute bullshit. We’ll know soon enough what the fuck is REALLY going on when our asses are planted in theater seats.

  • WackyBantha

    I wonder why The Vicar contacts the rebels about a lightsaber. Seems like anyone missing a lightsaber would have just constructed a new one. Why would Poe Dameron go pick it up? This must be one hell of an important lightsaber. But why? Difficult to answer.

  • GeekFurious

    People are commenting how this doesn’t fit with previous leaks… but it still does. After all, editing will determine the final product and scenes can easily be moved around. When JJ made the Star Trek movie in 2009, it opened up very differently for a long time… and they only changed it to the opening you see now very late in the editing process… like the final weeks. So, they may have shot it one way and end up editing it another.

  • How far away is Bespin from Tatooine? Are we talking 100000 light years or 100000000 light years? So a light sabre is ejected into the atmosphere on Bespin, then it makes it into space and… Ugh…

    • DougP

      I doubt it’s Luke’s saber. Even JJ isn’t that silly.

      Re: 100,000 vs 100,000,000 light years
      Per SW opening crawl, things take place inside a (implied singular) galaxy far far away… I suppose it could be a very large galaxy & have planets 100M light years away from ea other, but just wanted to point out that 100K light years is the distance across our entire galaxy. The chances of Bespin & Tatooine being on exactly opposite edges of said galaxy, would lead one to estimate an insanely massive galaxy if they’re 100M LY apart. 🙂

      • Thank you for that information. I was just trying to point out the obvious that even if Bespin was 1 light year away from Tatooine, it seems unlikely a light saber would traverse that distance, remain intact while entering Tatooine’s atmosphere, and be found by intelligent life. The Force would have to intervene and cause this “miracle” to happen.

  • Darth Szajna

    Really a lot of not making sense lightsaber falling from space come on crybaby had problems keeping a ship together falling from space even with help from the fire space truck ships. This photo I still have a feeling this could be a flash back of Darth Vader killing Luke’s aunt and uncle. If Ren is driver and he starts out bad the the pics of him in the rebel pilot suit was not him or were fake this whole story sounds fishy JMHO

  • James England

    “Come on baby, light my fire
    Try to set a lightsaber on fire!”

    • skoober

      So, forever, stop doing things like this please.

    • skoober


  • Brad Kulp

    Not believing it. Doesn’t match up w what we’ve previously been told. Besides, the trailer scene was shot on a desert planet, not a planet with savannahs.

    • nametaken

      trailer was indeed shot in a desert but no one is saying the trailer scene is the beginning.

      from other reports we heard poe/fin crash a tie fighter, that could likely be on tatooine where they could meet up with Rey.

    • Jim DaCosta

      Our planet has varied landscapes. Why do Star Wars planets need to have identical terrain from pole to pole. Savannas typically border deserts.

    • Maggie Smith

      Desert/savannah are basically the same thing.

  • jrtschopp

    Finn having knowledge of how to break out of the brig makes a lot more sense to me than Rey somehow getting onboard the Star Destroyer or the Imperial’s brig being on the ground (when they arrive from space to burn the village).

  • JustSaying15

    It sounds a bit chaotic but overall interesting.

  • FuJJ

    This really doesn’t make sense. So a New Sith type in Kylo Ren is leading a group of Stormtroopers just like Vader in ANH? This this time they intercepted a transmission about a lightsaber, last time it was plans for the Death Star. This time BB-8 has what they want. Last time R2 had the plans to the Death Star. Terrible, terrible copy cat crap.

    • Nat

      But it’d be a deliberate ploy by GL / the filmmakers to indeed copy the template of ANH….

      • Maggie Smith

        Unlike the prequels, where George Lucas tried to do exactly that?

  • Nat

    Mesa still wery wery bombad worried by undamaged lightsword falling from space….. :os

    • Jemik Prenn

      Weeeeesa no liken da space-saberen!

      • GodUvThunda

        Thay not know of ussen hissems bombad Stah Wose fannes…Deysa tinkin weesaa don’t haven camun sensen 🙂

        • Hormonal Padme

          I like your eloquent & sophisticated communication skills and therefore I would like to have you represent our whole planet at the next intergallactic senate’s AGM for the Republic. I have my total confidence that you will not let us down and vote to support a tyrannical megalomaniac gaining power in these turbulant times!!! ; )

  • Don Jon

    Sounds good to me! Now let’s go burn a village down.

  • Crixxxx

    So it’s like The Gods Must Be Crazy with a lightsaber instead of a Coke bottle.

    • That is a great comment. I really liked that movie. Maybe a little bit of 2001 Kubrick cut scene bone/space station.

    • skoober

      haha yeah! I actually thought of that too a while back….not saying my awesomeness usurps yours or, rather, precludes yours, but….actually i guess I am, sucka.

  • Darth Gary

    It seems that Kylo Ren’s part should be the Chrome Trooper’s part as Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) should be an X-Wing pilot at this stage in the game IMO.

  • RTF1138

    The brig scene with Finn and Poe forced to work together to escape sounds like a space bud cop film set in the Star Wars Universe and if true sounds really interesting to me.

  • Brad Kulp

    Question Jason…
    If indeed this is toward the beginning of the film, how is Kylo Ren involved yet? Based on what we’ve heard, Driver/Ren wasn’t supposed to fully turn at this point, based on the Solo’s son theory.

    So my questions are these:
    1. Is Kylo bad from the start, and the Solo family hasn’t seen him in a while?
    2. Driver isn’t Kylo. Kylo is a third person to which we are unaware. During the film, Luke destroys Kylo, and opens up a place for Driver? (Like Anakin vs Dooku)
    There is a big piece regarding Ren that is throwing me off…
    If the above is true, the Solo son is a Sith and commanding imperial forces, which we also heard wasn’t happening.
    Also. All of what we’ve heard and saw Was a DESERT planet. Ridley is clearly living on a desert planet. The story above states savannah terrain. The above post is completely opposite of other things that have been previously reported multiple times by multiple sources.

    • Brian

      What of Gleeson is Kylo Ren? Annnnd Luke’s son….. and Driver is ‘Jacen’? Or maybe Han and Chewie have become lovers and retired to Naboo and BB-8 was built by Jar Jar. This is all whack, smoke and mirrors.

  • LS007

    I like this version better than Luke’s hand floating in space.

  • Darth Holmes

    I’m still hung up on how a lightsaber can fall from space and land on planet undamaged? Obviously more details are out there.

    Also its curious there’s no mention of what kind of lightsaber it is or who it might belong to. Maybe its not Luke’s as was previously reported.

    • Joshua Pope

      Could be vaders lightsaber from rotj.

    • nomad

      How could it be Luke’s anyway? How does a lightsaber escape the gravity of one planet and then get to another planet in just 30–40 years? Even if it were the same solar system, that’s just impossible.

      • DougP

        “How could it be Luke’s anyway?”
        Luke lost another hand? 🙂

  • Jj

    Poor Rey. At first it looked like she was the main character… Now, after months of rumors, she’s hardly mentioned.

    • MODyssey

      You could say the same thing about Luke in ANH. He doesn’t show up for a while. Of the big three, Leia is the first to appear on screen.

  • Ricardo

    excellent trama!!! It is so different from the stories of Lucas.

  • DarthMalevonus

    Now that makes a whole lot of sense. Well done by all the sites involved. Yes, you too StarWars7News.

  • BObiWan77

    Finn didn’t start the fire. No he didn’t light it but he tried to fight it.

    • Indiana Blotto’s Last Crusade

      Obi-Wan, Figrin D’an, Mon Mothma back again…

  • Confused

    How would a light saber start a fire exactly?

    • Crixxxx

      intense heat + dry savannah brush/grass = fire

  • lattanzi

    question, then, is how did the lightsaber leave its owner?

  • $54809580

    Sounds awfully cheesy, but I’m certain it’ll play out well on the big screen.

    • DougP

      “I’m certain it’ll play out well”
      Sadly, I’m not.
      Here’s hoping…